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Wash Our Face for Clearer and Healthier Skin

how to wash face for heathier skin
Written by Banani Chakraborty

How to wash our face for clearer, healthier skin may wonder us? The question of what is the right way may haunt us. Someone may think it is very simple. We will splash some water on face, rub some cleanser and rinse. Well, it may be so easy for someone. Actually, it requires something more than that.

How to wash our face for clearer, healthier skin?

To begin with, we cleanse our face to wash away dirt, dead cells and makeup. In other words, we wash away everything that may clog pores or cause dullness.  If we can wash our face properly, then it will improve our skin health. Not only this, but it can lower skin irritation along with prevention of acne breakout.

In the first place, we can boost our facial skin through the process of face wash. By doing this, we can keep our face fresh, healthy as well as glowing. So, we may enjoy flawless skin. (Also read hair loss).

We need to do this in such a way so that our skin does either do not dry out or irritated.

For this, we have to know the best technique for how to wash our face properly. At the same time, we will have to know when to wash and how often. Besides, we shall know the right type of face wash.

To start with, we need to set our mind(goal) that we will strictly abide by the process of wash our face. (Also read goal setting technique).

Are you ready to know the right way to wash our face? If we are really interested, then this article will definitely help you a lot.

At first, the washing process for normal skin:


1.Wet our face with warm water:

wet face with warm water

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At first, we will wet our face with sufficient warm water. If we use hot or cold water, it may be harsh to our skin. But warm water is gentle. Therefore, it will not cause irritation.

We will splash water on the face with our hands. Otherwise, we can use a moistened towel to wet our skin. It will help the cleanser to slide easily across our face.  Therefore, we have to use less amount of cleanser to wash our face.

2.Apply suitable cleanser:

We will take a small amount of suitable cleanser and apply in a circular motion gently. We have to ensure that we have covered everywhere of the face well. Then we will massage our face in a circular motion for around one minute.

We will always remember that we will use only our fingertips or soft, clean towel or cotton ball. Moreover, we will massage gently in an upward direction and in a circular motion.

Further, we shall not use hand and body soap as our facial cleanser. As a matter of fact, our facial skin is more sensitive compared to the skin elsewhere of our body. If the soap is harsher, then it can make our skin dry and irritate our skin.

In case we are wearing makeup, we will naturally look for a special makeup remover, particularly around our eyes. Coconut oil may act as a very good natural makeup remover.

3. Gently exfoliate:

To begin with, exfoliating is a process that removes dead skin cells from the skin surface. It improves our facial look. Therefore, it is an important part of wash our face. If we regularly exfoliate, then it helps to prevent clogged pores. Moreover, long term exfoliation helps to increase collagen production. In fact, collagen is the key to glowing and flawless skin. Actually, collagen is a protein. It not only increases skin elasticity but also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, exfoliating for a long term gives our facial skin fresh and attractive look. But, we will undergo the process every 3-4 alternate days or twice a week. We will rub in a circular motion for 1-2minutes. Further, we will give special attention to dry or oily areas

To rub our skin, we will use a face scrub or a washcloth. We will not rub vigorously. It can irritate our skin. We will exfoliate only when it is necessary. If we feel we need not exfoliate, then we will skip this step.

4.Rinse and dry:

We will wash our face with Luke warm water. At this time, we will ensure that we washed away all the traces of cleanser, scrub and makeup.

Afterwards, we will pat a towel to dry our face. But we will not rub our face. Because it may irritate our skin or encourage wrinkles.

5.Apply toner:

This step is not mandatory. Generally, people use it as it not only helps to look the skin smooth but also minimizes the pores. Moreover, it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin. We will apply it with a cotton ball, particularly to those areas where the pores are large in appearance.

We will try alcohol-free toners. Especially for those whose skin tends to flake.

6.Finish with moisturizer:

Finally, we will use a suitable moisturiser to end the process of wash our face. It not only boosts hydration in facial skin but also prevents dullness and flaking. Moreover, it develops a protective layer. Therefore, it helps to offer a flawless skin. Moreover; it gives a youthful and attractive look.

If anyone washing face just before going to bed, then he will use a heavier moisturizer. In fact, it helps the skin to renew overnight.

In the daytime, we need to use a moisturiser containing SPF 50 or more. Nowadays we will get a sunscreen with moisturizer. (Also read daily skincare routine).

7.Wash our face daily at night:

Most importantly, we must wash our face daily at night without a miss. No matter, we may wear makeup or not. It is a hard-and-fast rule. During day time natural oil along with sweat gather on our skin. Moreover, signs of dirt and pollution growth are evident in our facial skin. If we do not wash out all these dirt and grease at night, then they may cause severe skin inflammation.

8. Wash face daily in the morning:

It is another important aspect. At night, some bacteria appear due to salvia and oil secretion from hair.

Secondly, the process to wash our skin in case of dry skin:

1.Wash our face once daily:

If you have quite dry skin, then wash face only at night to wash out dirt, sweat and makeup. This is extremely necessary before going to bed. Washing face more than once a day, may make it even drier.

In the morning, they shall either splash lukewarm water or use a wet or damp washcloth. In fact, they need not follow the full course of cleansing.

2. Use mild soap or oil as a cleanser:

It is another very important face wash step under wash our face. Because, every wash makes dry skin drier, therefore it is vital to choose the right cleanser. Indeed, they will use gentle cleanser suitable for their skin. As sulphates dry out the skin more, so they act as harsh cleaning agents. Therefore, your cleanser must not contain Laureth sulfate or sodium laurel. Otherwise, they may use almond, coconut, jojoba, or olive oil as a cleanser.

3.Exfoliate more to get rid of dead skin:

People with dead skin must exfoliate frequently to get rid of dead skin. They may do it every alternative day. Moreover, they shall rub a soft washcloth in a circular motion over the dry spots. They also ensure that the skin does not irritate or become drier.

If anyone’s facial skin is extremely dry, then he can use coconut oil. This is an extremely important tip to wash our face. He will use a cotton pad or a corner of a soft towel. He will never use any abrasive material or a scrub brush or a loofah. Dry skin needs to handle politely because it is more wrinkle-prone than other types of skins.

4. Use cool or lukewarm water:

This is a very important part of wash our face. They will wash face always with either lukewarm water or cool water. Otherwise, they can use a moist towel to wipe face.

5. Use a soft towel to dry:

You will pat, not rub, a soft towel to cleanse total moisture from the face. It will help the skin from flaking or inflamed.

6. Use moisturizer to finish:

They will use facial moisturizer cream suitable for dry skin. It will keep the skin hydrated as well as give an attractive look. In fact, natural or homemade moisturizers are the best for dry skin. Because they do not contain any chemicals harmful to their skin. It may not cause irritation or dryness.

However, cocoa butter, shea butter or another rich soothing ingredient may be an important component for moisturizers. Aloe, as well as coconut oil, may be helpful.

Thirdly, wash our face for Acne-prone skin:

1.Wash twice a day:

If anyone facing the problem of acne, then he will wash the face daily in the morning and at night. Further, washing the face more than twice daily can dry the skin. It may also cause skin irritation. If anyone feels necessary, then he may splash plain lukewarm water, but no soap or anything else.

Most importantly, they will never use hot or cold water.

2.Use cleanser:

Acne-prone people will use a cleanser that is suitable for their skin.

Although oily skin is acne-prone, yet some people with dry skin face acne.

If it is severe, then they will use a medicated cleanser after consulting a doctor. The ingredients will help to kill the bacteria which cause acne.

Cleanser, good for acne-prone skin may be useful to wash our face.
  • alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA, like lactic acid and glycolic acid).
  • benzoyl peroxide.
  • sodium sulfacetamide.
  • a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA, i.e. salicylic acid).

3. Do not scrub face:

Acne-prone people will never scrub hard to unclog pores. At first, this will create small tears in their skin. As a result, it will worsen the problem. Gently handling the skin is extremely necessary for them. They will exfoliate very lightly. Moreover, they will always scrub their skin very softly.

They can use a soft washcloth instead of a facial scrub. Furthermore, they will never use a scrub brush. This is another important aspect of wash our face.

4. Pat face gently:

In order to dry skin after washing, people shall pat with the soft facial towel.  They will never abrade their skin with a rough towel. This is another important aspect.

5. Use oil-free moisturizer:

use oil free moisturiser for acne prone skin

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Acne-prone people generally need not use any moisturizer. If they want to protect acne-prone skin, then an oil-free moisturizer may be very useful. As oily skin is mainly acne-prone, so they need to minimize this oil. They can use moisturizer only to the dry areas of their skin.

Aloe is a very good oil-free moisturizer. In fact, it is an important ingredient to wash our face in many ways.

Honey and lemon work as a good natural cleanser and moisturiser. Honey possesses natural antibacterial properties along with antioxidants. It can prevent acne and slow down skin’s ageing. On the other lemon possesses astringent and antimicrobial properties. Vitamin C in lemon is a great antioxidant.

Olive oil is also a great natural moisturizer. It not only nourishes and softens the skin but also aid to reduce free radicals.

Aloe rose water and witch hazel works great on the skin.

Apart from the above, some fruits are very good for our facial skin. Therefore, they play a key factor as basic ingredients for soothing products to wash our face in many ways are

We will try to avoid the below items as face cleansers. This is a vital process to wash our face:
  • Harsh, foaming cleansers.
  • Dyed or Perfumed.
  • Bar soaps.
  • Daily exfoliating cleansers.

If anyone can follow the rules and steps to wash our face totally, then he will feel the difference in his look.

But to daily follow these rules strictly for a long time need a positive attitude.

Not only this, it requires motivation. (Also know how to stay motivated.

Additionally, try how to follow healthy eating habits).

We need to manage our time to wash our face in our busy schedule. When we will look better, other people will compliment us. We will mentally feel better. It, therefore, increases our self-esteem. As we receive compliments, they will increase my momentary happiness.

At the beginning steps to wash our face may be critical. But after a few days, it will be nice and easy


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