Visakhapatnam-The Jewel of East Coast

Visakhapatnam-The jewel of East Coast
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Visakhapatnam, the jewel of the east coast, is a famous tourist destination for immaculate and picturesque beaches, enormous monuments and serene landscape.

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Visakhapatnam- the jewel of the east coast:

In the first place, it offers enormous monuments and serene landscape. It is also a commercial hub of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, it is the oldest shipyard in India. It is also popular as The City of Destiny and The Jewel of the East Coast. These are its nicknames.

About Visakhapatnam:

To begin with, it is not only the largest city but also the financial headquarter of Andhra Pradesh. It is also the headquarters of the state of Coast Guard of India. Its location is very fascinating. It has the coast of Bay of Bengal in one side. On the other side of it is the Eastern Ghat Range of hills.

Visakhapatnam Population:

As per the census report of 2011, it has a total population of 2,035,922. Visakhapatnam is the most populous city of Andhra Pradesh. In terms of population, it is the 14th largest city as well as the 9th metropolitan city in India and 4th in South India.

History of Visakhapatnam:

It is a very old city. Its history starts from 6th century B.C.E. Even, we will find it in the writings of Katyayana and Panini in the 4th century B.C.E. It was once a part of Kalinga Kingdom. The Pallavas, the Cholas, the Gajapati dynasties ruled here. Afterwards, The Mughals ruled here. Even the French ruled here for a short period of time. Finally, the British ruled here.

In fact, it is the only natural harbour which is on the east coast of India. Besides, it is the 5th busiest cargo port of India. In addition, its headquarters of the Eastern Command our Navy’s. Further, it also headquarters of South Coast Railway Zone.

Above all, it is a famous tourist spot. The main attractions are the beaches.

Places of Tourist Interests in and around Visakhapatnam:

As a matter of fact, Visakhapatnam has a lot of marvellous offerings for tourists. In all honesty, beaches are the prime attractions of here. Moreover, there are some fascinating places around Vishakhapatnam. They attract a lot of Indians as well as foreigners every year.

Beaches in Visakhapatnam:

In the first place, soft sands, azure waters as well as lush greenery make these beaches very attractive and charming. The picturesque splendor of Ramkrishna and Gangavaram beach attracts numerous tourist every year. On the other hand, the tranquillity of Lawson’s Bay and Yarada beach is perfect to remove all our stress.  Therefore, we can taste relaxation and enjoyment in our mind. Besides, let the ocean wash away all our worries.

All the beaches are magnificent due to rolling hills along with all-round canopies of greenery. Above all, we will get a chance to pass quality time with our love and relation.

We will get hills, greenery, serene and deep blue sea water, busy township as well as golden sands in a frame. Moreover, we will hardly get a similar beach in India. In all honesty, all the beaches are so very attractive that we cannot understand how our times are passing by. If we get a chance to enjoy with our children, it, in turn, will better our role of parents.

Rishikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam Overview:

R.K. Beach

source Google image

To begin with, this is perhaps the best beach in VishaIn all honesty this is a stunning shore. From Vishakhapatnam port, it is only28.7km and takes only 1 hour to reach. In addition, from Ramkrishna Beach it is only 11.4km and takes only 22 minutes to reach there.

APTDC that is in charge of maintenance is doing exceedingly well to maintain the natural beauty of it. It is also successful to keep up the natural attractions unspoiled. The golden sands are the prime attraction of this beach.

In one side we will see frothy blue sea. On the other side, we will see emerald greenery. The scenery of this beach is indeed breathtaking and thrilling.

Moreover, this place is heaven to water sports lovers. They offer a number of see sports. It also offers swimming under expert care.

Apart from an enjoyable swim in the sea, tourists can enjoy old boating. They can also experience hand at water surfing. Moreover, there is the facility of speed boating and jet skiing. They are not only funny but also thrilling. Further, we will have some more activities like Sea Kayak, Snorkel and Scuba diving. Snorkel and Sea Kayak.

Due to these reasons along with its natural charms this beach is popular to the tourists. This beach is an ideal place for a peaceful and enjoyable gathering. It is easily accessible from Vishakhapatnam.

We must taste the coconut water as well as the Bhutta (corn) here.

Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam:

Ramakrishna Beach-Visakhapatnam

Source Google image

Undoubtedly Ramkrishna Beach is the popular most beach among all beaches in Vishakapatnam. Tourists along with local people enjoy their relaxed time here. They stroll across, take a sunbath and many more.

There are many attractive spots in and around this beach. There are a lot of boulders in the water here. Therefore, it is not a safe place for bathing. In reality, this beach is always overcrowded.

Lawson’s Bay Beach:

It may be an extension of the famous Ramakrishna beach. It is quiet and tranquil with lush greenery and beautiful white sands. The sea is magnificent with crystal clear water and calm waves. Moreover, this is ideal for swimming and sunbathing along with surfing.

Yarada Beach

In the first place, Yarada beach is an alluring sight. Hills are surrounding this place from three sides. The beautiful Bay of Bengal Ocean is on the fourth side. Moreover, the hills are covered with verdant greenery. Added to this is the stunning golden, but soft sands in the beach.

Not to mention the enthralling view of both sunrise and sunset from here.

It is only at a distance of 21.6 km from Ramkrishna Beach and it takes around 45 minutes to reach there. As a matter of fact, it is a tranquil beach. As it is not very crowded, therefore it is undoubtedly one of the cleanliest and safest beaches in India. Coconut and banana plantations add to the beauty of here. Above all, it is an ideal destination, particularly for nature lovers.

Gangavaram beach:

This is another beautiful beach with palm trees and amazing sceneries. Many films and TV serials are shoots here. Soft sands and fresh breeze add to its beauty. The rock-like structure which looks like a small island is very fascinating.

It is 29.7km from Ramkrishna Beach and only 9.6 km (only 25 minutes) from Yarada Beach.

Bheemili beach:

This pristine beach is at the region where the river Gosthani is meeting with the ocean, Bay of Bengal. There is the residual of a historical Dutch fort which was established in the 17th century along with a cemetery. It is 27.4km away from the Ramkrishna beach and takes only 43 minutes to reach there.

Bheemilli beach, however, is calm with gentle waves. Palm trees add to the serenity and beauty of it.

Kailasagiri, Visakhapatnam:

Kailasgiri Temple

Source Google Image

Entry Time: All days from 6.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Entry Fee (in INR):

  • 5 for Pedestrians
  • 20 for 2 wheelers
  • 50 for 4 wheelers
  • 100 for 4 wheelers big
  • 150 for Minibus
  • 300 for Tourist bus
  • 90 for Ropeway (round trip)

Kailasagiri Park Vizag Phone

098483 49924

097010 41087

We can reach Kailasagiri by ropeway or by car or on foot.

In the first place, Kailasagiri, the hilltop park is another stunning tourist spot in Vishakhapatnam. In reality, its area is over 380 acers. Apart from the (over 100acers), there is diversified flora and tropical trees. It is 173meters (568feet) high from the sea level. Moreover, it is 8.7km away from Ramkrishna beach. It takes only 21minute to reach there.

From here, we can get a spectacular panoramic view of beaches, the city of Vishakhapatnam and lush green forests.

Its main attraction is its panoramic view of the bay. Moreover, the beauty of enlightened Vishakhapatnam along with its surroundings from here, particularly in the evening is really awe-inspiring. Further, its calm atmosphere and serenity and overall scenic beauty, make it a must-visit tourist attraction in Vishakhapatnam.

Religious Importance

The major attraction of this place is 40 feet tall, the massive statue of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvathi. Further, the floral clock with a diameter of 10 feet is one of the biggest in India. It also provides an artistic look to the statue with the lush patches of green.

A ropeway (cable car) at Kailasagiri park:

It starts at Appu Ghar. We can reach the hilltop by this ropeway. We can enjoy breathtaking views from here.

Toy Train at Kailasagiri Park

Moreover, there is an amusing toy train ride at Kailasagiri Park. It charges INR 40 for adults and INR 30 for children. However, it offers a charming view of the Kailasagiri park. Added to this, is the beautiful views of both Bay of Bengal ocean and the busy township of Visakhapatnam.

Bollywood popularity:

It is also a fantastic location for filmi shootings.

Above all, it is another fascinating location for paragliding.

Apart from the Statue of Shiva Parvati and Floral Clock, other important points are the 7 wonders of Vizag and Jungle Trails. Besides, there are Titanic View Point, the Shiva Temple and Shanti Ashram.

Moreover, there are children park, various viewpoints and telescopic point. Furthermore, there are the conference hall, art gallery and food court.

Submarine Museum:

In fact, INS Kurusura, the 5th submarine of Indian Navy served for 31 years before its decommissioning in 2001. After that, the authority is using it as a museum.

The aim is to spread general awareness of Indian Navy or Naval Forces. In addition, there is its development and the technology they use at the time of war. It is on the RK beach, near the War Memorial.

The attractive scenery of deep blue sea waters and golden sand on the beach makes it a perfect location for this Museum.

If we visit here, we can know more about life inside submarines. The museum houses artefacts, articles and pictures. They tell the stories of strength, patriotism and sacrifice of the warriors.

Simhachalan Temple:
Simachalam temple-visakhapatnam

Source-Google Image

It is 19.1km away from RK beach and will take around 40 minutes. It is 800 meters above sea level. This temple is a highly ornate shrine. Above all, it is one of the most important as well as popular temples among all the temples in South India.

In the first place, this temple is of Lord Narasimha. He is actually an incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. This Temple is well-decorated with exceptionally detailed stone design and carvings. Tourists and pilgrims can easily spot it from a distance.

To tell the truth, this temple is the only one of its kind in India. Here, the deity is Shri Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha. In reality, He is the combination of Varaha(The Boar, 3rd Avatar) and Narasimha (The Lion Man, 4th Avatar).

However, Lord Narasimha is standing in the ‘tribhanga’ posture. He has two hands. Besides, his head is of a lion on a human torso.

As a matter of fact, Pilgrims come all over the world in large numbers throughout the year. Indeed, they maintain strict discipline here. Various prayers go on all through the day.

The architecture of this temple is really wonderful. Therefore, it needs special attention.

Akshaya Tritiya is the most important festival at Simhachalam Temple.

While we visit this temple, we will find similarity with Punyagiri temple near Chaukori or Hirimba temple in Manali.

Dolphin’s nose:

Entry Fee : Adults: INR 30

Children (below 5 years): Free Entry

Children above 5 years: INR 20

Still Camera: INR 20

Video Camera: INR 50

Timings: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

To begin with, it is a very absorbing and fascinating spot. Therefore, it is a must-visit place while we are in Visakhapatnam. In the first place, this place is very close to Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbor. To tell the truth, Dolphin’s Nose is a hill.

We will get it at the entrance to Visakhapatnam Harbor along the coastline. Moreover, there is a lighthouse atop the hill. If we see this hill from the sea, it resembles the front part of a dolphin’s body. Hence it is Dolphin’s Nose.

In reality, we can get there by ship ride. The journey to the sea is really fascinating. It offers the majesty of the sea as well as Marine Traffic. If luck supports, we can view one or two dolphins there.

Moreover, there is a lighthouse on top of the hill. In fact, we need to take a winding path to reach the top. Entry fee is just Rs10 and it is open from 3 to 5 pm.

Further, we will try to visit this place at that time. Also, we will try to see the sunset from here. From here, we can see the awe-inspiring views of the harbour along with coastline, beach, mountains and lush greenery. Further, we can see the city. Even, Kailasgiri is also visible from here.

Matsyadarshini Aquarium:

In fact, Matsyadarshini is a lovely aquarium. It is on the Ramakrishna beach. There are innumerable species of freshwater as well as marine lives. Above all, this aquarium is very attractive.

VUDA Park (Taraka Rama):

The VUDA or Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority park is another popular attraction of here. It is also a favourite tourist place near Ramkrishna beach. The main attractions are skating rink as well as a musical water fountain. People of different ages and both the sexes practice many types of skating. It is worthy of watching. Besides, there are many tiny playing arenas for the kids. Moreover, we may enjoy the evening snack here with our children. It covers an area of 55 acres.


It is 42.7km from RK beach and takes around 1hour and 20 minutes to reach. It is actually six rock-cut caves. There are nice carved statues of Gautam Buddha. They also have religious importance. Moreover, there are stupas for meditation for the Buddhists.

Victory at Sea War memorial:

This war memorial is near the submarine museum in RK beach. This is to celebrate ‘Victory at Sea’, in 1971in the Indo-Pak war. We can see a lot of bombs, missiles, a tank and a fighter which have a connection to the war.

Anyhow, we can feel pride for our soldiers while visiting this war memorial.

While visiting RK beach, we shall try to visit it.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is 25.4km away from RK beach and takes around 50 minutes to reach there.

Entry Fee
  • 10 per person for Adults
  • 5 per person for Children
  • 200 for Vehicles entry into the Sanctuary (includes entry fee for 5 members)
  • 250 for Cottage
  • 15 per person for Trekking
  • 150 for a group of 10 members for Trekking

Open: Daily from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

As a matter of fact, the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is on the border of Visakhapatnam. It possesses dry evergreen forests along with scrub and meadows. Moreover, this hilly terrain has steep slopes.

Further, there is a rich diversity of flora and fauna. However, they altogether mesmerize the tourists.

In reality, this sanctuary houses many varieties of wildlife animals which are rare species in India. In fact, these, species include deer-like spotted, sambar and barking.

Moreover, there are panthers, wild dogs, jackals and wild boars. This area is similar to 4 unique places to visit from Kolkata.

Araku Valley:

Araku Valley-Visakhapatnam

Source Google Image

Araku Valley is an unspoiled paradise. Usually, the tourist who is visiting Visakhapatnam may come here if time permits. Otherwise, the local people visit here as a weekend destination.

It is around 120 km away from Visakhapatnam and takes 3hours and 30 minutes. Perched at an elevation of 910 meters(2990feet) it is the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, it is 41 km from Anantagiri and takes only 1hour and 20 minutes. Besides, it is roughly 36.4km from Borra Caves and takes approximately 1hour and 10 minutes.

However, we should go from Visakhapatnam to Araku valley by Vista-dome train at 6.50 am. As a matter of fact, this journey is very exclusive and tranquil.

Further, it passes through 58 tunnels. Added to this, it passes 84 bridges. Moreover, the lush green valley seen from a distance is really exquisite.

To tell the truth, we will get similar experience only in Konkan railway or journey from Kalka to Simla.

It will take around 5 hours to reach Araku from Visakhapatnam. We should not miss this thrilling and charming vista as well as heart-throbbing enjoyment.

Mainly tribal people live here. We will see the tribal museum which houses many tribal arts. Moreover, there are a few tribal caves. It is also popular for its coffee and its elusive fragrance.

Additionally, it is unique and marvellous for its panoramic views that are available from everywhere. We will find high mountains, foggy clouds, lush green forests along with a pleasing atmosphere.

We may also enjoy trekking from here.

It will be good if we stay here for one or two days. Apart from APTDC hotels, there are a few private hotels here.

1)Ananthagiri Hills:

It is 89km away from RK beach and takes around 2hours 20 minutes to get there. In the first place, it is a very placid hamlet in the Eastern Ghats Hills. It is a heavenly retreat. Here the magnificent hills always flirt with the clouds.

To tell the truth, Ananthagiri is awe-inspiringly beautiful. We can enjoy the coffee plantation as well as the exotic flora.  Because, this is a romantic place, so it is a paradise to the honeymoon seekers. Above all, it is a wonderful experience to be on this hill.

As it offers some marvellous trekking trails, therefore it is a trekker’s paradise.

We will get some trekker’s paradise in

2)Borra caves:

Boora caves

Source Google Image

Time Required: 2-3hrs

Entry Fee : Adults: INR 40, Children: INR 30, Camera: INR 25

Timings : 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

To begin with, Borra Caves are the largest caves in India. Perching at a height 705 meters, these cave structures are made of karstic limestone. It came out as a result of an excavation in 1807. In fact, it is 200 meters long and 80 meters deep It is only 16 km away from Anantagiri. As a matter of fact, this age-old cave is the prime tourist attractions of here. Moreover, beautiful landscape, moist deciduous forests, rich wild fauna along with dumbfounding hilly terrain make it a no miss place.

In the first place, it gives a visual feast. In all honesty, it is a wonderful creation of nature. the caves were formed The river waters were flowing through this limestone area. Due to that, the calcium carbonate changes into calcium bicarbonate. The stunning features of these caves are its exquisite diversity of various stalactites and stalagmites structures.

3)Katiki Waterfalls:

Katiki waterfalls originate from the River Gosthani. It is adjacent to Borra Caves. Besides, we can trek from Borra Caves to here. This is a popular tourist attraction, particularly to the picnickers and nature lovers.

It is amidst the lush greenery and flows through an uneven path. The cool breeze, the soothing sounds of the Katiki Waterfall from a distance is really mesmerizing. We can also dip our feet in the water and play with the cool fountain water

4)Chaparral Waterfalls

It is also famous as Dumbriguda Falls. Actually, it is a scenic cascade 13 km away from Araku bus stand. There are lush green forests encircled from all sides. It is also an ideal place for a fun day out with family as well as friends.

5) Coffee Plantations:

There are a lot of coffee plantations here which look very attractive. Moreover, there is a coffee museum. Here we can get many unknown things about coffee. Besides, we can enjoy a cup of hot coffee. In addition, we can taste coffee-based chocolates.

6)Padmapuram Botanical Garden

Open: Daily, 9 am to 6 pm.

Entry fee:  Rs.10 per person

It is another scenic part of Araku Valley and must-visit place. In reality, we can witness some rarest species of flowers and trees here. It is a good experience to see the place by toy train. Moreover, there are treetop huts. Actually these are hanging cottage, 10 feet above the ground level. In all honesty, staying here is really a sinthelatting experience.

Distance and time are taken from Visakhapatnam:

1)            Chennai—800km, (14hours 9minutes)

2)            Kolkata —881km, (17hours 7minutes)

3)            Delhi-—–1751km(35hours)

4)            Mysore—1157km (21hours 39 minutes)

5)            Tirupati—762km (13hours 25 minutes)

6)            Ghatshila—787km (15 hours 42 minutes)

7)            Puri———-447km (9 hours 17 minutes)

How to Reach: –

This place is well connected by bus, train and plane throughout the country.

Hotels in Visakhapatnam

There are many hotels near R.K. Beach and Rishikonda Beach. But they are very costly.

However, we will get many hotels in Daba gardens at affordable rates.

Best time to visit:

October to March. This time the weather is not too hot not at all cold. The temperature will be around 30 degrees celsius.


1)            At first, we will drink pure, bottled water.

2)            Secondly, we will carry sufficient cash as the ATMs do not always function properly.

3)            Moreover, there is every possibility of rain from November to January. Therefore, carrying umbrellas is good.

4)            Further, we will book a car for the sake of an easy and comfortable journey.

5)            If we can keep three full days for Visakhapatnam and two full days for Araku Valley, then we can really enjoy the tour.

6) We will always use sunscreen in the daytime due to saving our tender cream from the harsh atmosphere. Added to this, we will have to use a moisturiser in the way as our skincare when it will dry.  In reality, rose water is a very good natural moisturiser. Further, at night, we will try skincare products in the right order. If we have a skin problem like acne, be cautious.

7)We need to carry some very essential medicines with us.

In all honesty, Visakhapatnam is a very thrilling and absorbing and charming with all its natural beauties. Above all, we will not find any similar place in all over India. We can see hill, forests and sea at a time along with the busy city. We will enjoy this place so much that it will increase our motivation.

At the same time, we will fulfil some of our life goals as Visiting Visakhapatnam is in our life goals list.

Also, we will check our goal list. Now, we will be setting goals for the next tour and start planning to fulfil that as early as possible. As we are able to accomplish one of our life goals therefore, our self-esteem will certainly go up. All of these will increase our positive attitude. Due to these, we will be able to generate more power in our spoken words. As a matter of fact, our happiness will know no bounds. It will cause not only deep sleep but also sound and sufficient sleep.

Hope, these will happen with all of us. Let us go, enjoy and be happy.

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