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Use Lemons-39 unique ways around our household

Use of Lemons-39 unique ways around our household
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Use lemons in 38 unique ways around our household will surprise us. We solve many household problems instantly using it. It provides astonishing benefits.

Use Lemons: 39 unique ways around our household

Lemons are a wonderful gift of nature. In my last article, we came to know the nutrients and health benefits of it. They also make our food very tasty. Lemons are not only good as a beverage but also garnish it. This acidic and sour fruit is an unbelievable gift of nature towards mankind. We need to show our gratitude to nature for such a wonderful gift.

lemon with mint

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Apart from intake, we can use it externally in many ways. The usage is not only very simple but also highly cost-effective. It has the extraordinary power and ability of various types of cleansing. Therefore, it in many ways helps us to save money.

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Apart from various health benefits, it provides us with several kitchen benefits, homemaking benefit. Moreover, it is good for our skin and hair as well. Therefore, it has an extensive range of uses. To tell the truth, we use it in many ways.

We want to add a shine like new to our kitchenware, polish tables or refresh our rooms.

Due to the high amount of acid and fortifying fragrance, it can bring wonderful results around our home. From kitchen to laundry we can use lemons apart from cooking.

If we can know this, we will be surprised by the uses of lemons. It has numerous household uses. Below are the various uses of lemons.

Uses of lemons in our home

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1.Insects Free kitchen:

To keep our kitchen free from insects as well as ants we need neither insecticides nor ant traps.  The only lemon can be purposive. We should squirt lemon juice on all the windowsills along with the door thresholds in the kitchen.

Additionally, we will do the same if there is any type of holes or cracks wherefrom the ants come out. Finally, we will toss some lemon peels around the door or doors.

Lemons also work effectively against fleas and roaches. At first, we will mix 2-3 lemon juice along with the peels with 1 litter of water. Then we will dab a piece of cotton in this water. Now, we will wash the floor with it at least twice daily. As fleas and roaches hate this smell, so they will flee.

2.Pot Cleaner:

When we cook, stainless steel pots get burnt on food spots. To remove it, we will at first, fill the pot with sufficient water to cover the overcooked area. Next, we will add half of a lemon and the peel. Afterwards, we will boil the water. Finally, we need to use a nonabrasive scrubby or a wooden utensil. As a result, the spots will be clear.

3.Fruit and Veggie Wash:

We will at first mix 1 tablespoon of lemon and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in one cup of water. Then, we will spray it over the fruits and veggies. It will remove any type of sprays from them.

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4.Prevents Rice from Sticking:

Indeed, we need to add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the water while cooking rice. Consequently, it will prevent sticking of rice-on-rice.

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5.Refresh Fridge:

Lemon can remove the bad smell of refrigerator. For this, we need to dab a clean cotton ball or sponge at first. Then we will keep it in the fridge for a few hours. We need to keep out malodorous items, if any, from the fridge.

6.Clean Microwave:

As we cook, the small food particles stuck the inside of the microwave. In the course of time, it hardens there. Therefore, we need to clean it. We can cleanse it easily with lemon. We need not use the harsh cleanser and scratch the surface.

At first, we will mix 4-5 tablespoons of lemon juice into 2 cups of water in a microwave-proof bowl. Then we will run the microwave on high temperature for 5-10 minutes. Now, let the steam concentrate all over it. Finally, we will wipe away the softened food with a soft, clean and dry dishrag.

7.Refresh Cutting Boards:

We chop onions, cut raw and cooked meat, crush garlic, prepare fish and etc. Therefore, we need to refresh cutting boards to get rid of the smell and sanitize it.

At first, we will rub it well with the cut side of a lemon. Otherwise, we may wash it with raw lemon juice.

8.Clean Glass:

We can also clean the window glasses with it. For this, we will mix 4-5 tablespoon of lemon juice with one cup of water. We may add some more, depending on the condition of the glass. After that, we will spray it well all over the glass. Then, we will wipe off with a newspaper.

9.Clean Sink:

In order to clean the sink, we may add lemon juice to household Borax and make a paste. Now, we need to spread it over the stains. We will let it stay for at least a couple of hours. Thereafter, we will scrub it with a sponge or soft and clean cotton piece.

10.Deodorizes our Disposable Garbage:

We may sometimes toss the lemon juice and peel in the sink and allow it to go down the drain. It will give relief from bad odour due to regular garbage disposal. We will do this 1-2 times in a month.

11.Shoe and Furniture Polish:

At first, we will mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. This mixture will act as a natural polish for leather shoes along with wooden furniture. We will apply it with a clean dry cloth. Then we will wait for a few minutes so that it can sit or fix on them. Finally, we will wipe off with another clean, dry cloth.

12.Energies Our Day:

In fact, the fragrance of lemon acts as an inspiring scent. We may carry half of a lemon with us. Otherwise, we may keep it on a desk in the workplace. We will smell time to time through the day. It will supply us positive energy (positive attitude). As a result, we will get motivation in our work.

13. Brighten Dull Aluminium:

It helps to eliminate dull pots and pans. Additionally, it sparkles them from inside as well as outside. At first, we will cut a lemon from the middle. Then, we shall rub them all over with one half. Finally, we will rub with a soft and clean cloth.

14.Bug Repellant:

In the first place, citrus oil acts superbly against all types of insects. Most importantly, it keeps away insects. To tell the truth, this oil lives in the peel or skin of lemons.

If we can place lemon peels outside the window sills of our house, then they help to keep out insects.

15.Nail Strengthener:

uses of lemons for our skin

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At first, we should mix some olive oil with lemon juice. Next, we will soak our nails in it. We will do it frequently. It will not only give result against dry and brittle nails but also fix the yellowish problem.

16.Elbow and Knee Lightener:

Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C. In fact, they possess natural brightening properties. If anybody finds a dark spot in knee or elbow, then he will rub the spot with a lemon slice.

17.Teeth Whitener:

At first, we will mix lemon juice with some baking soda. Then we will apply it to teeth with the help of a clean Q-tip. After that, we will use the toothbrush to scrub our teeth and rinse them.

18.Skin Brightener

Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C as well as citric acid. Therefore, they help to brighten our skin. Vitamin C helps not only to neutralize free radicals but also increase collagen production.

But, we will remember that we need to use sunscreen cream while applying lemon juice. This is to protect the skin from UV rays.

It, therefore, helps to have flawless skin.

19.Freshen Breath:

At first, we will apply lemon juice directly in our mouth. Then, we will keep it for a minute. Next, we will rinse our mouth with plain water. The citric acid will help to maintain the pH level. Additionally, it will kill bad breath causing bacteria.

20.Blackhead Treatment:

Lemons contain citric acid which is one sort of natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). After cleansing, we will rub a lemon slice over the blackheads which are generally our T-zone. It will help to fix the problem of blackheads.

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21.Helpful for Acne:

For the treatment of acne, lemon juice may offer to reduce oil or sebum at first. This is because of the drying of citric acid. Secondly, antiseptic attributes will kill bacteria helpful for acne. Added to these are antioxidant effects.

22.Lip Exfoliator:

At first, we will add a few drops of lemon juice to brown sugar to make a lip scrub. The AHA in lemon juice will act as a chemical exfoliator. Therefore, it will help to eliminate dead skin cells. At the same time, the sugar will perform as a physical exfoliator.  As a result, it will slough the dead skin off.

23.Cleans Marble:

Marble is porous. Therefore, it stains easily. To remove it, we will take half of the fresh lemon. Then, dip it into salt. Now, we will rub it well over the stain. It will remove it.

24. Remove Stains from Hands:

In order to remove stains due to potato, beet or fruits, we need to put lemon juice on hands. Then wait for a while. Finally, we will wash hands with soap and water.

Moreover, we can disinfect our hands with them.

25. As Room Freshener:

Anyhow, we may use lemons as a room freshener. For this, we can boil lemon along with its peel. It will eliminate odours and freshen the air. It will refresh the room. Therefore, we will be able to spend some happy hours here. It will increase our happiness.

26.Revive Hardened Paintbrushes:

We will boil lemon juice and keep the hardened paintbrush there in low heat. We will keep it for about 10minutes so that it can soak. Afterwards, we will wash the brush with warm soapy water. The brush will be soft and looks like a new one.

27.Spruce up Flatware:

Lemon juice is helpful to clear the rust or pesky watermarks on flatware. There will be layered soap scum and limescale at times. If we rub lemon juice on those marks with a paper towel, then it will shine and looks like new.

28.Hair Lightener:

Benefits of lemon for hair

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We may use it as hair lightener. At first, we will spot the area we want to highlight.  Then we will spray fresh lemon juice there. Now, we will let it dry. (if possible in the sunlight wearing a sunblock). Finally, we will wash the juice. Then, we can find a subtle lightening.  For better result, we may repeat it.

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29.Smelly Vacuum:

At first, we need to place some drops of lemon oil within the vacuum cleaner bag. As vacuum cleaner cleans the room, it will give a good fragrance.

30. Keep Away Pests While Painting Outdoors:

We should add a few drops of lemon juice with our paint at the time of outdoor paintings. It will keep gnats and flies away.

31.Prevent Cauliflower From Turning Brown:

Generally, cauliflower turns brown when we boil it. It happens even we burn it for a while.

To prevent it, we will add a few drops of lemon juice with the water. It will help to retain its colour.

32.Better Sore Throat:

If we gargle with warm lemon water, it can better sore throat. It also helps to get rid of bad odour from the mouth. We will have a freshen breathe.

33.Works as Moisturizer:

Lemons contain several antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is very effective for nixing bacteria breakout. For this, we will prepare a DIY.

We will mix a few drops of both lemon juice with coconut water. The coconut is fruitful to hydrate our skin. On the other hand, lemon will assist to clear and brighten it.

Note: If anyone’s skin is sensitive, then he will test on a small patch of his skin first.

34.Polish Metal:

The same way of clean a sink, it can also polish any chrome fixtures or metal in our kitchen.

35. Remove Stains:lemon tea

It has the ability to remove almost all sort of stains. It may be grease, berries, red wine or mildew.

For this, we will add salt with lemon juice. If necessary, then we may mix baking soda with it.

At first, we will apply it to the stain affected areas. If the surface is very delicate, then we will allow the pest to soak up. Afterwards, when we wipe off, the stain will wash out,

For some tougher surface, we will scrub the mixture to have a satisfactory result.

36.Brighten Whites:

In fact, lemon juice contains natural bleaching ability. It is less harsh than chlorine. When we wash clothes we need to mix one cup or so of lemon juice in that water. It will help to retain the brightness.

If the white cotton socks are dingy, then we will mix lemon slices to the boiling water. We will dip the socks in the water. Next, leave them to soak overnight. Finally, in the morning we will wash.

37.Cleansing Wipes

We will mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil with lemon juice in half a cup of distilled water. Next, we will use it as a toner. Otherwise, we can apply it on a cotton pad. Then we will use it as cleansing wipes.

Some DIY with lemons:

We can also make DIY with the help of lemons and use them as well.

38.Lemon Juice for Skin Treatment:

We need one tablespoon of lemon juice, honey, along with olive oil. At first, we will mix them well to make a face mask. After applying we will leave it for 10 minutes, at least. If skin suits, then we can keep it for 30 minutes. Indeed, the time will depend totally on skin-sensitivity.

Then, we will wash it with warm water. After that, we will have some splash of cold water as it will close the pores. Finally, we will use a moisturizer.

Power of lemon juice along with hydrating and soothing power of honey and olive oil. It will keep our skin in good condition. We will use it once a week.

39.Lemon Juice Scrub:

use of lemons as scrubers

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We shall prepare a face scrub mixing lemon juice with sugar or sea salt. Both, the sugar and the sea salt are natural abrasives that can fight acne. When they combine with lemon juice, then they can help to present us a radiant and glowing skin.

We will apply this face scrub to our face and neck. Then we will massage them in circular motions in order to exfoliate our skin. Next, we will leave it for 10-15 minutes. We will wash with warm water at fast. Finally, we will splash with cool water to close the pores.

In fact, these unbelievable benefits will surely increase our love and relations. As a result, we can solve many problems very easily. We can also have sought various solutions to our known people. Therefore, it will increase our self-esteem.

As we can almost instantly fix a lot of household problems, so we will feel less stress. It will be part of some good stress management techniques.

Consequently, we will be able to lead a happy and joyous life.

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