Most importantly the words that we generally speak regularly are very powerful hence, we can say there is power in our spoken word. Indeed, the words that we generally speak regularly are very powerful. And it makes immense effects on our life.

Spoken words-Powers and effects in our life

This is very much powerful. To tell the truth, it is very hard for us to believe.

We may agree or may not. But, in reality, spoken words are very much powerful. However, most of us will not believe it in the first instance. Though most of us had experienced the negative power of spoken words in our lives.

But if we believe it and act accordingly, we must get the result today or tomorrow.

Therefore, to get success in our life we have to use this power to a great extent.

Our spoken words influence us and our actions. Not only the words we speak but also words we hear now and then also affect us.

Because words are so powerful force and energy of us, therefore we have to use it properly if we want to make our future better.

Positive words help us to grow not only a positive attitude but also positive self-esteem, self-believe, and energy which all together give us power.

Because our spoken words do possess the power to bring change in our lives. Therefore, pay attention to either what we speak or what we think. Besides we will be able to change our state of affairs towards the betterment.

Power of spoken words can help us to bring positive changes that we have always wanted to bring in our lives. Not only that but also it will increase true happiness in our life.

The Power Of Spoken Words

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If we say something to us repeatedly and regularly it will then give us more faith and self-belief. For example, say loudly “I am the best” or “Yes, I can do this” or “I will be successful in life” every day when we wake up or when we go to bed for at least 10 times.

In reality, spoken words are a profoundly powerful force that is available to the human. We may use this power either constructively or destructively.

More importantly, we can manipulate our world with our spoken words.

Spoken words possess the power either to assist and heal or to harm and humiliate, etc.

Therefore, we should speak to show respect, politeness, and humanity. If our spoken words are encouraging and sweet they will please the listeners. Always try to speak the truth. Never use words to insult others. We should talk in such a way that expresses admiration and modesty.

When we are in the conversation we should listen attentively and patiently.

At first, we should not blame anyone. Till if we wish to blame then always blame only me.

We should neither exaggerate anything nor argue or fight with others.

The spoken Words power

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Because our spoken words may be positive or negative, constructive or destructive. Therefore, they may reconcile or damage.


However, words that we speak loudly or in our mind influences our intention as well as our energy and affects our doings.



To empower our spoken words, we may do these:

1)            Give Compliments:

We will always praise the action or saying that we admire. A genuine compliment is a reward. Therefore, we will be careful about our spoken words. It will give us peace of mind and satisfaction and energy.

2)            Always speak positively:

Whenever we go out for work to speak positively in our mind. Practice amiably to accept our compliments.

3)            Build a list of powerful and positive words:

We will build a list of powerful and positive words. We should say those loudly time and time again as our spoken words motivate us.

4)            Respond but not react:

React means saying something without thinking good or bad. In maximum cases, the reaction goes wrong. Therefore, it is bad.

On the other hand, Respond comes after thinking. So, we will think first and then say. Therefore, we will take time before responding. We will always remember that we cannot pull back our spoken words. Only then we may say what we want to say.

5)            Say sorry:

Whenever we realize our mistake, we will say sorry by heart.

6)            Gladly accept:

Whatever be the situation, we will gladly accept it. Indeed, we need courage and a positive attitude for this. Our spoken words must reflect it.

7)            Forgive others:

We will try to develop a habit to forgive others. Suppose we have done a mistake. We need to say sorry and apologize. If we are forgiven, we feel relaxed and happy.

Similarly, if we forgive someone it will also give us happiness and peace of mind, as well. Forgive is a very powerful spoken word.

8)            Always Listen to positives:

Always listen to positive words or lectures. If there is any negative atmosphere try to avoid it as much as possible.



Believe it or not, but there are so many examples that by following the power of spoken words, people have achieved the desired result.

If we can keep the faith and continue it then surely and certainly we will see miracles happen.

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