Stress, the silent killer, features and remedies are very important for us to have a clear knowledge of it. Because it is a mental state.

In the first place, stress is only our emotional feelings. It generally generates from a thought or an event that creates our tension or mental agony. Consequently, we get nervous and become afraid. Sometimes, we may also be angry without any reason.

Overloaded work pressure, fighting to cope up with demands are the causes of it. Apart from these, the shortage of sound and sufficient sleep, illness of self or other close relatives may generate stress.

To tell the truth,

stress is a silent killer

stress The silent killer

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and it is at the root of almost all diseases.

Therefore, we have to fight it and keep it away from our lives so that we can live safely and happily.

Here we discuss some features and remedies of stress.


Stress is the general reaction of our body as and when some changes take place which causes either bodily or mental strain.  Most importantly the response to these changes may be physical and mental and emotional.

It may be either external due to the environment, social and psychological reasons or maybe internal because of illness.

What is stress?

We need to adjust within our self to react to any change. And we call it the stress. Therefore, in simple words is the reaction of our body towards the changes which need adjustment or response.

Our body may react either physically or mentally or emotionally. It is a very common happening in our lives.

Most importantly we feel it from our environment, body and thought.

It not only comes due to any change that goes against us but also the positive changes like the birth of a child or marriage or promotion in a job or improvement of business or name and fame in any field etc.


It goes in the reverse direction.

It is normally a negative emotional feeling or bodily anxiety which may generate from any work or thought and as a result, we get afraid and feel nervous and become angry or frustrated.

Because it is our body’s response to any type of demand or challenge, therefore sometimes it may be positive and helps us to overcome danger or achieve a target.


It is generally of three types. They are-

  • 1) Acute stress-

  • To tell the truth it is very common and every one of us is the victim of it at sometimes in our life. Moreover, it is temporary and so goes away very fast.

It may come when we are doing something new in our life or whenever we are giving an examination or when a problem or challenge has come and we are trying to find the way out or we are doing something very exciting or watching a tension game or a horror picture etc. Furthermore, it is not at all harmful.

2)Episodic stress-

Indeed, it is another very common and short-term, which occurs very frequently. For instance- pressure for finishing a scheduled job or work or duty within the stipulated time and it may be a sense of getting late for office attendance or children’s’ school, etc.

3)Chronic stress-

Most importantly, some people feel it very rapidly for something which goes against him and also stays for a prolonged time. Because of the frequency, it is very hard to come out of this pressure. Additionally, some acute problems like monetary or marriage or health or job related may be the reason for it.

However, if it lasts for a prolonged period, it becomes chronic and if we cannot get rid of it, then it will create a lot of fatal health problems in the future.


Stress Management

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The human body system releases hormones when we feel stress. To control stress these hormones, bring some necessary changes and reacts so that our brain be cautious.

Besides our heartbeat increases and muscles get tense so that we can fight stress and control ourselves. This reaction is quite natural and in this way human body resists stress.

But if we are the prey of chronic stress, then our body repeats these actions several times daily even though there is no minimum sign of stress.

Indeed, this tendency is very dangerous and it causes, over time, serious health problems like Diabetes and Obesity and Heart Problems and High Blood Pressure and Depression and Menstrual Problems and Skin Problems like eczema or acne or roughness and many more if this prevails for a long time.

Most importantly, remember if we have any problem, stress worsens it very rapidly.


As stress is so fatal and it is a mental situation, therefore it will be better if we can point out stress at the early stage. Stress gives various indications and signs, but it is not so easy to understand that these are happening due to stress.

   These signs are to be tired very easily.
  •  The tendency to loss of memory and concentration.
  •  Frequent loose motion or constipation.
  •  Successive headache.
  •  Deficiency of energy and effort.
  •  Having a sexual problem and reproductive issue
  • Fast weight loss or gain
  •  Either problem of sleeping or oversleeping.
  • Stiff neck and jaw
  • Stomach problem
  • Frequent aches and pains
  • Autoimmune diseases
  •  Depression and anxiety.
  •  Feeling angry or lonely or isolated.
  • Overeating or little eating.
  • Poorly judge the situation and see only negativity.
  • Frequent sweating hands or feet.
  • Nail-biting or teeth grinding.
  • Heartburn


However, there are some general causes of stress which come from sources outside, which may be called external reasons. They are-

1)            Challenges arousing in the working field or, in school.

2)            Problems arousing due to the financial crisis.

3)            Major changes when occurred in life.

4)            Relationship problems mainly not only with spouse(love and relation) or child or parent(parents role in the child development) but also near and dear relatives.

5)            Additionally, the health problems of some close friend or neighbour sometimes cause stress.

5)            Extreme busy life schedule.

6)            Health problem of self or close family member.

7)            Sometimes sudden and untimed death of loved ones.


Moreover, there are some normal causes of stress which comes from our inside and therefore, may be called internal causes. They are-

1)Our mentality- either pessimism or negativity.

2) Our rigidity or lack of flexibility.

3)Our inability to cordially accept uncertainties and changes.

4) Our negative self-talk or in other words wrong use of the power of spoken words.

5)Our absurd level of expectations and perfection.

6) Short temper that is getting frequently angry.

7)When we are unable to give the quick as well as the correct response.



To tell the truth, every one of us has to face several stressful events in our lives. They are-

1)           Firstly, the death of working father and mother or beloved spouse and child or some close one.

2)            Secondly, accident and hospitalization of working father and mother, or beloved spouse and child, or some close one.

3)            Thirdly, divorce and marriage separation.

4)            Then, loss of job or retirement.

5)            Further, heavy loss in business.

6)            Imprisonment of self or someone very close.

7)            Besides, loss of limbs or being blind.


Stress affects all the major organs of our body.  And these organs include

a) brain and nerves

b) muscles and joints

c) heart

d) stomach

e) pancreas

f) intestine

g) the reproductive system.

As we come to know that stress can make our life in a word hell, so we have to live a stress-free and happy life

Following are some steps to reduce our stress label:

Remedies to reduce stress

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 We should follow them and live a stress-free happy life.



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    Pls accept my thanks and congratulations for delivering a good article on a contemporary topic like stress. I look forward to reading your next informative work.

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