Sleep is a natural phenomenon. We sleep because it gives us energy as well as fortify us. It is the best natural healer.

 Sound and sufficient sleep is the key to be healthy. This is extremely necessary for our good health every night.

It can affect our hormone levels, brain, heart, mood and weight and many more.

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Shortage of it for a long spell of life may be due to the common symptoms of sleep apnea or sleep deprivation or snoring or insomnia or restless legs syndrome.

Sound Sleep:

If we have sleeping problems, then we will try to improve our sleep at night and Also, know about sleep Paralysis which creates problem in it.

To sleep well at night,

we should follow the following steps:

1) Follow the sleep-wake cycle:

We should follow the natural sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm of our body.

a) Most importantly, we will daily to go to bed at a fixed time at night and get up at the same time every day in the morning It will facilitate to set our body’s internal clock and improve our sleep.

We will feel much relaxed and rejuvenating if we sleep during a fixed hour at night rather than for the same duration but at different times.

b)  Moreover, we will go to bed at night after around one hour of completion of dinner when we feel sleepy, so that we can sleep instantly. If we have sufficient sleep, then we should wake up naturally without an alarm.

c) Remember, we should not sleep in the daytime even on weekends and holidays. If we face any last night sleeping problem, then we can take a short daytime nap for hardly 15-20 minutes after the meal but no sleep.

If we feel drowsy before our schedule sleeping time, then we may walk here and there inside the room or may do some very light work of the home or we may splash water on our eyes to get rid of this drowsiness.

2) Control Light Exposure:

Most importantly our brain generally secrets more melatonin hormone when it is dark and less when it is light. Therefore, exposure to light regulates the secretion of it and it helps to control our sleep-wake cycle. It helps us to sleep

In the day:

  1.  As we wake up in the morning we should open all the windows and doors of our house so that optimal daylight or direct sunlight may enter our house. Also, remember we will try to do so even in our offices or anywhere else. We will keep them open throughout the day, if possible.
  2.  If possible we will expose us directly to the morning sun when it is not too hot for one or two hours. If we walk or run or do some freehand physical exercise it will be more fruitful. Added to this if possible spend some time barefooted on the grass.
  3.  Even we may play some outdoor games also.
  4.  If we have to go outside, we will always try to do within the daytime.

Most importantly, we will do so because our purpose is to get maximum exposer of bright light throughout the day.

If necessary, we may even use the light therapy box as a substitute for sunlight.

 At night:

  1.  We should use a night lamp or dim light for at least one hour before sleep and stop TV or computer or mobile phones etc. If it seems impossible then we will minimise the brightness of these gadgets and totally stop before 10 minutes to bed. We may listen to some light music or audiobooks instead. We will not read with backlight devices or table lamp.
  2.  Besides, we will switch off lights at the time of sleep or use a dim light. Ensure no light from outside can enter the room.

In a word, the room will be either dark or almost dark.

3) Exercise during the day:

We must exercise daily not only for better sleep at night but also feel less sleepy in the day. It also develops the signs of sleep apnea and insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.

Because exercise helps to improve digestion, raises body temperature and stimulates hormones like cortisol. Therefore, we shall complete exercise in the daytime or at least four hours before bedtime.

It will be better if we do some yoga.

If we exercise after that time, then there is every possibility to disturb our sleep.

4) Choose Right Food and Drink 

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Most importantly our eating habit throughout the day, especially at night or to be more precise the last two hours before going to bed play a havoc role.

    1.  Stimulants like caffeine, smoking, alcohol etc cause the problem to sound sleep. Because amazingly caffeine intake disturbs our sleep, therefore we should try to either leave it or minimize it at daytime and no caffeine after evening.
    2. Besides smoking along with several severe health problems also disturbs our sleep. So we will try to leave smoking or lower smoking and no smoking at least half an hour before sleep.
    3.   Avoid alcohol at least one hour to bedtime if not totally and minimize the quantity of intake.
    4. Minimize heavy or rich or spicy or acidic food at dinner as it is hard to digest and therefore may trouble stomach and heart.
    5.  Drink the little amount of liquid including water to avoid bathroom in between sleeping hours.
    6.  We will try to lower sugary foods as well as refined carbohydrates like white bread, white rice, and pasta etc may cause the problem of sleep.
    7.   Instead, we may try a small amount of whole-grain or low-sugar cereal; banana, yoghurt or milk etc before going to sleep.

Also, read the benefits of olive oil and the benefits of mangoes for our better health.

5) Develop Ideal Setting 

In fact, sometimes small changes can create a big difference in an odd atmosphere and facilitate quality sleep.

We will Keep our bedroom dark, cool, and quiet.

We may either use earplugs to eliminate outside noise from neighbours and traffic and other people in your family or try to hide the noise with a fan or sound machine.

Our bed and pillow should be very comfortable. We need sufficient space to stretch and turn easily and comfortably.

6) Relax and Cool Down 

    • i)Furthermore, we will keep aside all our thoughts and anxieties and worries and tension and stress etc and will try to be cool down and relaxed while going to bed for sleeping.
    • ii) We will close our eyes and take slow and deep breaths to relax. We may create and follow some bedtime rituals to be relaxed.
    •   iii) We may either visualise a peaceful place or feel the cosy touch of bed or softness of the pillow
    •   iv)Reading in dim light or listening slow music is also helpful for sound sleep.

Indeed, we will try to follow all the above-mentioned rules. They will not only improve our sleep but also give us good health and rejuvenating energy throughout the day.

Therefore, we must do better in our working field and it will give us more successful in life.

Moreover, sound sleep will change our mental attitude and build a positive attitude also.

Overall we will be very happy.

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