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Skincare products, Right Orders to Use Daily

Daily Skin care
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Skincare products, right order to use daily is necessary to protect our skin from various harmful elements in the environment. Not only that, but it is also necessary to maintain its texture, and for healing purpose.

Among the five sense organ, it is the most vital organ. Because it protects all our body parts as well as all the organs from the fatal external harms.

Skincare products, Right Orders to use daily is very important.

Daily skincare

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Reasons for Sequence

Indeed, to maintain the sequence for skincare products is vital to get the desired result.

Because very few ingredients can penetrate the small holes of the skin and reach the end of the epidermis layer or touch the dermis layer.

some ingredients close the pores so that nothing can penetrate.

Therefore, if you do not maintain a sequence the cream will not work properly.

Moreover, think you first applied cream so that nothing can penetrate the skin. Then if you apply cream which penetrates the skin, it will not penetrate.

Therefore, your purpose is not fulfilling and you have simply wasted your money, time and energy.

Furthermore, when some skincare products work as a remover, some other work to repair and some others are guards and some supply food and water to the cells. As the purposes are different, therefore to maintain sequence is a must.

You may also contact a dermatologist or a beautician to know the products, their usage, and most importantly proper sequence to get flawless skin.

Right Sequence to use Skincare Products:

In a nutshell, an easy rule to apply skincare products is the order thinner to the thicker or from liquid to oil. Mind another thing that at first cleanse your skin.

Then use those items whose ingredients will penetrate the pores and go deep into the skin and nourish it (i.e. antioxidants in serums).

Finally, apply those products which will close the pores and sit on the skin (i.e. Humectant and emollients in moisturizer).

Skincare at day-time differs from the night. Because at day time skin mainly protect and at night it heals and repairs.

Daytime Treatment of skincare products

Most importantly skin needs a shield against sun rays, pollution, and some other elements. This guides the morning skin treatment.


First, when you wake up in the morning, splash your face with lukewarm water and wash with a mild face cleanser suitable for you.


Most people think that toners, in general, are harsh, so they damage skin and therefore reluctant to using toners.

Actually, toners serve many purposes. Firstly, it does not shrink pores physically. Secondly, it delivers antioxidants, toning agents, vitamin B by-products. Moreover, toners are planned for different skin problems.

Therefore, using a suitable toner is important. Rosewater is a very good toner. You can also use it ina sensitive skin.

However, if you have never used toner and your skin still looks well, then you may not use it.

Daytime Skincre Routine

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Besides some face cleanser nowadays serves the purpose of toner to some extent. Therefore, if you are using such type of skincare products then do not use toner now.


ANTIOXIDANT SERUM helps to diminish the skin’s provocative response to neutralize damage due to UV rays and environmental contaminants.


After attaining20 years of age, it is essential to start using eye cream, at least once every night. You may even use it in day time also. It may prevent fine lines or loss of collagen.


Indeed, we must use a moisturizer daily. Even if your skin is oily still use it regularly. Most importantly our body produces sebum. Because our body has its own mechanism to produce and secrete oil through glands.

Therefore, they secrete oil or sebum to retain this defensive layer to fight the harsh external ailment and infections. But yet this is not sufficient.

So our body requires the extra supply of hydration from outside to fight the fatal ultra-violate sunrays and external weather and other causes.

Experts suggest applying moisturizer, which is a must among the skincare products. Use it when our skin is slightly moist so that it can penetrate easily into our skin.


As a final point of skincare in the daytime use sunscreen.

NIGHTTIME TREATMENT of skincare products

Because nighttime is an extremely important time for repairing the damage which is made in the day. Therefore, night creams, which we do use at night, are essential food for the skin so that it can heal the daytime damage.


To resume night treatment for the skin we first need to remove the day’s stain, dust, lubricant, and makeup. So first remove makeup with a makeup remover and then wash your face with a mild cleanser.

You will do better if you use the double cleanser. Take a cotton piece.  Pour a few drops of cleansing oil on it. Rub your face gently. It will help to remove your makeup. After that clean your face once again using the regular cleanser.

After that wash your face with a face wash.

Now your skin is ready for a night treatment.

You may also use an exfoliator such as a face-scrub in lieu of cleanser.


After that, use your toner as you did in the morning.

Some people prefer to use some skin care products boosters such as sprays or essence or hydration etc to hydrate or nurture the skin.

You may use either toner or skincare booster or both. If you do use both the items then use a toner first and then apply a skincare booster.

Night time skin care

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Toner is mainly for cleaning and the essence is for hydrating and nourishing the skin.


You should use an eye cream to keep dark circles or spots below the eye and keep it in good looking condition.


Most importantly human skin undergoes repairing and reinstating and renewing work mainly when we sleep. So most of the skincare products for treatments—such as tretinoin, or acne or rosacea or retinol creams, exfoliative treatments alike peel pads and masks and anti-ageing serums, etc—are to be used in the night-time.


If you have dry skin, then you may use mild hydrating cream or oil. You may also use Extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil.


Do not use the day-time moisturizer night. Normally night moisturizers and creams are generally denser and to be absorbed over the few hours of sleep.

Thicker moisturizer creates a defensive covering on the skin to stop water evaporation while at sleep. To maintain high water content in the skin is key to reconcile healthy skin.

If you are using the right moisturizer, it should be your last step because nothing is going to get through it.”

You can also buy these skin care products online from Amazon, Flipkart or Aliexpress.

Timing Important to use them:

Both, the sequence of application and the time it takes the skin to absorb are very important. But in a busy schedule, we may face a time problem. Therefore, try to follow a very simple skincare routine suitable for you.

Usage of some products suggests at least 5 to 30 minutes’ gap before using another one. But if you have a time problem you may wait 2-5 minutes.

Finally, remember one thing that your skin is unique like you and nobody else in this world has it. So try to understand the requirement of your skin.

Moreover, you are the best judge to select the best and the most suitable skin care products and brands for you.

Apart from skincare products your bath soaps and shampoos and oils also matter a great deal to maintain overall skin health and make you feel happy.

Most importantly sunscreen and moisturizers are very vital and inevitable. Besides using only face wash on your face. But never use soap. You can use DIY products like (Fruits, curd, honey, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel) which do not have any side effects and also benefits your skin.

Remember if your skin has any problem like acne or itching or black spot and you are using treatment cream, then you should use these items leaving those spots and your products by no mean will touch the problem area.

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