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SELF ESTEEM and its Importance

self esteem development
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Self-esteem and its importance are normally necessary to explain a person’s overall good judgment of self-worth or personal value. In simple words, it means how we feel glad about our-self.

Self-esteem and its Importance:

It describes an individual’s overall personal affecting assessment of his worth or value or position. Self-esteem means to feel self-regard and worthy of yourself. Good health, flawless skin, no hair loss ensures our attractive outlook. Self-esteemed people are very perfect in this regard. Therefore, they use sunscreen. Moreover, they follow the daily skincare routine. ( Also, read rose water benefit)

Wherefrom it Generates/Develop:

Importance of Self-Esteem

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Parents, other family members, teachers, friends and people around us have a profound effect on our lives. They teach us what is right or wrong and to accept it gladly. They help us to grow self-confidence and self-esteem and patience. We feel good about ourselves. In fact, it is a very important role for parents to grow their children with self-esteem.

By the by, for the girl child, this self-confidence is highly necessary. From here they get the power to fight many physical as well as social changes and problems.

If we do good for others, they praise us. It, in turn, gives us motivation. If we do any mistake they politely scold us or make us understand what mistake we have done. From them, we learn how to accept our mistakes. Sometimes they remain patient when we do mistakes.

But they always encourage us.  From them, we get the confidence that we will be successful in our lives. They help to build our self-faith. They focus on what’s good about us.  We learn to accept ourselves.

We feel like as we are getting along nicely with friends having fun and enjoyment.

It improves our self-esteem.

But if they blame more than praise, then it’s very hard to feel good about our self. Harassment and nasty teasing by an unjustified comparison can upset our self-esteem, too. Unforgiving confrontations can stick, and hurt our confidence.

Our Inner Voice: What we think of ourselves is very vital and effective.  We may think that we are not going to win in life or we will never make friends. It will surely hurt our self-esteem.

Instead, if we can think that we didn’t win this time – but we may be winners next time and one day we can make some friends. This voice is more positive. We feel confident. It may bring good results in the future. In other words, we will have to use the power of spoken words.

Sometimes, our inner-voice is created on punitive words others said, or the bad times we faced in life.  As a result, these lower our self-esteem. Only, we can change our inner voice.

We have to avoid those negative people who lower our self-esteem and start mixing up with those people who encourage us all the time. Always start thinking better of ourselves.

What If My Self-Esteem Is Low?

If it is low, we can follow these simple steps. It will generate positive results and help to uplift our self-esteem

  1. At first, we will be with those people who treat us well. We find two types of people in our lives. Someone, who always scolds us and lowers our mentality by their saying and doing. We will simply avoid them.
  2. Secondly, there are some people who always lift our morals. They always encourage us by what they say or do with us. We need to identify the difference. Always mix up with people who help us to feel better about our self.
  3. Self-esteem refers to as self-thinking of self-worth or self-respect. It plays a very important role in the success of an individual. People with low self-esteem feel defeated or depressed in life.

Know more about Low Self-Esteem


Why Self-Esteem Is Important

Importance of High Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is very much important in our lives. It boosts our inspiration and energy level, as well as self-belief. They lead us to progress.

Moreover, it helps to achieve newer goals in life. A highly self-esteemed man always believes that he has the power to face any challenge in life. He never hesitates in setting goals. Then he tries to achieve it. It, in turn, makes him more successful than others.

People with low self-esteem do not achieve success in their lives.

This happens because they don’t believe that they can be successful.

Signs of High Self-Esteem

There is a direct relationship between our thinking and our productiveness. People of high self-esteem respect himself and others, like, parents, laws, wealth and birth-country. Vice versa is also true.

The followings are some common features of self-esteem;

Advantages of high self-esteem:

  • Strengthen leadership qualities.
  • Willing to take responsibility.
  • Build an optimistic mentality.
  • Develop better love and relationships and fulfilment of life.
  • Feel for others easily and show care and helping to build a positive attitude.
  • Get continuous inspiration from inside and make others ambitious.
  • Ready to accept new changes and face all challenges.
  • Know stress management techniques.
  • Improve working and finishing skills along with risk-taking abilities.
  • Help to face criticism with tactical ease and take congratulations.
  • They always express their gratitude.

Common characters of low self-esteemed man

  • Generally, it loves a rumour.
  • Normally they love to criticize. Indeed they enjoy it in such a way that they won a competition.
  • Self-fish and narrow-minded.
  • Have the excuse to cover failure.
  • They never take responsibilities,  instead always blame others.
  • Have ego, are rude and jack of all trades. It is very hard to work together with them.
  • As they are fatalist, so they believe totally in fate, not in labour. They believe if he is lucky enough to get anything he will get that without any hard labour.
  • By nature, wicked.
  • Unable to take positive criticism. Always have a self-defence excuse.
  • Feel bored and uneasy while alone.
  • They promise to know that they will not keep.
  • Generally, these people behave irrationally depending on mood.
  •  Feels alone as they ridicule others.
  • As a result, they are always in stress.


12 Steps to build positive self-esteem.

Self-esteem is our opinion of ourselves and our capabilities. At times it may go up or down. But, in general, it remains high, low or somewhere in-between.

Always, we will try to find out high self-esteemed people. As a result, it will strengthen our positivity and self-esteem. If we find anyone with low self-esteem, we will try to avoid him. Even if, he is my close one, still we will try to avoid him/her as much as possible. Although it may take time, we will stick to this principle if we want success and happiness in our life.

  1. Turn bad-luck into good-luck: Go through the biography of successful persons. They have to fight and overcome a lot of problems and difficulties in every step, changed the difficulties into their ladder of success. People struggled very hard to change the negativity into a positive one, so could not stop due to failure and hopelessness.
    1. For example, you can take Beethoven, Wilma Rudolph
  2. Learn intelligent ignorance: Limitation is created by a man himself. Let us forget our limitations and start a job that we have to do. At the end when the work will be done we will be astonished how could we finish this.
  3. Let education do not impose any limitations. We may take an example of bumblebee from nature. According to theory, it cannot fly as its wings are smaller in size than the whole body. But it does not know the theory and flies easily.
  4. However, do something for those who cannot repay in cash or kind:

  5.  We need to be a volunteer. As a result, we will grow faith regarding our qualities. We expect help from others. On the other hand, we feel satisfied when we help others. Strong personality grows through offerings.
  6. Give and help. The best way to build self-esteem is to develop a habit of giving. This may be the free teaching of a classmate or others.  We may help to keep our neighbourhood clean, walk for a good reason. Assist at home or school or the workplace or if possible, at anywhere whenever the opportunity comes. Develop a habit to be kind and fair. When it makes, even a small difference, our self-esteem will rise.
  7. Learn to give and receive compliments: Generally, do not miss any chance to praise anyone cordially. When others praise we will say gracefully and generously “thank you”.

  8. Accept Responsibility: Stop showing excuse. Be responsible for all our behaviour and work. We are responsible for ourselves, our families, our duties, our societies, our environment, etc.
  9. Be disciplined: Lead a disciplined life. It will manifest the joys of life. If we are indiscipline in our life we must not get success though we have enough talent and sufficient capabilities.
  10. Set Goals: Set SMART (s=specific, m=measurable, a=attainable, r=reasonable, t=time-bound) goals. Make a plan and start working hard to fulfil it. Stick to it till the goal is accomplished.  Feel proud when it is achieved.
  11. Keep in touch with people of high moral character: Always try to remain in touch with those people who have high moral. These are those people that will help us to build strong self-esteem.
  12. However, Turn Your Greatest Weakness into Your Greatest Strength.

 Apart from these we need some more lifestyle which helps to remain positive and give self-esteem They are:

Another very important aspect of our life is our savings. At the same time, it is important to know how to grow our savings. Without sufficient savings, we will not be able to maintain high self-esteem for a long time. Therefore, we should know the reasons for savings. Because we are not alone. We have our family. If we have parents, we need money for their treatment, whenever necessary. Mutual funds are a fantastic savings vehicle in the long term. Moreover, we have to ensure our children’s education. We have to ensure our family’s future even, we face sudden death. Therefore, we should have a savings account with my spouse. Additionally, we will take sufficient Insurance coverage. It means;

However, some tour and travels are also very helpful. This link will help us a lot in this regard.


To tell the truth, our thinking, as well as our evaluation of ourselves, influences all the work we do. Consequently, it affects our relationship with others and our responsibilities as parents. Even our success in life also depends on it and its importance.

Because a high level of self-esteem makes us both happy and satisfied.  Therefore it is easy to toil hard to achieve our goals in life.  If we are not aware of our actual importance, then our self-esteem cannot rise or uplift.

People with high self-esteem are liked and accepted in general. Moreover, they feel proud of what they do and have self-belief in themselves.

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