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Rosewater Benefits- Antioxidants to Anti Aging

Rose water Benefits
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Rosewater serves amazing benefits to take care of our skin and hair. It is very much helpful to retain youthfulness and natural shine of skin for a long time and delays the anti-ageing.

Rosewater Benefits: From Antioxidants to Anti-Aging:

Most importantly, it suits all types of skin due to its versatility and many ingredients in it.

Even the legendary beauty Cleopatra of Egypt used it to retain her beauty. To tell the truth, in history, we came to know that many beautiful queens used it for their beauty.

How we get rosewater?

Rose water Benefits from antioxidants to antiaging

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In general, rose petals are either distilled in steam or submerged in water to prepare rose water.

Moreover, as rosewater has fragrance, so we may use it at times as mild natural perfumes instead of chemical-filled fragrances.

Most importantly, this potion is a wonderful and magic gift of nature for retaining our natural beauty.

Why it is good for our skin?

Rosewater possesses a lot of anti-inflammatory components along with rich in various antioxidants. Therefore, it is very much helpful to soothe our skin and tone it, and, above all keep it moisturized.

Benefits of rosewater for our skin.

Benefits of Rose water for our skin

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1. Helps to tone our skin.

As a part of our daily CTM routine-clean, tone and moisturise schedule, we in generally neglect toning as we do not exactly realize its importance.

Actually, toner helps to tone the skin, i.e. removes all residual or local dirt and oils, as well as ideally prepare it for moisturization.

Moreover, it is an outstanding toner due to the pH balancing ingredients in it which helps to get rid of dirt and oil from the skin and ready it for treatments to follow.

2. Maintains the pH balance of our skin.

In fact, our skin needs to be slightly acidic and the pH level of our skin should be good if it falls between 4.8 to 6.2.

As too much use of chemical soaps and cleansers and various other products harm this balance, therefore they lead to the growth of bacteria and create acne-like problems.

Regular use of rose water helps to maintain natural pH balance and also controls surplus oil.

3.Checks Acne.

As it helps to maintain the pH balance of the skin, so it helps to fight and check Acne.

4. Minimise skin irritation and eczema and dermatitis.

As rose water is rich in many anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it helps to reduce the redness due to skin irritation and eczema and dermatitis It is a supernatural cleanser and helps to remove extra oil and dirt which are accumulated in clogged pores on the skin and causes many skin problems.

5. Soothes Sunburns.

Rosewater for its cooling nature also helps to heal and soothe from sunburns. If we anyhow have a nasty sunburn, it helps to appease our skin as well as the healing process.

6.Refreshes our skin.

If possible, carry a rosewater spray bottle when you are out and spray it a few times and feel hydrated all day.

Besides, it helps as a makeup setter and face mist which refreshes our skin and keeps it supple and flawless

In fact, it can hydrate and revitalise and moisturise the skin and therefore provide it with a refreshed look.

7. Minimises puffiness.

Another benefit of rose water is that it fights and minimises puffiness, particularly under the eye because of the presence of cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.  We should pour a few drops of cold rose water on two cotton pads and place them over our eyes for a few minutes and may solve the problem of puffiness.

8.  Slows the ageing process.

Generally, our skin ages faster due to the harmful effects of fatal UV rays of the sun and usage of highly harsh chemical products. Moreover, stress along with wrong and unhealthy lifestyle also adds to the problem. Furthermore, pollution is also responsible for the ageing problem.

These factors all together help to grow the free radicals which damage our skin. High antioxidants in rose water neutralize the free radicals and make our skin healthy and also give a young and handsome look.

Besides, due to its properties, it can keep wrinkles and fine lines away for a long time and give us a younger look which we all prefer irrespective of male and female

9.Suits Sensitive Skin.

Benefits of rosewater for sensitive skin

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Because of its mild natural ingredients, rosewater is perfectly suitable for even sensitive skin also. It soothes redness and irritation of the skin for its anti-inflammatory properties and the best thing is that causes no side effects.

10.Hydrates our Skin.

As rose water is helpful to make our skin rejuvenate as it penetrates our pores and cleans them and tones our skin. Added to this, it also keeps our skin hydrated. Therefore, it helps to improve our skin texture.

Most importantly, as and when our skin starts to feel dehydrated, we can spritz it on face or body, because our body can easily absorb the ingredients of it.

11.Heals Skin Injury.

It also helps to heal cuts and wounds and scars because of the presence of antibacterial properties in it.

12. Renews cells and tissues.

Moreover the antioxidant and antibacterial elements in its aid to reinforce skin cells and renew skin tissues.

13.Mood changer

As, the mild and soothing aroma of the rose water helps to change our mood and provides relief from anxiety and stress, so it can enhance our emotional good feelings and therefore we start to feel more relaxed and happy.

14.Checks dandruff etc

Not only the skin, but it is also very helpful for our hair. The moisturising and nourishing antioxidant and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of rose water improve the condition of our hair. Therefore, it is helpful to fight dandruff and mild scalp inflammations and get rid of these hair problems.

Moreover, it is a fantastic natural conditioner as well as revitalise for hair growth.

15.Causes Sound Sleep:

Spray it in the bedroom and on the pillow. The mild fragrance will help us to sleep well after a long and tiring day and we will wake up refreshingly.

Moreover, it is seen that sometimes it can cure mild throat problems as well as headaches.

Most importantly, we are using Rosewater as a beauty product for more than thousands of years because it can improve our overall skin complexion and reduce all types of skin damages. The antibacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties make our skin healthy and at the same time glowing.

16.Fights Stress:

Rosewater can better our mood, helps us for sound sleep and above all improves our skin textures, relives from a lot of skin problems and provide us with a very decent look which we all prefer very much.

By doing these, it helps to remove our stress indirectly.


We will have to make it a must in our beauty regime. It can work as a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, face mask, face-up remover, anti-ageing item, skin treatments like acne, eczema, scars, etching etc, lip-pamper, hair shampoo and hair care, eye treatment cream and a lot more.

Even at times, we can drink it and it is also highly beneficiary for our good health.


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