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Parents’ Role in child Development

Importance of Parenting
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Parents being the first teacher and role model can lay a strong foundation for children’s future development. Indeed, to be good parents is the most pleasing as well as a rewarding occurrence in our life. But, to tell the truth, it is not very easy a job.

 Parents’ role in child development is extremely responsive and very vital.

Parents role in child development

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How to be a GOOD PARENTS:

Moreover, the age of our children does not matter here as our job is never finished.

In short, we may say that the most valuable is to develop a nurturing condition which helps the children to feel independent and caring and flourishing and growing confidently.


Most importantly, parents, as well as family, are the first teacher of a newborn baby. In fact, it is the duty of parents to keep their child or children healthy and make them health conscious.

Added to this, the children will get proper education of life as well as academic so that they can stand well in future life and enjoy the journey of life successfully and merrily and happily.

Further, to bring out the hidden potential of the children and make them flourish is also the responsibility of good parenting.

What is Positive Parenting?

In the first place, positive parenting is for building mutual respect. It means we shall handle our children as an individual who has the ability and feelings to think and take own judgments instead of our own property.

Why is Positive Parenting Important?

To tell the truth, it helps to learn them-

Good parenting also relates to children’s development and expectations suitable for their age.

It focuses on encouragement and praise to develop consequences and cooperation instead of punishment and obedience.


good parenting skills

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Research shows that children belonging to low-conflict families are more successful and happy and it is possible only when there are very good bondage and understanding between the parents.

Go through love and relationship to be a happy couple.

2)Teach Health Lesson-

Actually, health is very important in our life. First, we should remain healthy and then we can teach them how to be healthy. Good parents should grow their child health-conscious and make them healthy. Because if we are not healthy we cannot do well in our life. Health is the most valuable wealth in our life.

To help in this regard I will recommend you to read all my articles related to health.

3)Family and Responsibilities-

Parenting should relate family chores indispensable in the family’s routine and culture so that children learn duty and hard work along with cooperation and community.

4)Explain & Help to learn from mistakes-

Actually, it is very important to clearly clarify children’s’ queries and explain why. Help them to learn from mistakes and guide them the results of their actions.

5) Stay away from rude behaviour-

Besides, good parents do not shout on their kids if they do any mistake. Talk and express their mistakes politely and use suitable words so that they do not get hurt anyway. The power of spoken words is very vital. Good parents should also teach their children when they do any mistake in such a way that they do not repeat the same.

6) Always appreciate and motivate-

Indeed, appreciate children when they do anything worthy and motivate them to do so. It will not only give them confidence but also inspire them for the betterment and help them to face challenges.

7) Answer all their curiosity-

Normally kids are curious and have any queries. Always answer their queries politely and sincerely and honestly and merrily. If they get their answers they are very satisfied and pleased and it helps them to develop.

8) Grow children’s independence-

Parents at times shall impose restrictions on their children. Therefore, they cannot do whatever and whenever they want to do due to these restrictions. It helps to develop a sense of self-control along with independence.

Independence does not mean you can do anything and everything. Rather it means that child shall develop a sense what they can do and when and up to what extent.

Most importantly, independency indicates the sense and extent of doing anything along with timing. It generally develops self-confidence and power of taking the right decisions at the right time.

9) Love Unconditionally

Ideal parents show unconditional love to their child and only then children will listen to their parents.

10) Spend time and play-

Spend a lot of time with our children and play with them. We must give them sufficient time.

10) Become an ideal role model-

Most importantly, children learn a lot of things following the people in and around them. As they spent maximum time with their parents, so they learn a lot of things from their parents.

Indeed, parents are the first role model and they try to follow their actions.

So parents need to show a positive attitude, self-belief, respect to others, politeness, patience, discipline etc qualities. Above all, they need to be focused and striving for success.

Children will learn these from their parents and look to prosper in their future life.

11) Show by actions-

To tell the truth, children learn mainly from our actions, not what we say. So, try to teach them by action only.

12)  Listen to Children-

Always listen to your children attentively and interestingly. Besides, we have to be a very good listener. It is very important that our children always feel free to say anything and everything.

13) Give importance to their intelligence

We need to show respect and importance to their intelligence. They have their own way to say and express anything, right or wrong. We must hear their viewpoint.

14) Make Time to Attain Milestones-

We must be trying to be with our children in important moments of their lives. It may be any show or game where they are participating. It may be a prize distribution ceremony where they will get a prize.

15) Tour and Travel:

Another important aspect is to go on tour or travel. It may be for 2-3 hours or for a day. We can go to weekend destinations.

16) Stress-free:

It is also necessary for every parent. If we are stress-free, then we can grow our children in an anxiety-free and enjoyable atmosphere. It will help the children to develop.

17) Savings:

We should save properly and adequately. In the first place, children learn from us the importance of savings. Moreover, we can show them various ways to grow our savings. Further, they will learn various ways to save money.

Above all, we can give them knowledge of various savings tools. At first, how to open a savings account and why. Then, we can aware them of recurring or fixed deposit. We will also inform them about mutual funds which are the best way for long term savings. As a result, it helps to build various funds in our life.

Not only this, but they also learn from us the importance of life insurance policies. Additionally, it is our duty to make them alert of child insurance policies.

Most importantly, we will do this in their teenage.

Helping Child to Build Character:-

parents role in child development

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1)            Make them Independent:

We will teach them to take decisions independently. It may be right or wrong.  We will only interfere if the decisions taken by them will badly harm them in future.

2)            Develop a healthy lifestyle:

It is most urgent for children to grow up with a healthy lifestyle that will help them in future life. They should remember that health is our best wealth.

3)            Love and Relation:

The children should learn the importance of love and relation and how to build it.

4)            Learn from Mistake:

It is very important that children should learn from their mistakes.

5)            Be a role model:

If we want that our children be highly successful in their future life then we should strive for success in our life.

We should be highly motivated, develop a positive attitude and other necessary attributes.

Moreover, we should know how to keep away the stress from our life.

6)            Respect children’s privacy:

Always respect children’s privacy and allow it. It will help them to respect others privacy and honour their own.

Positive Parenting Tips & Techniques:

Most importantly,

parents should do these things if they want to adopt good parenting.

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1)            Turn off Smartphone-

First, good parents should use Smartphone only if it is necessary. We will Switch off phones when we come back home from a job or when the children come home after school, at least for half an hour and spent quality time with children.

2) Turn off the TV at the time of meals-

Second, good parents will turn off the TV and other gadgets at the time of the meal. In the first place, all will take meals at a time at night and a day on holidays. Most importantly, every member will take their food in the dining hall or place and talking among themselves.

Furthermore, this session will continue for at least half an hour and all should enjoy this session.

3) Bedtime is very precious-

We will tell various stories or recite poems at bedtime with children and sleep with them. This will create bondage with children. We must ensure sound sleep not only for children but also for all.

4) Give Smile and Physical Affection-

However, we need to give a smile and physical affection (kiss or hug) when we see our children after a long gap in the day. As a matter of fact, we will always smile when we are spending time with our child or children.

5) Be Curious-

Besides we will always show curiosity in their activities and sayings and enjoy them.

Not to mention that the parent’s work is never completed. Because days will pass away. As a result, these children will grow up. Eventually, one day will come, when they will become a man. But, we have to remember that our children always need our love and affection.

They may stay away from home or they may be the parent. However, they always long for the love and affection of their parents.

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