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Meaning, importance, and types of self-esteem:

meaning importance and types of selfesteem
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Types of self-esteem help to determine a person’s self-worth. Self-esteem is one’s own assessment of one’s personal worth. Your healthy self-esteem will affect your motivation along with your mental health. Your self-assessment is essential for your success and happiness as well as maintaining relationships. It is an important factor for either a flourishing or quality life.

“Self-esteem begins with self-understanding, grows with courage and perseverance, ends with confidence.”…Maxime Lagacé

Generally, Self-esteem remains low in childhood. It increases during the teenage years. With experience, it grows even in adulthood. Eventually, it reaches an enduring level and reflects your personality traits.

Meaning, importance, and types of self-esteem:

You know the importance of Self-esteem as it provides you both self-confidence and motivation. Self-confidence boosts your belief in your abilities, skills, and powers.  In addition, your motivation helps to perform your level best. It also helps to navigate life with positivity because you know a positive attitude and its importance.  As a result, you accomplish success, joy, and happiness in your life.

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What Is Self-Esteem?

Everyone thinks he has value, respect, and worth. Your personal assessment regarding your value, respect, and worth determines your self-esteem. Types of self-esteem indicate your beliefs about yourself as well as your response towards success, accomplishment, despair, defeat, pride, humiliation and shame.

According to Smith and Mackie (2007) “The self-concept is what we think about the self; self-esteem, is the positive or negative evaluations of the self, as in how we feel about it.”

Various studies also revealed that there is a direct relationship between self-esteem and overall well-being.

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Definition of self-esteem:

“Self-esteem is the judgment or opinion we hold about ourselves. It’s the extent to which we perceive ourselves to be worthwhile and capable human beings.”…Coopersmith.

In psychology, it describes a person’s overall individual assessment of a person’s worth. Your self-esteem depends on many factors. I will discuss it later.

However, your types of self-esteem may be either very high or very low. In both ways, this is problematic. It is better if you possess neither too high nor too low self-esteem.

What is the Meaning of Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem means self-worth or self-evaluation.

It is an attractive emotional hypothesis. It estimates outcomes of academic achievement, satisfaction in marriage, love in a relationship, and happiness. Generally, Psychologists respect it as an enduring personality trait. Although, temporary deviations also exist.

Self-esteem refers to a person’s overall sense of his or her value or worth.  These determine one’s types of self-esteem. Adler & Stewart defined it as a person’s evaluations towards “values, approves of, appreciates, prizes, or likes him or herself”.

Morris Rosenberg, the self-esteem expert, opined it as one’s outlook toward oneself. He defined it as a “favorable or unfavorable attitude toward the self”.

Self-esteem synonyms:

Synonyms or near-synonyms are self-respect, self-satisfaction, pride, self-worth, dignity, self-assurance, self-regard, self-trust, conceit; self-confidence, etc. People often use these words interchangeably to mean self-esteem.

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What are the Factors that influence self-awareness and self-esteem?

Various factors influence your self-esteem. There are mainly three types of self-esteem. These factors determine your level.  Some of them are:

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Personality
  • Health
  • Self-confidence
  • Feeling of competence
  • A messy desk
  • Life experiences
  • Thought pattern
  • Unattainable Beauty Standards
  • Social surroundings
  • Social media
  • Identity
  • The reactions of others
  • Self-Deprecating Humor
  • Perfectionism
  • Comparing the self to others

Factors Affecting your Self-Esteem:

Several factors may influence your self-esteem. These factors are responsible for your types of self-esteem. Some of them are like the following.

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Physical strength and abilities
  • Mental strength
  • Thinking process
  • Disability
  • Illness
  • Socioeconomic status
  • life experiences
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Surroundings, your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues
  • Continuous criticism or applause.

Why Self-Esteem Is Important?

Most importantly, Self-esteem is extremely essential in one’s life because it is among the topmost determinants of one’s success or failure. At first, it helps you to be positive as well as to stay motivated whatever be the situation, which is crucial to perform well. It is important because it affects your

  • At first, it enhances your decision-making powers.
  • Secondly, it facilitates you to develop relationships.
  • Thirdly, it Influences your life’s choices.
  • Moreover, it boosts your mental health.
  • Besides, it improves your motivation.
  • Further, it helps to maintain a high self-confidence level.
  • Additionally, it helps to maximize your potential.
  • It helps to fight stress.
  • Also, it aids to manage depression.
  • Above all, it plays a crucial role in overall well-being.

If you have, a healthy, positive self-believe in your skill and ability, then you will feel that you have ample potential. You can take new challenges and have faith to overcome them.

Types of Self-Esteem:

There are three types of self-esteem. It may be low, high, and inflated.

What are the types of self-esteem?

Generally speaking, there are two types of self-esteem. They are either high or low.

Characteristics of low self-esteem people:

People with low self-esteem have the following characteristics.

  • At first, people, with low self-esteem, always think negatively.
  • Secondly, their self-confidence level is also very low. Therefore, they think that they are good for nothing.
  • Thirdly, they have no faith in their skills, powers, and abilities. They believe that they are not only below average but also below the worst.
  • Added to this, they fear to accept any new challenges.
  • Further, they focus on past negative experiences. They firmly believe in the repetition of negativity. Therefore, they are always negative.
  • In fact, they fear accepting any positive outcome.
  • Additionally, they cannot express their needs.
  • Moreover, they remain demotivated. Therefore, they work as little as possible.
  • Besides, they always feel an inferiority complex.
  • All these are barriers to maintain social relationships with others. They are very poor in this regard.
  • Therefore, they tend to be addicted to drugs, liquor, or alike substances to ease their negative feeling. They feel it will help them to overcome mental sorrow and feel mental satisfaction.
  • As a result, they always feel anxiety and remain depressed.

People, who have low self-esteem, may experience various types of mental problems. They may easily fall into depression. They cannot maintain healthy relationships with others. If you feel your type of self-esteem is low, then you must try to change it.

Signs of low self-esteem:

Generally, the characteristics of low self-esteem are the signs of it.

What causes low self-esteem?

Everyone faces many situations in life since childhood. There may be some favorable or unfavorable events or experiences. The way one reacts in such situations determines one’s type of self-esteem. There are many reasons for low self-esteem.

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Causes of low self-esteem:

Some common causes of low self-esteem are

  • Unhappy or no cooperative parents
  • Poor performance in school from childhood
  • Poor surroundings
  • Bad friends
  • Health problems and ongoing medical treatment since childhood.
  • By birth imparities or physical disability.
  • Childhood Trauma or abuse
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • People like teachers who have ample impact on life.
  • Financial trouble
  • Relationship breakdown like divorce
  • Stressful life events like the death of a close person, shifting houses, etc.

What can cause low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is one of the three types of self-esteem and you are looking for the causes of it.

What is the root of low self-esteem?

See the above

Characteristics of high self-esteem people:

They have ample self-confidence in their abilities, skills, and powers. Therefore, they are always confident.

  • At first, they believe that they can face and overcome any type of challenge that comes their way.
  • Secondly, people with high self-esteem have a tendency to love and admit themselves.
  • Thirdly, they tend to be themselves.
  • Fourthly, they are ready to take on challenges.
  • Moreover, they are fearless about others’ judgment.
  • Besides, they believe that anyone can equal the others; no one is better nor worse.
  • Furthermore, they do not live with past negative experiences. Instead, they possess a strong positive attitude.
  • Further, they are always motivated to set goals and achieving them. Because they are well aware of goal setting and accomplishing them.
  • Additionally, they admit that they do not know everything and gladly accept corrective criticism.

You may call this type of self-esteem very healthy, helpful, or ideal. Only this type of person may achieve success in life.

Signs of high self-esteem:

Generally, the characteristics are the signs of types of self-esteem.

Characteristics of inflated self-esteem people:

Some common characteristics of people with inflated (excessive) self-esteem are as follows:

  • At first, People with inflated self-esteem of think that they are superior as well as perfect.
  • Therefore, they tend to underestimate others.
  • Due to this negative type of behavior, they cannot build healthy and meaningful relationships with others.
  • Besides, they are unwilling to hear you and always ready to blame others.
  • Moreover, they can easily hurt others to be successful in life, as they believe that they cannot fail.
  • In fact, they always see everyone as their competitor.
  • Added to this, they do not want to hear any sort of self-criticism.
  • Generally, successful people know that all humans do mistakes and need to rectify the mistakes. It is possible only when you admit it. This type of person firmly believes that they are perfect.
  • Furthermore, they think that success will bring them happiness. Therefore, they want to win the race anyhow.
  • Additionally, they tend to misjudge their powers, skills, and abilities.

What are the important components of self-esteem?

The two important components of healthy Self Esteem are the feelings of self-worth and a sense of personal value.

There are three types of self-esteem. Usually, some personal qualities are helpful to form healthy self-esteem. These are how you feel about

  • Self-control
  • Self-skills
  • Aware of limitations
  • Self-values
  • Influence within family
  • Personal as well as interpersonal security
  • ‘I can do’ mentality
  • Purpose and direction
  • Social influence like friends, relatives, neighbors, and others.
  • Self-trust along with others’ trust.
  • Sense of contribution and influencing others.

What are two important components of self-esteem?

You are looking for various types of self-esteem. The two important components of healthy Self Esteem are the feelings of self-worth and a sense of personal value.

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What are the two pillars of self-esteem?

According to Dr. Nathaniel Branden, a famous psychotherapist, the two components are

“Self-efficacy – confidence in one’s ability to think, learn, choose, and make appropriate decisions; and

Self-respect – confidence in one’s right to be happy and in the belief that achievement, success,

friendship, respect, love, and fulfillment are appropriate to us”… (Branden, 2006).

Although people generally use self-esteem and self-concept interchangeably, experts view these two terms as different.

As per the sayings of Dr. Judith Myers-Walls of Purdue University “Self-concept can be seen as an overall term that includes all ideas a person has about him/herself.” These characteristics will help to determine your types of self-esteem.

According to Dr. Myers-Walls, the self-concept comprises of four components:

“Self-image – the way a person describes him/herself and the groups to which a person feels s/he


Self-esteem – the value a person gives to those characteristics or how a person evaluates the self-image.

Self-efficacy – the amount of influence a person feels s/he has over the things in his/her environment

or the power a person feels s/he has over what happens to him/her.

Social-identity – how a person feels society and others around him/her feel about people in the

categories into which that person falls.”

Traits of Healthy Self-Esteem:

Read the characteristics of high self-esteem.

What are the two pillars of self-esteem?

Two pillars of self-esteem are the sense of self-efficacy as well as self-respect.

Self-worth is one’s self-confidence in one’s skills and powers to select, think, learn, and take correct decisions.

Self-respect means one is confident regarding one’s happiness, respect, love, achievement; success, friendship.

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Benefits of healthy self-esteem:

Among the types of self-esteem, healthy or high self-esteem is the most beneficial. The benefits of Positive and healthy self-esteem are as follows

  • Feelings of personal security and worthwhileness.
  • Firm in expressing self-needs and opinions.
  • Can build positive relationships with others.
  • They are confident about their abilities.
  • Have Confidence in taking decisions.
  • Open to learning and constructive criticism.
  • Realistic in expectations.
  • Hardly critical of self and others.
  • Ready to admit personal fault.
  • Looking for acquiring and mastering new skills.
  • Able to maintain healthy relationships.
  • Better able and more resilient to cope with stress and setbacks.

Final words:

Self-esteem affects almost every aspect of your life. Types of self-esteem are extremely important. You have your own vision of life, purpose, values, and goals.

“Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it”… Gloria Steinem.

Hope this article will help you a lot to find out your types of self-esteem and live life to the fullest.

You need to have a healthy as well as a true view of yourself.  You should learn not only to like your faults but also to respect them. Then you will try to overcome them.

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