Manali-The White Princess, Jewel of Kullu Valley

Manali The white Princess
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Manali, the white princess, the jewel of Kullu valley is always ready to welcome the tourists with its exquisite vibrant glamour, fascinating landscapes, and amazing activities.

To start with, it is the glamour of this valley. Besides, it provides us with a platter of gifts. To tell the truth, they are a charming location, fascinating landscapes and amazing activities.

To tell the truth, it is a very popular tourist attraction all over the world. Perhaps, it is number 1 hill station among all hill stations in India. As a matter of fact, it serves as the gateway to Leh and Ladak as well as Lahaul and Spiti district.

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Manali, the white princess, the jewel of Kullu valley:

Manali-the white princess

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To begin with, this resort town is in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is in the Beas River Valley. The beautiful and alluring river Beas is flowing through this tiny town.

In the first place, Manali, Lover’s Paradise & Honeymoon Capital of India is the ‘Valley of the Gods’. It is India’s one of the most scenic and popular hill station It offers an abundant landscape of magnificent natural beauties. Spending time with our love and relationship in the Manali hills will surely be a fantastic experience.

Height of Manali:

In all honesty, the height of this frequently visited the place is 2050 meters (6730 feet). It is nestled in the northern end of another fabulous tourist place Kullu.

Distance and Time Taken from Manali:

1)            Kulu– 40km, 1hour and 10 minutes.

2)            Manikaran-79km, 2 hours and 40 minutes.

3)            Simla-247km, 7 hours and 40 minutes.

4)            Dalhousie-374km, 11 hours and 10 minutes.

5)            Dharamshala-220km, 7 hours.

6)            Chandigarh-350km, 9 hours and 50 minutes.

7)            Delhi-534km, 12 hours and 50 minutes.

8)            Keylong-115km, 4 hours and 10 minutes.

9)            Kaza- 202km, 5 hours.

10)          Kalpa-304km, 10 hours and 10 minutes.

11)          Leh-472km, 13 hours and 55 minutes.

12)          Rohtang Pass-52.3 km, 2 hours and 13 minutes.

13)          Kolkata-2029km, 40 hours.

14)          Visakhapatnam-2308km,48hours

History of Manali:

Manali is a very ancient hamlet. As a matter of fact, the name Manali came from sage Manu, the lawgiver. It is derived from ‘Manu-Alaya’ whose literal meaning is ‘the abode of Manu’ or the ‘Home of Manu’.

There is an ancient temple in old Manali village of sage Manu. Even, we will see Vasistha Ashram there.

Here, we will see a number of apple orchards. The British introduced apple by setting up an orchard near Patlikuhl. As a matter of fact, apple along with plum and pear is a good source of income for the inhabitants. They also introduced trout fish here.

Most importantly, before 1980s Kashmir, heaven in India was the first choice of nature lovers. But due to the rise of terrorist activities and disturbances, the tourist started refusing Kashmir. As a result, Manali came in limelight since late1980s.

About Manali

To begin with, amazing Manali nestled amidst the snow-laded slopes of the gorgeous Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges. Perhaps, nature created this paragon of beauty for her own delight.

We can see snow-cladded Himalayan peaks along with lush green fortifying forests all-round. Added to these are gushing blue river Beas and vast meadows looking like a green carpet with colourful flowers. Further, we will get a persistent smell of pines and eucalyptus. In fact, Manali has a bounty of extraordinary and fascinating scenic beauty.

In the first place, Manali has a fame for various adventure sports. They are skiing, paragliding, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. Furthermore, it is very popular for its snowcapped mountains and lush green forests of deodar.

Manali offers a wide range of varieties to the tourists. It may be from temples to museums. On the other hand, there are trekking trails to many river adventures. Further, there are quaint tiny villages to bustling streets here. As we tour this valley, we will come across a lot of temples which are local pilgrims. This is very similar to Chaukori-Munsyari-Shyamalatal-Punyagiri. 

Added to these are clean roads and swaying eucalyptus bushes. Moreover, it possesses a small local market, appealing road-side cafes and eateries, which serve delightful local food at incredible prices.

As a matter of fact, old Manali is a calm, tranquil hamlet. Silence lingers here always. Therefore, nature lovers can enjoy the twittering of the birds and the sound of the roaring river waters.

Places to visit in and around Manali:

There are a lot of places to visit in and around Manali. To visit Manali we require at least 3 full days.

1)Solang Valley:

solang valley manali

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In all honesty, Solang Valley is one of the most visited tourist spots in Manali. It is only 14km away from Manali and it takes only 40 minutes by cars. The entire path is fascinating as well as picturesque, as is the valley itself.

At first, it offers breathtaking sights of the neighbouring landscape. Besides, the entire valley along with the slopes are extremely popular as a skiing destination, particularly during the winter season.

In summers, it is just like a heaven for paragliding to parachuting.  Activities like zorbing, driving mini-open jeeps and horse-riding are also available here. Moreover, there is an overhead cable car ride. We will get an awesome sight of the entire valley. Further, there are swings for the kids. Above all, it is a heaven to all and particularly for the photographers. People of age group can enjoy these. In other words, we cannot miss this valley while in Manali.

It is also a highly demanding spot after Rohtang. It remains open in all seasons.

2)Rohtang Pass:

Rohtang Pass Manali

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To begin with, it’s elevation is 3979 meters.  Moreover, it is 52.3 km from Manali and will take 2 hours and 25 minutes of time.

From Solang Valley, it is only 45.7 km and will require 2 hours to reach.

It is around 60 km from Manali via Solang Valley and requires 2hours and 40 minutes.

As over 25 lakh visitors explore this place every year, so it is the topmost attraction of here. The scenic beauty is unparalleled.

 First of all, it is connecting the Lahaul, Leh, Spiti, Pangi and Kullu valleys.

It is also popular to all the tourists and nature lovers. To tell the truth, they may be photographers or adventure seekers.

Skiing, paragliding, snow biking, trekking on snow and etc. gives a nerve-wracking as well as heart-throbbing experience.  Moreover, tourists can enjoy horse riding.

Tourists are exuberant with the glimpse of awe-inspiring glaciers and snowy, majestic Himalayan peaks on every side. Moreover, nature lovers and enthusiastic tourists can enjoy the beautiful Chandra river which flows down through the Lahaul valley.

Not to mention that Rohtang Pass is the chief tourist attraction of Manali.

Tourist permit:

Only 800 petrol cars and 400 diesel cars are allowed here per day. So, permit of cars is required. They gave it twice a day. First, at 10.00 AM and then at 4 PM. Every time they issue permission for 200 diesel and 400 petrol cars.

Documents Required for the permission are

1)            valid ID proof

2)            Pollution (PUC) certificate.

3)            Vehicle registration date.

Permit Fees:

Car, Jeep and MUVs- INR500+ INR 50, congestion fee.

Buses and HMV- INR 500+ INR100, congestion fee.

Special Permit for 60 petrol and 40 diesel cars are also issued. For this additionally, require proof of hotel booking.

Most importantly, it remains closed on every Tuesday due to maintenance.

When Rohtang Pass Remain Open?

It normally opens in the first week of May and closes at any day in November.

Best time to visit Rohtang Pass:

The best time to visit the pass is May/June or October/November. In May, it becomes the most attractive spot for all the tourists and adventurist.

3)Rahala waterfall:

In addition, we will get the Rahala Waterfall on the way to Rohtang Pass. To start with it is 28 km from Manali and needs around 1hour. It is only 22km from Solang Valley and requires 45 minutes. Again it is 24km away from Rohtang Pass.

We will need only 1hour and 10 minutes to reach there. In fact, the fall flows down from a height of 2,500 meters. In all honesty, it presents amazing views with snowy Himalayan ranges. We get a wonderful experience. Actually, it is the photographer’s paradise. The area is amidst deodar and birch forests.


Gulaba, the snow viewpoint also comes on the way after Solang Valley. It is an alternative to Rohtang Pass from November to May for snow activities.

It is only 7.6km from Solang Valley and requires 22minutes to reach. From Manali, it is 13.7 km and takes 32minutes. Gulaba is well-known for its biodiversity and spectacular scenery. It is marvellous with its rose valleys as well as apple orchards.


This beautiful village is amidst lush green land and forests. It is near to Gulaba and Rahala Falls as well as Solang Valley. The sceneries are simply breath-taking.

Usually, tourists visit Snow Point or Rohtang Pass and Solang valley along with Rahala Waterfall and Gulaba as a day trip.

6)Paragliding in Manali:

paragliding in manali

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Indeed, hillside sloping meadows within fascinating green valleys, glaring blue skies, snowy peaks make it a paragliding paradise. Added to this is ideal winds for it.

There are various types of it. Even, the general public can also enjoy this for a few seconds.

By the by, to enjoy these adventure sports, common people will require tremendous mental strength and courage. Additionally, they require a high level of a positive attitude.

Summer is ideal for it.

7)Hadimba Temple:

To tell the truth, it is one of the top places here. This is also a unique temple. It is located amidst the snow-laden peaks and beautiful cedar forests. Actually it is in Dhunagari forest. Its architecture is also magnificent. We could hardly any temple of this type. Its wooden doorways, walls, along with cone-shaped roof need special attention.

8)Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art:

It is close to Hadimba Temple. We can see some unique collections of antiques in this region. It houses household objects, religious relics, weapons, building models, scale models and instruments.

9) Vashisht Hot Water Springs:

In the first place, it is inside the famous Vashisht Temple. Actually it is a hot spring. The spring water possesses medicinal values. It is a common belief that it can heal skin diseases and infections like acne. There are also bathing facilities. A lot of tourists and pilgrims take a holy bath here.

10)Jogini Falls:

This stunning fall is another important tourist attraction. It is a lot beyond the Vashisht Hot Springs. Tourists need an enjoyable short trek through picturesque trekking trail.

11) Manu Temple:

In the first place, it is a beautiful temple of Sage Manu. Most importantly, it is the only temple in India. Besides, the location is mesmerizing. It also offers serenity and peace.

12)Nehru Kund:

It is another must-visit place in Manali. In fact, it is a local believe that the water is coming from the popular Bhrigu Lake. It will come in the way to Solang Valley. It is familiar for its pristine as well as cold water. Additionally, there is awe-inspiring topography of all-round bounteous mountains and valleys. It is a perfect place for photography.

13) Van Vihar:

This place is familiar as Van Vihar National Park. It is amidst the sky touching majestic deodar trees. Moreover, there is various avifauna. There is a man-made lake here. Boating here in the lush green background is alluring. Spending some time here is a pleasant experience.

14)Manali Nature Park:

It is also a fascinating experience to stroll through lofty cedar trees. The river Beas is flowing by. Tourists will get a mystical feeling here.

15) Manali Sanctuary:

It is an amazing and imposing wildlife sanctuary located at a walking distance from Manali. To start with, rich in flora and fauna, it is an ideal place to explore.  We can see oak, deodar, fir, walnut, junipers, horse chestnut, willow, maple, poplar and rhododendrons. ( Similar to 4 Unique places from Kolkata)

It is a bird watcher’s paradise. Noticeable bird species are the snow pigeon, tree creepers, Himalayan Monal, western tragopan, snow partridge, chakor, bar throated minla, Rufous-bellied niltava, Himalayan snowcock kingfisher and green-backed tit amongst others.

We will see Himalayan Yellow-throated Marten, Himalayan Black Bear, Barking Deer, Himalayan Palm Civet, Flying Fox, Kashmir flying Squirrel, etc.

16) Tibetan Monasteries:

There are Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa and Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa- the two renowned Tibetan monasteries. We can see some Tibetan art and craft items here.

17)Club House:

This is famous for various adventure activities like boating, river-crossing and go-karting. Moreover, there are indoor games like carom, table tennis and skating.

18)Mall Road:

It is an unavoidable and enjoyable place to visit in Manali. This is a busy part of the city. Usually, tourists stroll here in the evenings. Tourist can enjoy ice cream or momos when they are here. They can also buy some local-made wooden handicrafts. Besides, there are a lot of woollen items here for sale. Further, there are some quality restaurants and sweet shops to enjoy with family. Moreover, tourists can book a hotel here for staying.

In fact, the above places are in very close proximity to Manali.

19)Old Manali:

This is another charming place to visit. In all honesty, it is totally different from the new city.

20)Arjun Goofa:

Manali to Arjun Goofa is merely 6.6km and needs 20 minutes only. It is near Prini Village where Arjuna meditated to earn the almighty Pashupat Astra from Devraj, Lord Indra. Therefore, it has mythological significance. It is near to Beas River with gushing currents. We can get not only spectacular vistas of the majestic hills but also the surrounding valleys.

We can visit nearby Kunti Mata Temple and Kunt Bhayo Lake too.

Also, visit nearby temples like Gauri Shankar and Tripura Sundari. Added to this may visit, Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery and Museum along with Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum.

21) Jagatsukh:

It is only 14km via Arjun Goofa from Manali. It takes 53 minutes. Arjun Goofa to Jagatsukh is 7.4 km and only 29 minutes’ journey. It is on the left bank of Beas. The journey path is also very wonderful with Deo Tibba Mountains and the Manali Valley, below it in the eastern side.

It is an outstanding base for trekking. The overall beauty is magnificent.


It is 22.3 km away and takes 40 minutes to reach. In the first place, the Naggar Castle is located in the jungles in Naggar town. Actually, it is a magnificent historical edifice. It was once home of the famous Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. It is a unique and exotic example of European architecture with the traditional Himalayan blend. This is a classic example of meticulous stone and woodworks. It is a must-visit when we are in Manali, Particularly, the majestic fireplaces and the beautiful staircases need some special attractions.

23)Maa Sharvari Temple:

It is an idol of the Kuldevi of Kullu Kings’. It is a form of Devi Durga. We will see this on the way to Kullu.


Manali 25km, Kullu 31km, Naggar 20km, Jagatsukh 37.4km from this place.

We get a striking view of river Beas from here. The Baragarh peak is the main attraction. Other tourist attractions are plenty of fruit plantations as well as apple orchards.

It also offers exciting brown and rainbow trout fishing. The crystal clear water here is alluring. It requires prior permission.

March to October is the best time for fishing here. We will also find the Mahaseer species.


Kullu Manali

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Manali-Arjun Goofa-Jagatsukh-Kullu is 56km and require 2hours and 35 minutes.

To tell the truth, Kullu-Manali is fascinating twin hill stations. It also offers profuse divine beauty of snowy Himalayan range and lush greenery.

While Manali is famous as the ’Queen of Valleys’, Kullu has popularity as ‘Valley of Gods’ or ‘Dev Bhumi’. The charming backgrounds offer us miraculous sightseeing options. It offers stunning views of the open valley meadows.

It is also famous for ‘Kullu shawl’. Moreover, there are a lot of river adventures and sports.

We must visit Bijli Mahadev, Maha Devi Tirth, Sringi Rishi, Raghunath, Bhekhali and etc. Temples in Kullu.

Some places of Kullu are very similar to Ghatshila-the fortifying natural beauty in Summer days.

26) Bhuntar:

It is 9.4km from Kullu at the confluence of rives Beas and Parvati. Beas is coming from Manali and Parvati is flowing from Manikarn. Tourists may visit temples like Basheshwar and Jagannath here. This is also a calm, serene and


This tiny Hamlet is 38.5 km from Kullu and 3.6 km from Manikaran. It is on the Bank of river Parvati in Parvati Valley. Further, it is a base for trekking trails of Malana and Kheerganga. It is also popular as’ Mini Israel’ because many Israeli tourists reside here. Above all, It is famous for its heart-throbbing scenic splendor.



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In Parvati Valley on the bank of Parvati river, it is famous for hot spring. Added to this, there is a holy Sri Guru Nanak Devji Gurudwara for the Sikhs. It is also a pilgrim for the Hindus due to Shiva Temple and Ramchandra Temple.

The Pravati river is flowing through Manikaran. On the other hand, there is snow-capped majestic Harinder Mountain. Tourist can stroll the riverside and relax. They enjoy the serene beauty and tranquillity of this magnificent place.

Tourists gather here in number not only as pious spot but also for its natural marvel as well as hot springs.

There are a number of hotels here. It will be better if we can stay here for a night.

In the morning we will wake up with the chirp and cheerful melodies of the birds. Moreover, the roaring sound of the river is really thrilling.

Trekking in Manali:

To begin with, it is a trekkers paradise-like Munsyari- the Little Kashmir. There are a lot of trekking routes here. Some of them are

1) Bhrigu Lake

2) Deo Tibba Base Camp

3) Chandratal BaralachaL

4)Hampta Circuit

5) Beas Kund

6) Hampta Pass

7) Kheerganga

8) Pin Parvati

9) Chandrakhani Pass

10) Malana

If we have enough time we can visit some other tourist places of Himachal like Simla, Dharamshala, Kaza, Sangla, Kelong and others.


Manali Climate/Weather:

To start with Manali remains cold all the year as the maximum temperature goes around -9 °C to 250 C. It is moderately cool during summers and predominantly cold during winters.

Can We Get Snowfall in Manali:

People are usually very crazy about snow or snow-games or snow-fall. We know that it is almost impossible to get so much snow as we get here. Moreover, there are so many snow activities and other entertainments. Above all, we will enjoy snow in such a beautiful spot.

As a matter of fact, snow is perhaps the number 1 attraction in Manali.

When We Get Snowfall in Manali?

Usually, snowfall takes place from November end until early February. There is every possibility of witnessing the breath-taking views of snowfall. But it does not mean there will be continuous snowfall.

In March and October, there may be a little snowfall.

In other months, usually, there is hardly any chance of snow-fall.

Various snow activities and sports run from October to June and remain closes from July to September.

The temperature in Manali:

1)January= -7 °C to 5°C.

2)February = -2 °C to 12°C.

3)March= 2 °C to 15°C.

4) April= 6°C to 22°C.

5) May=8°C to 28°C.

6) June=9°C to 30°C.

7) July, August, September=9°C to 28°C.

8) October=5 °C to 15 °C.

9)  November = 5 °C to 10 °C.

10) December (Winter)= −9 °C to 5°C.

Activities in Manali:

1)            January is the ideal time for enjoying snowfall and skiing. It will be very cold.

2)            In February tourists gather in numbers to relish the snowfall and take part in winter sports like skiing and skating.

3)            It is mostly possible of getting snow in March. Otherwise, we can go another 10 km to Gulaba snow point where we will surely find snow.

4)            Weather is very pleasant in April. Usually, days are bright along with nippy nights.

Rohtang Pass normally remains closed at this time. Paragliding, skiing, snowmobile etc. are possible at Solang Valley or Snow Point (Gulaba). This is also the beginning of trekking and fishing here. Fresh snowfall is very scarce.

5)            Rohtang Pass usually opens in the first week of May. Rest is same to April. Tourist gathers in large numbers in April and May. Manali remains overcrowded at this time. Cost of everything goes up at this time. This is the peak time along with October.

6)            June is also a good month for Manali. This is there will be hardly any snow.

7)            July to mid-September is the rainy season. Snow activities remain closed at this time. But it is a good time for trekking.

8)            Climate is very pleasant during October. Tourists will see the clear and deep blue sky which is generally unavailable in the plains. Apart from this, tourist can enjoy the Dusshera festival in Kullu. To celebrate it with Himachali people, rituals, traditions, customs and foods will be a very overwhelming experience in one’s life.

9)            Temperature decreases as the days of the month of November pass. During the end of the month, there may be some snowfall. Cold is not intolerable during November. As a matter of fact, we can relish the scenic beauty of here.

Sufficient warm woollen clothes like shawls, sweaters, mufflers or monkey caps, gloves, shocks etc. will require. Moreover, bring sufficient warm undergarments if visiting in the winter season. Besides, tourists can see fresh snowfall from Rohtang or other higher places.

10) During December, it mostly remains cloudy. Further, there may be heavy snowfall at any time.

Best Time to Visit Manali:

To begin with, it depends solely on the traveller’s own choice. Barring the monsoon, Manali is very much charming all through the year. In the first place, each season exposes in a new sensation for the tourists. As a matter of fact, it provides many exhilarating options to travellers all-round the year.

Most importantly, tourists all over the globe visit Manali to taste its natural vibrant beauty. So, to avoid confusion about the best time for visiting Manali here is a seasonal split up of Manali. This is to make the tour easier and memorable. Also, read the activities in Manali.

In a word, leaving aside the monsoon season anytime can be the most suitable time to visit charming Manali. This is due to its year-round magnificent beauty and alluring charm.

Spring (March and April)

This time snow starts to melt.  Fresh leaves come out and flowers start to blossom. The valley spurts into colours after the end of prolonged winter. We experience unforgettable memories with the invigorating air, growing apple orchards. Added to this is swarms of colourful butterflies that are flying around.

Summer (May and June)

In the first place, it is the right time for adventurous tourists. They enjoy the thrill of paragliding, along with zorbing. Moreover, they undergo river rafting, trekking and rock climbing

Another attraction is the annual festival at the Hadimba Temple in May.

There are fortifying plants all around. Besides, the mountain flora is in full bloom. Furthermore, this place offers amusing atmosphere and a lot of thrilling activities.

With all these activities this time is tourists’ paradise.

Winter (October – early March)

To tell the truth, snow-white Manali in winter is superb and fascinating as well as scintillating.

December and January’s months are no doubt the best time to visit alluring Manali if we can manage the cold. The temperature remains around-9 °C to 5°C.  At that time, it seems to be the heaven on earth, like Sandakphu and Phalut.

It is possible to adore the natural scenic marvel with snow all around. There is every possibility to see snowfall to quench our thirst. It will make our tour memorable for a long time.

 At the same time, we have to be careful about the danger of snow-fall.

However, due to snow our journey may be restricted or disturbed. Moreover, the maximum famous tourist’s attractions remain closed for some times in the winter season.

We may also get unforgettable memories if we visit Sandakphu and Phalut.

Monsoon (July-September)

This period witnessed rain in Manali. In the first place, clouds float all over. The hill station is under the clouds. As a result, visibility is hampered. Moreover, heavy showers may lead to landslides, at any time. Further, the road conditions are pathetic. Therefore, they can add to our miseries and distress.

Which months are best for Manali?

This is also a very common ask of the tourists.

October to February are the best time to visit if we like the cold. January is no doubt the best to enjoy fresh snowfall.

Also, visit fascinating

Kolakham and Rishop The offbeat destination in West Bengal. when you manage your time.

 How to reach:

By Air:

In the first place, the nearest airport is Bhuntar or Kullu-Manali Airport in Bhuntar town. Manali is 51 km from here and needs only 1 hour and 20 minutes. On the other hand, Kullu is only 11.4km away. And it takes only 25 minutes. We will get regular flights of Air India from New Delhi.

By Road:

It is well connected by roads with all the major cities and towns near it. There is regular bus service from Delhi, Chandigarh and Simla.

By Rail:

To start with, there is no close railway station to Manali. The nearest broad gauge stations are

1)            At first, it is Una (246 km away, 6hours and 30 minutes).

2)            Secondly, Kiratpur Sahib (236 km away, 6hours and 32 minutes).

3)            Thirdly, it is Kalka(279 km away, 7hours and 30 minutes).

4)            Moreover, Chandigarh Railway Station (295 km away, 7hours and 52 minutes)

5)            Finally, Pathankot(296 km away, 8hours and 10 minutes).

The nearest narrow gauge railheads are

1)            Firstly, at Joginder Nagar (144 km away, 4hours and 40 minutes).

2)            Finally, the nostalgic Kalka-Simla Railway (247 km away, 6hours and 50 minutes).

Then, we will have to take a hired car or bus to reach Manali.

From Kolkata, if we are going by rail, then the best option is the Kalka Mail. First, we will get down at Kalka Railway Station. Next, we will get trains from there for Simla. The total journey is thrilling due to a lot of tunnels along with the magnificent scenery.

Further, hire a car and go to Manali. If we have enough time, then we can enjoy the enchanting beauty of Simla. It is another must-visit place in this area. Moreover, it will easily come among the top 10 summer places to visit in India.

We will hire a car for the entire tour. For car contact-9830371744, 9433813678

Save money while travelling:

Usually, tourist prefers full enjoyment with minimum expenditure. In the process, they can make the all-important savings. Or in other words, they do not want to disturb their tour fund too much. It is such a fund that we create to maintain the tour expenses. By the by, it is also important to know how to grow our savings. We require this knowledge not only to maintain tour fund but also other necessities of life.

So, visit Manali from January to mid-March. Accommodations become cheap as hotels and resorts reduce their tariffs a great deal. Cars also lower their price substantially. Moreover, hire a car as per necessity. If the car is full, then per head cost comes down.


1)            First and foremost, his area is predominantly a cold area. Therefore, we will bring sufficient woollen garments and other protections as per our journey time.

2)            Secondly, we will always drink pure bottled water.

3)            Next, we will Keep sufficient cash with us as ATMs and other payments app may not work at various points.

4)            We will carry the necessary medicines and take them regularly.

5)            We will use sunscreen. Usually, sunray in hills region is very scorching. In hills, skin tends to dehydrate very often. So always carry rosewater as moisturizer.

6)            We must use other skincare products as necessary.

Every day, we will get up early. It will also provide us with extra time to enjoy the fascinating scenery and see various places. Therefore, we must go to sleep between 8-9 pm. Because we need sound and sufficient sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Not only that we also require deep sleep. Otherwise, we will not be able to capitalize the next day.

 Hotels in Manali:

In fact, there are a lot of hotels, cottages, homestay in Manali of various amounts. We will get the best hotel from Himachal Pradesh Tourism.

Hotel Negi’s Shivalaya

Hadimba Way

Hotel New Adarsh

Hotel Manali Castle

The Hosteller Manali

Mountain Top Hotel in Manali

Hotel Paradise

Spring House Manali

Hotel Mahajan

Royal View Hotel and Cottage

Indraprastha Cottage

Hotel HillTop

Hotel green fields


Woodvalley cottages

Apple Bud Cottages

The holiday Resorts, Cottages and Spa

Fog Hills Manali Cottages

Himkund Cottages Manali

Daffodil Cottages Manali

Manzana Woodlet Cottages

V Cottage Manali

Red Rose Cottage

The Manali Cottages


Joshi’s homestay old Manali

Homestay Manali

Spring House Manali

Seraj Home Stay Manali

Malhaar Homestay

Bon voyage-Homestay

Rose Homestay

Nagma Home Stay

Neelpritam Homestay

Sunface Homestay

Narayan Vatika Cottage

D Country Villa Homestay

Janardan Homestay

The eye captivating scenery of Manali will make us forget all the hectic schedules of our routine life. It will make us relax and stress-free in the lap of Himalayan Mountains.

We also can spend merrily and with happiness along with our family. Usually, we come to tour with our families. We spend a few days totally with our children. It will help to improve parents’ role in child development. We will hardly wish to go back to our place from these tranquil, ravishing and icy mountains of Manali.

We will come back with rejuvenating energy and profound happiness.



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