Love in a relationship is indispensable.perhaps the most powerful psychological emotion of human. We will express it in any way.

To tell the truth, understanding, friendship, sexual apple, and indeed love are the pillars in an ideal relationship. Love acts as a glue which strengthens the relationship and makes it indispensable.

Love in a Relationship is indispensable.

Love and Relationship

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Therefore, it may go in your favour or may go against you.

People are always crazy regarding love and relationship due to anxiety for its stability and therefore he blames the other saying that he/she does have hardly any love like before.

Besides we do not fully realize why love is indispensable in a relationship.


Simple Definition of love 

Besides love in a relationship is, perhaps, the most powerful philosophical emotion of humans. Therefore, we cannot control our deep love for anyone. We will express it by any mean. Therefore, most of the people trust love when you sighted for the first time.

Most importantly when love is hurt, even slightly, still it hits our heart like a shell. We will never prepare ourselves mentally to accept it.

Therefore, if such a situation arises in our life and relationship, we feel gloomy and spends nights waking to know what is love actually, and what is its origin and nature.

Define versatile but uncontrolled love

Because we feel the love in various states of mind –pleased, gloomy, irritated, confused, thrilled, joyous, romantic, etc.–our response changes accordingly.

Therefore, we use love in a relationship several times as a power to save relations between husband and wife, friends, family and others.

There are varieties of love. But we all like the passionate and demonstrative may be called the romantic face of love.

We, from our teens, start to think that an intensely romantic and loyal relation is the ultimate success for our love. This love will help us to lead a pleasant and happy life.

Therefore, we fall in love and the maximum of us decide to marry and stay very closely with their love.


Psychology of love in a relationship:

Love in a relationship is very complicated due to its variety of expression. And most importantly we all feel love differently as per our mood and perspective. Therefore, remember one thing that to be happy and to feel love properly in a relationship you need a positive attitude.

Because love has no particular shape and colour it is a very complicated feeling. We may just feel it from others via their expressions. If we cannot read the expression or feel the touch properly, we use to start thinking that none loves us like before or there is no more love.

It happens several times between husband and wife or a couple(lovers), parents and their children, within families and friends. But any lapse of love in the relationship between husband and wife or a couple(lovers) hurt us the most.

When love is hurt anyway we feel very dejected. Therefore, we started feeling that nobody in this world loves me. We start to spend sleepless nights searching for the definition of love.

It may be among parents and children and sons.



Because of scientific interpretation, love is an influential and perpetual neurological state of mind. Therefore, love is the chemistry of attraction and interaction.  It is something that you cannot automatically control.

For instance, feel that lust and love are different.

Lust is a wish which stays for a very short time. It happens due to the augmented discharge of male and- female sex hormones- testosterone and estrogen. After a while, you will be normal. Lust has gone.

But, in the case of true love, the reaction will be different. The brain reacts biologically and discharges some signals. It allows us to feel loved in a relationship from different communications.


LOVE IS A PROMISE-(The key to a good Relation)

Love is a very strong, hard to express feelings. We have a love for our parents, brothers- sisters, spouse, life-partner, children, near and dear and far relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

Besides, it may be for god, for the country, for religion or caste. It may also be for celebrities or some objects. Love in a relationship may be blind, one-eyed, misleading, heart-breaking, absolute, persistent and inconsistent.

It has many variations. Most importantly love is an obsessive obligation that we always work to cultivate and nurture.


Because of our bypass commitment. Therefore, love is the only passion. If we are not fervent for someone, we are simply committed either to him or to her. Therefore, infatuated love is not good.

Besides, we are normally guided by our fascination. Therefore, it becomes the origin of this relation. Besides, it implies that we are focusing on the impression that we are in love. But the relationship in love may differ.



Love depends on compatibility. Try to analyze these relationships. Therefore, we will notice that the key factor is the degree of matching between the two.

Because we think that our likings, interests, and views are a perfect match for someone. Therefore, it is very natural that we fall in love and relationship.

Besides common grounds are needed for a relationship to developing. Most importantly a good, reliable and stable relationship develops only when love works together with compatibility.



Love in the relationship sustains depending on Faith, freedom, and friendship. Therefore, we need to balance them properly to maintain love and relationship and get the true happiness of life.

A continuous irritating or a disbeliever approach will ruin the relationship. Besides, we want the liberty to express ourselves, the freedom to follow our hearts.

The autonomy to make our selections, while we are loving the relation with the oppression of friendship.


Because of all of us, mainly women, look for someone who understands them and men generally want women should participate in their activities.

Therefore, sharing our time with our partner is necessary for love and relationship.


Most importantly, patients can solve numerous problems in our lives. Because both men and women need time to know each other and others who are closely related to us, with whom we have to interact now and then. Therefore, we need time to make some suitable changes, if necessary. This deserves love in a relationship.


Because we all have some merits and some demerits. Therefore, always praise the merit of your partner. Besides, it will encourage and motivate for the betterment and helps to increase the intensity of love. Accept his/her demerits.

Because some will change over time and some will never.  Therefore, accept them and keep silence.


Most importantly, we will share all our feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, actions, finances, etc with our partner. Therefore, it will help to build the bondage in the relationship. Always spend some quality time with your partner and share it.


Because bad times come in our lives, we feel disgraced and despair. If our partner motivates us, encourages us, it will give us inner strength. Therefore, you will feel the power of love in a relationship.


Because we all are different and it is god gifted. We cannot change basically. Therefore, we cannot be a true copy of anyone. Besides if we try to be someone else to impress our partner, it will be worse. Most importantly in love and relationship, our partner has to accept us as we are


True love is generous as it only can give. But it demands nothing in return. When we see that our love is happy, we feel joy and pleasure.


To tell the truth, it indirectly helps to build a strong and comfortable relationship. Therefore, savings plays a vital role in our life. Additionally, grow our saving is very important. Also,  life insurance policies for us and our children will be helpful.

Sufficient savings will not only secure our better future but also help us to live a stress-free life. As we are relaxed, we will be able to have a deep sleep and sufficient sleep.

Apart from this, it will also help you in your role as a parent.

Because love is perhaps the most reflective emotions of mem. Therefore, people generally search for the expression of love in a romantic relationship with a well-matched lover. Remember, we undergo this love and relationship to be happy.

Most importantly accept and follow the above rules and lead a happy relationship with your love.

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