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Lose Weight in a Healthy and Natural Way

loose weight naturally
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Actually we generally judge a man for the first time by his physical appearance. Indeed, remember the normal judgement that our first impression will be our best impression. Therefore, mind it that our physical appearance is the first and foremost thing which matters a lot. To lose weight, we have to take appropriate measures. Therefore,

Lose weight in a healthy and natural way is a haunting question for us.

It is vital for our good health as well as attractive looks and general acceptance.

Lose weight in healthy and natural way.

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If we are overweight, then we must try to lose our weight naturally to be slim and fit and impressive.

Problems of Overweight

Due to overweight people look very odd and at the first instance, it goes against us. Moreover, it may cause a lot of diseases in our life such as fatal diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease and even cancer. Besides, it may also be a reason for metabolic disorder, joint and muscle pain, sleeping apnea. Therefore, it leads to a number of physical problems as well as psychological problems including depression.

Most importantly overweight or obesity is nowadays a burning problem for the people as well as to society.

Treatment Available in Market

The purpose of undergoing overweight treatment is to reach our standard weight or come as close as possible. We may contact an obesity specialist doctor or trainer or a dietitian and if possible contact all of them.

The purpose of the treatment is to lose weight and reach the targeted weight and maintain it rest of the life. Suppose our present weight is 100kg. But the standard weight for us is between 67- 74 kg.

Therefore, the initial target of this treatment will be to reduce around 2-4% of our body weight per month.

On the other hand, we may notice advertisements on tv or internet or newspapers or anywhere else on weight loss and they claim to reduce more than 10kg within a month or so. They generally use pills or cosmetic treatment or crash diet etc.

Indeed, these treatments are harmful to our future health. In a word, we may say that we are losing both of our money and health along with our weight.

Lose Weight Naturally

If we can change some food habits it can give us a good result. Moreover, we need some physical work and exercise and yoga.

Here we will discuss some natural changes in your daily life and they can help you to lose our weight naturally. Moreover, they will make us healthy as well as energetic. We will definitely get rid of obesity if it is not due to any physical reason.

Try to follow some or all from below.

1)      Change Diet:

Most importantly, suitable changes in our diet can produce an unbelievable result. Generally, foods which have low carbohydrates and more protein help to lose weight if we are overweight. Otherwise, maintain it.

Healthy food items to lose weight

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We may eat fish, egg, meat, vegetables and fruits, lima beans, corn, potato, asparagus, black beams, avocadoes, oats, tempeh, almonds, spinach, chocolate milk, hemp seeds, cauliflower, peas, spirulina, cottage cheese, eggs, artichokes white beans, coconut, pumpkin seeds, lentils, peanut butter, cow’s milk, broccoli, guava, tuna, tempeh, sun-dried tomatoes etc. These are Healthy food items.

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Avoid the Followings: Non-Healthy food items to avoid.
non healthy food items

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  1. a) soft drinks, fruit juices, candy, ice cream etc with added sugar.
  2. b) wheat, rice, barley and rye etc.
  3. c) hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.
  4. d) processed foods
  5. e) starchy vegetables

 2)Go Green: to lose weight naturally.

Eat more natural or homemade foods to the diet and avoid processed food.

For instance, instead of cheese try to eat paneer or curd made at home.

3)Lessen Calorie Intake:

Because our body weight depends heavily on our daily calorie intake, therefore we must contact our doctor to know the ideal calorie intake and prepare a list of diet for the whole day.

If we daily eat a little lesser calorie it will definitely help us to control our overweight without harming, our health.

4)Chew Food:

Most importantly, make a habit of chewing food very well. For example, chew one grass for over 30times. It will help our body to absorb more nutrients like vitamins, minerals etc.

Moreover, we will eat lesser food.

So it is good for our health and at the same time control our body weight.

5)Avoid Sugar and Sweets:

If we want to eat sweets, then we have to choose sweets made of molasses instead of sugar.

6) Eat more fruits:

healthy fruits to lose weight

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Fruits provide us with energy. Generally, if we eat 2-3 whole size fruits our hunger will end. It will give us energy but very low calorie.

7)Play or Exercise or Yoga:

Do some physical exercise or some yoga. Even we may play some outdoor games. If possible we may do the morning walk to lose weight rapidly.

8)Some Change in Lifestyle:

Try to avoid the lift or elevator and use the stairs. Try to increase our daily walking to do day to day works.

Moreover, we must totally avoid junk food.

9)Stress-Free Life:

Most importantly in busy and mechanical life stress is very common which causes a lot of physical and mental problems as well as obesity.

Change our attitude so that we can overcome stress and always remain calm and cool and relax.

10)Drink Sufficient Water:

As per doctor’s recommendation a full-grown man will drink at least 3-4 litres of water daily. Actually drinking sufficient water is very helpful to cut down overweight.

Moreover, it facilitates the excretion of harmful waste or toxin from the human body.


Besides fasting after an appropriate span of time is also helpful to lose weight.

12) Sound Sleep:

Sound sleep for 7-9 hours daily helps a lot to maintain your body weight.

To know more about sound sleep read

13) Routine Life:

Believe it or not, routine life along with our positive attitude and motivation can produce a miraculous result to lose weight rapidly.

Moreover, always believe and use the power of spoken words that our weight is gradually decreasing.

Besides, sound sleep and happiness of mind will surely help us to reach our goal.

Ideal Height to Weight Ratio Chart:

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In fact, we are the best judge of ourself. Try to follow maximum or if possible all the above-mentioned items. Initially take weight monthly and compare whether our weight reduces or not. If we get a satisfactory result, then no problem.

But if we do not have any positive result then we must consult a doctor.

Remember we have to get rid of obesity or overweight and lead our life happily and merrily.

Most importantly, do not discontinue this routine if our weight comes in the desired range because if we do anything different our weight will go up again.

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