KAIKHALI, NIMPITH-Ideal Weekend Destination

Kaikhali Nimpith ashram
Written by Banani Chakraborty

KAIKHALI, NIMPITH, Ideal Weekend Destination to be sure for all nature lovers. Most importantly, we will breathe in fresh air which is a very rare experience for city dwellers.

KAIKHALI, NIMPITH-Ideal Weekend Destination:

If we are looking for a short relief from our monotonous and busy daily life, then Kaikhali may be a very good place near Kolkata. Most importantly, it is a part of the famous Sundarbans. To begin with, it is a lovely hamlet. Further, we will get fresh air. Moreover, we will get a chance to taste farm-fresh vegetables. If we stay here, then we can enjoy these facilities for our contentment.

Weekend tour from Kolkata:
Nimpith,Jharkhali weekend tour

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No doubt, Kaikhali is the best possible weekend tour near Kolkata. If you read this article minutely, then you will get the answer

If Kaikhali is already in your tour goal, then it is quite ok. Otherwise, your setting goal will be to visit this paradise this winter.

In all honesty, this is a unique place.

It differs from the followings.

Firstly, Kaikhali is not like the weekend hill destinations like

Secondly, there are no similarities with the weekend spots like

Thirdly, this place is also different from four unique places from Kolkata.

(I will also request you to read all my articles on tour and travels.)

In the first place, this place is very cheap in comparison to other tourist’s spots.

In Nimpith Ashram, the lunch cost only Rs. 10.

Here, we will get a chance to spend without any stress. Therefore, it will act as a stress management technique.

Further, we will experience heart-throbbing enjoyment for one or two days. If we can come at the time of the full moon, then our enjoyment will be more. We will return to our home with a mind full of happiness and satisfaction.

We will express our gratification at first to God for getting a chance to visit such a tranquil paradise-like Kaikhali. Secondly, we will express our gratitude towards nature.

I will request you to stay here for two nights and three days. Only then we will be able to enjoy Nimpith Ashram and Kaikhali. I will request you to come with three or four families. Others must praise you for selecting such a beautiful place. Your self-esteem will go up.


Nimpith is a tiny town in Baruipur subdivision of South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is under the jurisdiction of Jayanagar police station. This tiny town is popular for Sri Ramkrishna Ashram.

It is at a height of only 8meters (26feet).


To tell the truth, tourists from all over India come here to visit Ramkrishna Ashram. They also visit Sarada Ashram and Indira Hall. Added to this, are Vivekananda Institute of biotechnology and Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

The total area is only 2.018 square kilometre.

Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Nimpith:

At first, it is a non-government organization. Swami Buddhananda Maharaj inaugurated this Ashram in the year 1960. This is not a branch of either Ramkrishna Math or Ramkrishna Mission, Belur Math. Still, it follows their ideas and ideologies.

Added to this, this centre is an associate of South 24 Paraganas Ramkrishna Vivekananda Bhava Prachar Parishad of Belur Math. Most importantly, it follows their guidelines. Besides, it has three branches at

  • Kaikhali.
  • Jhargram.
  • Bardhaman.

The motto behind this Ashram was the upliftment of the dwellers of Sundarban region socially, economically and culturally.

Nimpith Ramkrishna Vidyabhavan, as well as Nimpith Sarada Vidyamandir, are the two very famous institutes here. In all honesty, Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Nimpith runs these two schools. Students, not only from West Bengal but also from outside attend here.

Apart from standard curriculums, they focus on mind and body power. As the students can know the concepts of Swami Vivekananda, therefore they can better their motivation.

Added to this, they also learn the followings.

Most importantly, Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology in the year 2007 started Vivekananda Center for Skills (VCS) at four different locations in West Bengal. The target was to improve skills along with production with the help of training.

Further, Ramkrishna Ashram Krishi Vigyan Kendra came into function with the help of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). It generally works for the downtrodden people of here.

Moreover, at Nimpith, there is Sree Ramkrishna Rural Hospital.

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Places to Visit:

To begin with, Nimpith Ashram is very simple. But we can see a beautiful garden surrounding the Ashram complex. There are various colourful flowers in the garden which will surely catch the eyes of the visitors. Apart from this, there are various plants. In fact, a few of them are very rare.

Among these are a few banana trees which are around 25-30 feet tall. However, this is very rare.

Sarada Mission Ashram is beside it. It is to educate the girl child.

Above all, it is a very good place to visit. The serenity, tranquillity, spirituality that is the overall divine atmosphere will surely touch everyone there.

If possible, always try to take the ‘bhog’ (lunch in the praise of God) from here. All the items are garden fresh and without any harmful pesticides. All these items really taste very good.

Kaikhali (Joynagar, 24 Pgs. South):


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Tourist generally prefers to go to Kaikhali to enjoy nature as well as fresh air. You can see a wide range of greenery in every direction.  Added to this is the beauty of river Matla. There is only one guest house, ‘Kaikhali Porjatok Abas’. It is in the bank of the Matla river. In fact, Nimpith Ashram controls the booking.

If we stand in front of this Kaikhali lodge, then we can see the river. Not only the river, but we will clearly see some species of mangrove trees. Indeed, these trees are a replica of the Sundarban. We can also see them from the roof also. Moreover, we can see the Ashram and villages.

Kaikhali Matala River:

At first, the Matala river is very alluring and dumb-founding. At the same time, it is also very dangerous. We can spend hours seeing the beautiful Matla sitting at the bank. Further, we can touch or play a bit with the river water. Furthermore, we can dip our legs in the river sitting in the bank.

Apart from this, is various boating facilities. Furthermore, walking along the river bank at the time of sunrise or sunset is absorbing.

As a matter of fact, River Matala has a very strong attraction among the tourists.

Kaikhali Ramkrishna Ashram:

It is a branch of Nimpith Ramkrishna Ashram. The are is full of various trees and plants. This is also a very spiritual area. Added to these, there is a cow-house.

Evening Arati in the Ashram is really fascinating. Do not miss it.

Spending some time here will be worthy.

We did everything. We were totally 9 members.

Local people say that the famous Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban, sometimes come out in the local villages crossing the river. Although, it is very rare.

Here, tourist will find the very widespread Matla River. Sometimes, tourist may think that it is a sea, not a river. As a matter of fact, it is very hard to find the other end of the river in many places. Therefore, we may easily commit the mistake and think it is a sea.

Boat Journey:

In the first place, from Kaikhali, we will get various types of launches. There are also a few tour options available. According to tour and launch, the rate varies. All the tours are exclusively Sundarban visit oriented.

While we will visit Kaikhali, we will feel that our rivers are drying.

The most common and the cheapest is Jharkhali tour. Almost everyone can enjoy this trip from here. It will take around 3 hours of time. The cost of an entire boat is Rs. 1200 or 1600 or 1800. It depends upon the capacity of the launch.

For an individual, it will be around Rs 100. But, you will have to wait for other passengers.

Usually, people come here in groups.

They choose the boat at first. Next, they pay the total fare of a boat.

Another, the tour is a whole day tour. It also includes Jharkhali. The minimum boat cost is Rs. 4000.  If we look for a better quality of the boat, then the cost will increase. Moreover, for boat permission, one will require Rs 500. Added to this is guide charge of Rs 500. Further, Rs 100 is required for per person.

If any group wants to go for Sundarban tour, then they will book the boat in advance. Otherwise, there is every possibility of unavailability of boats.

Besides, you can go for one night and two days of Sundarban tour. Otherwise, you may tour two nights and three days.

For more details, contact: Dukhiram Sardar-7278290730. He will arrange a total tour along with food.


As we are out for the whole day, therefore we should use proper sunscreen. Moreover, we may use rose water as a moisturizer if we feel its requirement. At night, we must not forget other skincare routines. Further, those, who have flawless skin must be very careful. Furthermore, people with acne must take sufficient measures, so that it does not aggravate.

Similarly, those who are suffering from the problem of hair loss be careful.

We must bring all the necessary medicines with us.

We need not carry bottled water from the town. At first, water is good in Koikhali lodge. Besides, we will get enough good quality bottled water here.

As there is no ATM facility available here, therefore, we will have to bring enough cash with us. There is no other way to pay except cash.


At first, it is an upcoming tourists spots in Sundarban.

In fact, it is accessible by car from Kolkata.

There are some hotels for tourists. As people are coming, so the number of hotels are increasing here. They come here for a one-day picnic or stay here a night or two. They also go for a tour by launch for one or two or three days. West Bengal Government is trying to develop it as a multi-tasking tourist hub.  Nevertheless, we decided to visit Jharkhali from Kaikhali

At present, we will find here a reserve forest, ‘Bonbibi’. On the way towards the forest from the ferry ghat, we will see various food items and snacks. At the entry point, there is a very beautiful garden. There, we can see a lot of butterflies along with flowers. The colours are really enchanting.  One may spend a good relaxing time with a lot of joy.

As we proceed we will see a well-protected bill. Here we can see the crocodile. It surrounds the tiger reserve forests. Usually, This forest is a famous treatment centre for the tigers and crocodiles. Injured tigers and crocodiles are brought here for necessary treatments. After recovery, they again are left in the jungles.

One can try to here various experiences of tigers and crocodiles from the local people and the caretakers. Apart from this, one can know the details of the treatments.


Sunderban is world-famous for the only reserve forest of the Royal Bengal Tiger. People come here in numbers from all over the globe to witness the grand Royal Bengal Tiger. Particularly, forest lovers come here. At first, it is a mangrove forest.

Sundarban literally means ‘Beautiful Forest’.  It is a delta in the extreme south of West Bengal. It is spread even spread in Bangladesh. This delta is formed by the confluence of the Ganges, the Brahmaputra as well as Meghna rivers with the Bay of Bengal.

This Sundarban is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The total area in West Bengal is around 4260 km2  or 1640 sq. mi. The main attraction is the abundant species of Sundari, gewa, garan and hental.

There are 453 types of fauna. Of which, 290 are birds. Besides, there are 120 fishes. Further, one can see 42 mammals and 35 reptiles here. Moreover, there are eight amphibian species.

Kaikhali to Sunderbans tour:

It is possible. The journey is generally this type:

  • At first, one day tour.
  • Secondly, one night and two days tour.
  • Thirdly, two nights and three days tour.

Kaikhali to Jharkhali:

It is the most common tour from Khaikhali.

Sunderban National Park:

It is ‘Bonbibi’ at Jharkhali.

Kaikhali Tour information:

It is given in details here. Till if you want to know more, You can contact me via e-mail.

Where to Stay at Kaikhali?
Koikhali prajotak abbas

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If anyone wants to stay at ‘Kaikhali Porjatak Abas’ a night or two, then he has to contact the Maharaj of Nimpith Ashram.

For night stay booking at Koikhali, one has to contact Amritananda  Maharaj: 9933064466.

The cost is only Rs 550 per person including fooding and lodging.

Every room provides the double bed with attached bathroom. They follow the western pattern of a bathroom. In the morning, they supply underground water which is not at all cold in the winter season. There is no geezer facility.

The rooms are spacious. Besides they are very neat and clean. Overall, the standard is good.

They serve tea at 6.00 am. Afterwards, they serve morning refreshment around 8.30 am. Moreover, they serve launch between 12-12.30 at noon. Further, they offer evening tea at 4 pm and snacks at 5.30 pm. Finally, dinner is at 8.30 pm.

Both rice and roti are available as per choice in our meal. They serve local fishes in the morning. Besides, they serve meat or egg with dinner. They give lentil (It is a part of Bengali food item) in the meal along with two vegetable items. Moreover, there are stuffed potato or fish. Finally, they offer chatni. In fact, all these items are very tasty and delicious. Besides, you will get in sufficient quantity. Further, they are free of chemicals or pesticides.

(Please taste: 1. Indian Prawn Masala.

  1. Chicken Korma.)

Morning breakfast is roti or luchi along with potato curry or alur dom.

Evening snacks is muri (urea free) as well as potato chop.

You will get both the tea and merry biscuits.

Most importantly, there are no sweet shops.

If you are fond of sweets, then you will have to arrange it at Joynagar or earlier. Added to this, if you want to eat the apple, orange etc, then you need to arrange at Joynagar or earlier.

But you will have to give them prior information about fish or meat or egg.

All these will come in only Rs 550 for one person along with twine sharing room. However, they provide two separate single bed with mosquito net.

Above all, you will have no issue relating to digestion.

Moreover, there is Kaikhali Farmstay: 9007224814/ 9163428385. It will be costly.

If you want to spend a night or two here, then you will have to make an advance booking. Otherwise, most likely, there will be no room available.

Distance from Nimpith Ashram:
Nimpith Ramkrishna ashram-Kaikhali

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Kolkata Airport: It is only 66.9 km. It takes roughly 2h and 27 min.

Kolkata: The distance is only 58.4km. It takes around 2h 17 min.

Jaynagar Mazilpur Station: It is only 3.5 km. It will take only 11minute.

Kaikhali: The distance is only 29.5km and it will take around 1h and 06 min.

How to go:

Sealdah station to Joynagar Mazilpur station is around 50 km. Local trains are available. One can pick Lakshmikantapur or Namkhana local from Sealdah station. But the trains remain very crowdie with the rural people almost always. Therefore, tourists may face some problems with the journey. Particularly, at the time of getting down or getting up in Jaynagar station with luggage. From the station, autos are available for Nimpith Ashram as well as Kaikhali.

Therefore, it will be better, if one can arrange a private car. From Nimpith Ashram, one has to pick auto for Kaikhali. Joynagar station to Kaikhali auto service is also available.

Save While Tour:

To tell the truth, this tour may be very cheap if we come here by Train and stay at ‘Koikhali Porjotak Abas’. We will get fresh air, a beautiful scenario all round and above all enjoyment.

Think, if you come with your love and relation and stay one full day it will cost around Rs.1200. Everyday cost is only Rs. 1100. This is quite unbelievable.

If you want to have a boat tour, it will cost extra.

Therefore, it acts to save your money.

(However, you may read savings related to the following articles:

Best Time to Visit:

In all honesty, from October to March will be the best time to visit. In the winter season, you should bring woollen garments according to cold.

Kaikhali As a Picnic spot:( Riverside Picnic Spot):

It is a very good picnic spot near Kolkata due to the following facts:

At first, It is around 2hours from Kolkata.

Secondly, you can enjoy boating because it is on the bank of river Matla.

Thirdly, boating cost is very minimum. Against Rs 100 you can go to Jharkhali which is almost one hour journey. Added to this, you are coming back.

Fourthly, you can see a lot of butterflies after entering the ‘Bonbibi’ at Jharkhali.

Moreover, you can see tigers and crocodiles. You can learn their life-styles along with various stories of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger.

Finally, you can enjoy a short trip to Sundarban. This Sundarban trip attracts tourists not only from India but also all over the world.

Therefore, Kaikhali is the best picnic spot near Kolkata. 

At night, it will be very lonely. There is hardly any disturbance. Therefore, we will be able to have a sound and sufficient sleep. Moreover, it will be a very deep sleep. This is due to our enjoyment and whole day activities. It will also work as a health recovery.

I will again request you all to go as early as possible. If we think, then we all can go. This is due to the affordable minimum costing.

Go and enjoy and have a very happy journey along with happy memory.

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