Ghatshila The Fortifying Natural Beauty

ghatshila-The fortifying natural beauty
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Ghatshila the fortifying natural beauty is still an offbeat weekend destination between Ranchi and Kolkata. Moreover, it is between Jamshedpur on one side and Jhargharm on the other side.

If you crave to experience both Kolkata and Ranchi in unison, then no wonder Ghatshila is your matching destination. It is located in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. The town has winding streams as well as serene waterfalls like Ranchi. It is a famous site of religious worship as well as a rich multicultural heritage like Kolkata. Ghatshila is also a town of festivals.

Visiting Ghatshila means you are spending quality time in Mother Nature, amid picturesque hills and mystical waterfalls. Additionally, you can enjoy the divinities in the ancient temples.

At first, you must show your gratitude to nature.  If you have already visited this place, then it is very good. Otherwise, include this spot in your tour goals. After goal setting visit this place, probably this winter because winter is the best time to enjoy this beauty queen.

 Ghatshila: The fortifying natural beauty:

In case you are an adventurist and nature-lover and choice to spare a weekend in the lap of nature amidst city surroundings?  Then Ghatshila is probably the quality area in east India.

Visiting Ghatshila means you are spending quality time in Mother Nature, amid picturesque hills and mystical waterfalls. Additionally, you can enjoy the divinities in the ancient temples.

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Overview of Ghatshila:

To begin with, it is a very attractive place for a weekend tour. Additionally, it is on the bank of the beautiful Subarnarekha river.

In the first place, Ghatshila has its own variety with rivers, mountains, and hillocks, valleys, forests, dams and etc. As a matter of fact, all these make Ghatshila a place of fortifying natural beauty.

Why is Ghatshila famous?

Moubhandar, around a mile away from Ghatshila, is famous for Hindustan Copper Limited. This is the main source of income for the inhabitant of Ghatshila as well as nearby villages. Ghatshila is mainly popular due to these mines because. They are not only the first copper mines in Asia but also the second deepest mines in the world.

Location of Ghatshila:


source google image

Ghatshila is a pleasant city at the bank of the Subarnarekha River in Singham District, Jharkhand State. Besides its 230km from Kolkata, 46.6km from Jamshedpur, and 114km from Kharagpur.

Most importantly you can see hillocks, evergreen forests, springs, mines, and of course the wonderful Subarnarekha within a frame which makes it so beautiful a tourist spot.

Therefore it is a must-go place for tourists not only to Indians but even foreigners to visualize the fortifying natural beauty of Ghatshila.

What is the meaning of ‘Ghatshila’?

‘Ghat’ means ‘River’ and ‘Shila’ means ‘Rocky land’. Ghatshila actually means “rocky harbour of a river”.

Ghatshila is associated with the memories of splendid Bengali novelist Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay because he stayed here for a significant time of his life and most importantly wrote some famous novels while he stayed here. Besides he made River Subarnarekha and Ghatshila famous and worthy to the tourist for their natural beauty.

The beauty of Ghatshila:

It is one of the most charming weekend destinations in the state of Jharkhand. Located beside the River Subarnarekha amidst fortifying green forest, it is a must-visit tourist spot. People from West Bengal often visit here, particularly in the winter season.

Situated between two mountain ranges, it is blessed with magnificent scenic beauty. In fact, River Subarnarekha flows through the hills and separates the two mountains.  In addition, it is an enthralling wonder of nature.

An aerial view of this wonderland will look like a hilly landscape amidst lush greenery with the Winding River.  The view of Ghatshila from close by hill-pinnacle looks as if an artist draws a colorful surrounding together with his very own creativeness besides you could see the twisting  Subarnarekha flowing apart from the Ghatshila town.

Best time to visit Ghatshila:

October to March because at that time the weather remains cool and so helpful for moving and seeing and enjoying throughout the day. The rest of the year it is so hot that you cannot move and see and enjoy.

[In fact, there are several breathtaking hill stations in India. Tourists all over the globe come and enjoy the amazing and abundant natural scenic wonder of these hill stations.  If you read these, they will help you to develop a tour plan.

Some other places with historical as well as religious significance. You must visit these places, at least, once in your lifetime. These places are:

Places to visit in Ghatshila-

Some most famous tourist spots in and across the town, which can be also popular for sightseeing, and a few have historic importance.

You may see lots of birds and various insects of which butterflies and black drongo are observed in numbers. They will certainly catch your eyes.

Phuldungri Hill-

phulldungri hill (ghatshila)

source google image

This is actually a series of hillocks, which are close to Tatanagar. It is around 2 km and takes 10 minutes to reach. The masses of tall Sal trees and red pebbles entice the tourists. The stunning aerial view of Ghatshila from the top of Phuldungri Hills and the beautiful dawn and sundown will continue to be clean to your reminiscence for the long term.

The view at night is really scintillating when the lights of the town are on. You can see that they are widespread out and shining like stars on all sides of the landscape.  While these vistas are mesmerizing and unique,  trekking trail amidst the forest is also alluring.

A stroll through the densely wooded area offers you wonderful, out-of-the-world entertainment.

You must plan your visit at dawn or evening so that you can enjoy sunrise or sunset.

Rankini Kali Temple:

Rankini Kali Temple

source google image

Raja Jagannath of the Dhulbhum dynasty built this temple. This temple is very famous to the local people. They consider the power and effect of Mata Rankini. This is a very popular temple and remains busy all around the year

You can also go to Jadugora hills, opposite this temple.

Bibhuti Bhusan Library:

It is constructed in 1950 in recognition of the notable Bengali writer Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay. He visited Ghatshila and Galudih in 1930. Since then he came here several times and became a native. After his death in 1950, his house became a library with the assistance of the local government.

He appreciated this place a lot and wrote about the beauty of this place in his novels. 

Burudih Dam-( 6 km)

Burudih Dam(ghatshila)

source google image

This is an artificial lake.  It is 4km away from the city. Green hills and dense forests surround the lake. It is a very good place to enjoy and relax and have some photography.

If any group is looking for a picnic spot in Ghatshila, then it is an ideal location. In fact, the local people Picnic here in Winter. You could enjoy boating.

Binda Mela which is held here for 15 days in October,  is a completely well-known festival of the Santhals.

Dharagiri Waterfall -(9km)

This is an excellent picnic spot with a hill, spring, and woodland. First, you will go to Burundi Dam.  Then visit Dharagiri waterfall. It is a little fall with a small stream. You will definitely revel in the adventure thru the jungle route.

You can also enjoy the local cultural lifestyle in Santal Village. At the time of return visit Galudih Dam.

Narwa Forest:

It is another must-visit place in Ghatshila nearby Rankini Mandir.  You can enjoy the small creeks along with a river. There are some sitting arrangements. You may sit there and enjoy the beauty in serenity.


A well-known spot for the lovely dawn and sunset, on the bank of Subarnarekha. you may pass Galudih barrage on the way.

Pancha Pandav- – 5 km-

It is well-known for the natural sculpture on a stone, which appears to be the heads of 5 men. Local people believed it was the natural introduction of the 5 brothers of Pandava. The view from the top is very beautiful.

Raj Bari-4km– is sort of ruined.

Binda Mela –

Ghatshila is a witness to many fairs. However, Binda Mela is the most popular fair in this region. It is held in the month of Aswin (October) every year and runs for fifteen days. It is running from time immemorial. Someone of the ancestors of the Raja of the former Dhalbhum estate is the founder of this Mela.

This fair is popular, particularly to the Santhals. You will get verities of petty shopkeepers selling various types of utensils, ornaments, sweetmeats, etc.


A small town close to Ghatshila(about12km), is another lovable spot. It is a small gem of tranquillity. It is basically a health resort. you could see thick and deep inexperienced forest all-round.  Rivers Subarnarekha and Satgurum are flowing through the Galudih City.

If we have time and energy we may walk through the jungle.  As we walk, We will be thrilled by the natural beauty, that we will visualize in our way.

We may see the awesome carnival of nature. Sometimes elephants and deer may be seen. Watch them from a distance on the way to our walk.

They come out of the jungle generally/mainly for drinking water. Besides, it is a very good place for bird watchers.


From Galudih Station, you will walk across the road to reach Mahulia. Subarnarekha is flowing.  See hillock Neckredungri. There is a Kali Temple at the top of it.

From there the widespread panoramic view of the river, Gaudih Station, and so forth. could be very absorbing.

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Sunset in Subarnarekha:

Subarnarekha Dam

source google image

It is another tourist attraction. It is really awesome as well as charming. We visit Subarnarekha Dam.  While we watch the sunset, it seems that the setting sun is spreading ‘saffron’ all over the sky and the water.

Some other famous traveler sights in and around Ghatshila are-

Below are some other sights tourists may visit while in Ghatshila

  • The Bibhuti Memorial Bhavan
  • “Gourikunja”,
  • Hindustan Copper restrained,
  • Purna Pani,
  • Mosaboni Mines,
  • Jadugora,
  • Moubhandar,
  • Tumandungri

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Ghatshila tourist spot name:

The following places in and around Ghatshila are popular among the tourists and they frequently visit these places. They are

  • Phuldungri Hill
  • Rankini Temple(Jadugora & Ghatsila)
  • The house of Bengali writer Bhibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay
  • Burudih Lake
  • Dharagiri Falls
  • Jhanti Jharna
  • Mosaboni Mines
  • Narwa Forest
  • Mosaboni Mines
  • Surda Pahar
  • 8 km from Ghatshila is Galudih, another breathtaking tourist attraction on the banks of the river Subarnarekha (“streak of gold”).
  • Tatanagar.
  • Jhargram.

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Some useful tips to visit Ghatshila-

  1. You may face a navigation problem in some places, so it will be better if you hire a cab or travel by foot.
  2. As the locals are very courteous so behave the same way.
  3. While you visit the river or dams, you will try that you shall not do anything which harms marine life. Again, you need to remember that our rivers are dying. In addition, we will anyhow damage our river.
  4. We will not leave any mark on the hills.
  5. If possible, then we will take a local guide and know the rich history of this place.
  6. Next, we will have to take care of our skin as we are out for the whole day. At first, we will use sunscreen. There is every possibility that our skin will dry. Therefore, we will require moisturizer. In reality, rose water is a good moisturizer. At night, our skin also requires damage control. Due to this, we will use skincare products in the right order. You must try to take the necessary care of your skin. 
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How to go to Ghatshila:

This is more famous as a picnic spot or weekend destination. Generally, people from West Bengal frequently visit there apart from the locals or Jharkhand or Bihar.

By train:  

Ghatshila is very well related to the aid of rail or road with all the locations, especially Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, and Jharkhand. The distance between Ghatshila and Kharagpur is about 98 km.

(Galudih Railway station, simply next to the Ghatshila station) (8km)

But my advice is to use Ghatshila Station which is more convenient than Galudih Station.

Ghatshila to Ranchi trains take 7-8 hours and from Jamshedpur Tatanagar railway station it is 46.6 km. Trains take between 42 minutes and 1 hour, 8 minutes.

Howrah station to Ghatshila station time requires a little less than 4 hours.

Kharagpur railway station to Ghatshila railway station is 124 km. Trains take around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Jhargram station to Ghatshila is 71.5 km and it will take 1 hour and 40 minutes.

By Car:

Kolkata to Ghatshila is 241 km and the time required is 5hours by car. By car, you can reach Jamshedpur Tatanagar in 1 hour and 14 minutes. Ranchi is about 165 km away from here and the car takes about 4hours to reach there.

Nearest Airport:

Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi 168 km and the time required by car is 4 hours.

Otherwise,  you may avail of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata.

Where to stay at Ghatshila?

There are various types of hotels and holiday homes here.

Hotels in Ghatshila:

There are a variety of hotels. Some of them are

Bibhutibihar-Jharkhand Tourism (97710-34151)

J.N. Palace-8757443540

Hotel Akashdeep, +91 6585 226 603,

Suhasita motel-97718-31

Hotel Snehalata, +91 6585 225 767, Rooms Rs. 250-350.

Hotel River View, +91 6585 226 603,

Hotels in Galudih:

Galudih motel (9570200268/9199868541)

Rajanigandha Guesthouse (9831047709/9830146921)

At first, traveling and enjoying the whole day makes you tired. Therefore, you require sound and sufficient sleep at night.

Final word:

A weekend tour of this fortifying natural beauty of Ghatshila will certainly refresh you and provide you refreshing motivation. You know the importance of a positive attitude. Moreover, these tips help you to be positive as well as to stay motivated.

In fact, these weekend tips will help to keep away from depression. Additionally, your self-confidence, as well as self-esteem level, will go up. You will get pleasure and spend a stress-free weekend. Furthermore, it will help to better the level of your types of self-esteem.

Besides, you may live life to the fullest along with happiness.

As you enjoy a few days with your family, it helps you to develop your love and relation. Besides, you can get a chance to better our role as parents.

In case we are an adventurist and nature-lover and choice to spare a weekend in the lap of nature amidst city surroundings?  Then Ghatshila is probably the quality area in east India.

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