Gangtok: Extremely alluring, enjoyably boisterous and garlanded in clouds.

Written by Banani Chakraborty

Gangtok extremely alluring, enjoyably boisterous and garlanded in clouds gives a spectacular view of Kanchenjunga at a distant horizon. If we enjoy the panoramic vistas from the cable car, then the enthralling prismatic magnificence along with beautiful zigzagging hill roads looks awesome.

It is another world-famous tourist attraction in the Northeast part of India. India. Not only the Indians but also a lot of foreigners come here all over the year. It is also popular as “the gateway to Sikkim”.

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Gangtok: Extremely alluring, enjoyably boisterous and garlanded in clouds:

To begin with, Gangtok is the largest city and capital of Sikkim. Two streams Roro Chu and Ranikhola flanked the town from the east and the west sides. Above all, majestic and glorious snow-clad Kanchenjunga (8598 meters or 28208 feet), the 3rd highest peak in the world is to the west of Gangtok.

You must have a life-time goal list and Gangtok must be there.

What is the Height of Gangtok?

The elevation of Gangtok is 1650 meter or 5410 feet.

What are the Tourist Attractions near Gangtok?

The followings are some awesome tourist places in Sikkim. You can go anywhere from Gangtok. If you are visiting Gangtok, then try to visit some other places. All these places have their incomparable natural splendour and beauty.

Distance from Gangtok and time requires to go by car:

The followings are some awesome tourist places in Sikkim. You can go anywhere from Gangtok. If you are planning to visit Gangtok, then try to visit some other places. All these places have their incomparable natural splendour and beauty.

What are some tourist places in Sikkim?

Pelling: 130 km and time require 4hours and 7 minutes.

Uttarey: 155 km and it takes 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Okhrey:  122 km and the time it takes is 4 hours.

Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary: 128 km and needs 4 hours and 11 minutes.

Hee-Patal: 134 km and needs only 4 hours and 21 minutes.

Ravangla: 78.1 km and time need 3 hours and 33 minutes.

Namchi: 90.5 km and it takes 2 hours and 46 minutes.

Yumthang Valley: 141 km and it takes 5 hours and 19 minutes.

Aritar: 62.9 km and requires 2 hours and 51 minutes.

Zuluk: 88.3 km and time requires is 3 hours and 2 minutes.

Nathang Valley: 65.4 km and it needs 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Lingtam: 36.2 km and requires only 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Pakyong: 27.3 km and needs only 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Yakten: only 30.6 km and it takes 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Gurudongmar Lake: 187 km and requires 7 hours and 14 minutes.

Lungthung: 70.7 km and it needs 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Chujachen: 73.2 km and it requires 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Additionally, there are a lot of beautiful tourist spots in West Bengal. All of the following places are nearby Gangtok. You can easily add them with your tour of Gangtok.

What are the places to visit in West Bengal around Sikkim?

Sandakphu and Phalut: 169 km and it takes 6 hours and 26 minutes.

Darjeeling: 96.7 km and it needs 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Kolakham and Rishop: 83.7 km and it requires 3hours and 13 minutes.

Kalimpong: 74.1 km and needs 2 hours and 29 minutes.

Sillery Gaon: 85km and it takes 3 hours and 23 minutes.

Murti: 136 km and needs 4 hours.

Samsing: 144 km and it takes 4 hours and 09 minutes.

Tabakoshi: 118 km and needs 4 hours and 8 minutes.

However, below is the distance from some more places:

Kolkata: 671 km and needs 16 hours and 38 minutes.

Murshidabad: 485 km and requires 11 hours and 57 minutes.

Ghatshila: 758 km and the necessary time is 18 hours and 80 minutes.

Delhi: 1559 km and 27 hours.

Visakhapatnam: 1518 km and 34 hours.

Places to visit around Gangtok:

All the above-mentioned places of both Sikkim and West Bengal are alluring jewels. Barring Darjeeling, Kalimpong as well as Gangtok, all are pristine hamlets. Moreover, they have a lot of fascinating natural beauties along with abundant vistas to offer to the tourists all through the year. You can stay one or two nights or even more at any one of the above places.

Only a few places like Yumthang, Gurudongmer, Nathang Valley, Kupup remained covered with snow. Therefore, they are not always accessible.

How many days required to visit Gangtok?

Only Gangtok needs two to three full days barring the arrival and departure days.

Yumthang tour is generally of either one night two days or two nights and three days. If you add Gurudongmer Lake, then it will take one more day.

You will get many travel agencies. They regularly conduct this tour. They will make all the arrangements like permission, food, lodging. Their rate may vary according to season. They generally charge INR 1200 to INR 2000 per day, per head and night.

Only car rent will be around INR 6000 to 8000.

You may go by share car or reserve the total car. Another important aspect is that one car will allow only seven persons. If you want to go Yumesamdong or snow-view point, they will charge you around INR 400 per person.

For these tours, you may contact 9830407707 and 9051877727.

For Changu lake, Nathula Pass and Baba mandir, you need only one day. But for permission, you may have to wait one or two days because the authority allows only a limited number of cars daily. Therefore, it will be better if you keep one or two extra days.

Licensed travel agencies will arrange the permission of both Changu and Nathula. Your car driver or the hotel where you stay will help in this regard.

You try for the permission on your arrival. If you do not get permission, use the day to visit other side scene or Namchi and Chardham.

You need to carry rented (INR 50) boots for these places. Carry some extra socks and a set of dress.

Now your goal setting will be easy.

Monthwise Temperature in Gangtok:

Month wise average high and average low temperature in Gangtok:

January: 12.30 C (54.10F) and 4.70 C (40.50F).

February: 13.80 C (56.780F) and 6.120 C (43.20F).

March: 17.50 C (63.50F) and 9.30 C (48.80F).

April: 20.60 C (690F) and 11.80 C (53.20F).

May: 220 C (71.60F) and 150 C (590F).

June: 22.50 C (72.50F) and 16.30 C (61.30F).

July: 21.60 C (70.90F) and 170 C (62.60F).

August: 22.30 C (72.20F) and 170 C (62.60F).

September: 21.60 C (70.90F) and 160 C (60.80F).

October: 20.50 C (68.80F) and 130 C (55.40F).

November: 17.10 C (62.80F) and 9.20 C (48.60F).

December: 13.90 C (570F) and 6.30 C (43.40F).

All the temperatures are tentative. Actual temperature may vary a little bit.

Gangtok experiences mild, temperate weather all through the year due to its altitude as well as the sheltered environment.

Snowfall in Gangtok:

There are some places of Sikkim which remain close due to heavy snowfall. Read the followings.

Winter Season in Gangtok: (December to Early-March):

In winter, the average temperature remains between 40 C (390F) and 70 C (450F). Snowfall is very rare. Of late, in the years 1990, 2004, 2005 and 2020 Gangtok witnessed snowfall. Further, the temperature below the freezing point is also very rare.

However, Nathula pass, Changu Lake, Kupup, Nathang Valley, Yumthang Valley remains under snow for a long period during winter. The temperature of these areas go below minus and up to -250 C.

Winter Season in Gangtok: (December to Early-March):

Here, you will find steep slopes. Added to this, the city is vulnerable to landslides. Moreover, large forests cover the city. Frequent rains, clouds along with landslides make it impossible for the tourists.

There are temperate, deciduous forest comprising of birch, oak, elm and poplar. Added to this are evergreen coniferous trees mainly of the wet alpine zone. There are not only common but also rare varieties of orchids are available. There are also abundant bamboos.

Flowers like marigold, poinsettia, sunflower, etc. bloom particularly from November and December.

Best time to visit Gangtok:

March to May and October to Mid-December are a pretty good time to visit Gangtok. If you can tolerate cold, then winter season will be good for you. This time the rates of hotels and cars are also cheap. Therefore, you will be able to save some money.

However, you cannot visit a few places at this time.

Tourist attractions in Gangtok:

1. Tsomgo (Changu) Lake:

Changu lake Gangtok

source google image

At first, you need to get permission to visit the lake. You need two copies of passport size photo along with Xerox copy of aadhar or voter or driving license.

It is undoubtedly the best attraction while in Gangtok. You will require at least one to two hours to explore the lake.

At first, it is around 37 km away from the city. It takes only 1 hour and 18 minutes to reach. Perched over 12400 feet, it is very famous and highly regarded as the high-altitude lake. The average depth of this one-kilometre-long oval-shaped glacial lake is about 50 feet.

Flanked by steep snowy mountains and verdant greenery of alpine forests, it is not only mesmerizingly alluring but also fascinatingly scenic. The reflection in the lake water is mesmeric.

As it is a glacial lake, so it gets water from the melting snow.

Moreover, the water changes its colour. In the winter season, the water freezes. It seems to be a block of translucent ice. From March the ice starts to melt. Gradually, it takes the shape of an aquamarine lake.

In April and May, the surroundings are flooded with thousands of colourful blossoming flowers. Additionally, they create a riot in the lake water of vibrant colours. It is also associated with several myths and legends.

You can enjoy yak ride here. Moreover, you will get a dress and boot on rent here.

Local people regard this pristine lake as very holy.

The best time to visit is from April to May. Blossoming Rhododendron, irises, primulas, rainbow poppies along with various orchids create a vivacious and colourful breath-taking beauty. In October to November sky generally remains clear. Therefore, you will get a vivid and clear view of your surroundings.

This is also photographers’ paradise.

(It is very likely to Solang Valley in Manali).

2. Nathula Pass:

Open: Wednesday to Sunday from 8 am to 3.30 pm (for Indians).

Entry Fee: Nil but requires permission.

The time required: Around 1 hour.

It is 53.5 km from Gangtok and it takes 1 hour 47 minutes to reach.

In the first place, this important pass joins India and China. Added to this, nestled in Indo-Tibetan border at a height of 14450 feet, it is amongst the highest motorable roads in the world.

It along with Changu Lake are the must-visit places in Gangtok. Tourists flock here to enjoy its abundant magnificent serene natural beauties. The area is fenced by snow-laded fascinating Himalayan hills. Not only to enjoy the heart-throbbing natural splendour but also tourists come here to relish the thriller of trekking.

Moreover, this area is rich in flora and fauna. Besides, several waterfalls gush towards Gangtok.

If you get the permission, then tourists prefer to visit Nathula as well as Changu Lake on the same day. In such cases, try to start early in the morning and visit Nathula, at first.

3. Baba Mandir:

Then see the famous Baba Mandir or Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple. From Gangtok, the distance is 62.1 km and it will take 2 hours and 6 minutes. It is only 8.5 km from Nathula and it takes 19 minutes. From Changu lake it is only 25.1 km and takes 48 minutes.

Actually, it is the Samadhi of Harbhajan Singh. Local people regard this as a holy temple or mandir. The mandir particularly the Samadhi is ineffable.

Old Baba Mandir is about 10 km from here and it will take only 25 minutes.

I will personally request you to proceed towards the famous silk route. To know more details in this path read my article on Sillery Gaon. Also, read Pelling for tours in other places of Sikkim.

Otherwise, see Changu and Nathula and go back to Gangtok.

4. Mg Marg Gangtok:

MG Marg Gangtok

source Google image

Open: 8 am to 7 pm (Tuesday closed).

Entry fee: Free.

Time Needed: at least 1-2 hours.

It is in the heart of Gangtok. In fact, it is a shopping hub with well-decorated numerous shops along with restaurants and hotels. It is the almost one-kilometre-long stretch of road and the shops are on both side of the road. Another noticeable thing is the cleanliness.

Moreover, you can see “Welcome to M. G. Marg, Litter and Spit Free Zone” signboards. Further, it is a vehicle-free pedestrian-only zone. Therefore, you can safely move with your children.

You will find a lot of local items there. The Tibetan style Thangkas along with the exclusive Choksee table designs may be yours crave. Besides, there are spectacular Victorial lamps and several benches along the path.

Further, the total area looks gorgeous and eye-catching with the lights when it becomes dark. Generally, tourists prefer to spend the evening here. The quaint hill is then thronged by the tourists.

May taste eateries from Parivar, Baker’s Café, PUB25, The Roll House, Agarwals Food and Rasoi.

Furthermore, in December, there will be a gala Gangtok Food and Culture Festival every year.

It is a no-smoking zone.

(You will find some excitement in the fascinating Mall Road, Nainital).

5. Rumtek Monastery:

Open: 6 am to 6 pm

The time required: 1-2 hours.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

At first, it is 34.6 km away from Sikkim and it will take 1 hour and 34 minutes to reach there.

It is another main tourists’ attraction here. It is amongst the largest as well as the most important monasteries in Sikkim. Nestled on top of a hill it is originally Dharma Chakra Centre. Verdant green mountains fenced it. From the top of the hill, you can get the awesome and magnificent view of the hills and the Gangtok town.

Actually, the architecture of this three-storied monastery is noteworthy. You will find a splendid golden stupa, many fascinating sculptures as well as many valuable religious scriptures. The massive prayer hall inside it is very nicely decorated with beautiful intricate murals and statues as well as silk paintings and thangkas. The main shrine is spectacularly decorated with traditional religious text.

It is a pilgrimage to the locals. Nearby is also a bird aviary of many exotic birds and the hermitage point for the monks.

However, you have to walk fairly long along the steep hill to reach the main gate.

(Also read Kaikhali).

6. Tashi View Point:

Open: 5am to 6pm.

Entry fee: Nil.

The time required: 30 minutes.

It is another oft-visited place. It is only 7.3 km from the city and takes around 20 minutes to reach there. Due to the scenic ambience, it is a major attraction to nature lovers. You will get a splendid view of the striking Himalayan mountains, particularly Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Sinilochu.

The beauty explicates in the morning with the golden hues of the morning sun. The picturesque ambience in tranquillity creates some heavenly feelings.

7. Ganesh Tok:

Open: 6 am to 6 pm.

The time required: 30 minutes.

Entry fee: Nil.

It is only 5.3 km away and it requires 14 minutes. It is at a height of 6500feet.  In fact, it is a very small temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh.

It is another must-visit spot near to the Tashi Viewpoint at a distance of only 4.8 km and around 10 minutes driving.

But, the main attraction is the magnificent views from here. The mighty Kanchenjunga range can be seen from here in its full glory. The beautiful hills and mountains in the surrounding along with sublime landscape and serenity will make you spell-bound.

Moreover, the comforting ambience and the surreal surroundings of this awe-inspiring place will take you closer to nature. It is a perfect place to refresh, relish and rejuvenate. You will find a lot of positive attitudes as well as the spirit from inside. There are a lounge and balcony to enjoy the beauty.

However, you will get a spectacular panoramic view of the entire Gangtok city from here.

8. Himalayan Zoological Park:

Open:9 am to 4 pm. (Thursday close).

Entry Fee: Indians: Adult INR 25 and Kids INR 10.

Foreigners: INR 50.

Vehicle: INR 40 or INR 100 (Car size).

Time Need: 1 to 2 hours

It is only 5.3 km away and takes 14 minutes. It is just at a walking distance from Ganesh Tok. Perched at 1780 meters and spreading over 205 hectares, it is a perfect place to see various high altitude faunas. They include Himalayan monal pheasant, palm civet, Red panda, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, goral, crimson-horned pheasant and many more species.

Added to this is ineffable natural splendour. It is also a must-visit place. You will relish a different taste here.

(Also read Mussoorie).

9. Hanuman Tok:

Open: 5am to 7 pm.

The time required: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Entry fee: Nil.

It is around 8.2 km away and will take about 22 minutes to reach there. From Ganesh Tok, it is only 3.7 km and will reach by 10 minutes. It is at an altitude of 7200 feet.

At first, it is a famous temple of Lord Hanuman. Besides, it is one of the best viewpoints in Gangtok. Serene ambience, verdant greenery and breath-taking Kanchenjunga all make it a fascinating viewpoint.

If you can witness the splendid beauty of sunrise from here, then you will be thrilled with boundless joy. The beautiful rainbow colours with the continuous change of hues in the snow-clad Himalayan range along with the majestic Kanchenjunga will make you speechless.

Indeed, the absorbing magnificence, the tranquillity and the spiritualty will enhance your motivation.

However, you will get Hanuman Ji and Saibaba temples.  There is a viewpoint with some sitting arrangements. Further, it is a perfect place for photographers.

Added to this, adjacent to this place is the cremation ground of the royal family of Sikkim.

(Also read, Chaukori).

10. Ban Jhakari Falls:

It is at a distance of 7.4 km from the city and takes 19 minutes. This is another must-visit place.

Tourists get thrilled as they see the water is plunging from 70 feet high. The surrounding verdant greenery adds to the beauty. Further, there is a well-maintained park with several sculptures of the local tribes, Jhakaris’.

The footbridge over the stream as well as a dragon splash are the star attractions and add to the excitement and delight. It is an ideal place for fun and enjoyment.

11. Gangtok Ropeway:

Gangtok Ropeway

source Google Image

It is the oft-visited greatest attractions which you cannot miss. You will come across three stations in this one km long ride. The lowest station is the Deorali, the boarding point near Institute of Tibetology. Next is Namnang and the topmost is Tashiling, close to the Secretariate. Each cable car carries 24 passengers.

Anyone can get down at any station. If possible, then try to ride up and down to enjoy both ways breath-taking beauties. You will get the majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

It will be a fabulous experience. Do not miss it.

12. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology:

Open: Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Closed: Sundays, government holidays and second Saturdays.

Entry Fee: INR 10.

The time required: 1-2 hours.

It is only 2.2 km from Gangtok. You will reach there in 7 minutes only. It is among the oft-visited sites.

It works for the study and research along with the preservation of Mahayana Buddhism and Tibetan religion, history, philosophy, literature, art, architecture, etc. The library and the museum are the main attractions for tourists. Here, you will find art pieces, statues, rare literary works, encyclopedia and manuscripts along with some relics.

It was built in Tibetan architecture style. You will find majestic tall golden towers in the façade. Further, the architectures are superb, eye-catching and important. Furthermore, lush greenery and the hills around make it a pleasing place.

Adjacent to it is an orchid sanctuary which houses 500 varieties of orchids.

(Also read Allahabad).

13. Do Drul Chorten Monastery:

It is only 550 meters away from the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology and will take 2 minutes. It is also regarded as a very holy place to the locals.

14. Seven Sister Waterfall:

On the way to Mangan, it will come after 33km. Actually, it is seven different waterfalls that are coming down from a rugged cliff. The gurgling water passing through the verdant greenery and rugged cliffs and falling creating surreal music. This place is ideal for a picnic also due to its abundant scenic marvel. It is also a beautiful place to enjoy and take some pictures.

(May read: 4 unique places from Kolkata).

15. Tinkitam:

This is another upcoming spot near Namchi. You can visit this place with Namchi. Apart from Kanchenjunga, several rare species of orchid-like Paphiopedilum Faireanum or Lady’s slipper can be seen here.

Some other places to visit near Gangtok:

You can also trek the Kanchenjunga. It is famous for many trekking attractions like Munsyari. Goecha La is a popular trek route from Gangtok. Moreover, tourists can enjoy the thrilling paragliding and relish the magnificent scenic splendour in the bird’s eye.

Besides you can enjoy and relish in numerous beautiful flowers at flower exhibition Centre near to M.G.Marg. They will have thrilled you with joy and delight.

People also can visit Tsuglakhang Monastery and Enchey Monastery and Ranka Monastery.  If you want, then you can visit Labrang Monastery (39km) and Phodong Monastery.

If you can make time, then you can go to Saramsa Garden (about 14 km and 34 minutes). The exquisite range of flower variety will make you mesmerized.

However, do not forget to taste the Sikkimese food dishes.

[Also read Bengali food

Indian spicy prawn masala.].

North Sikkim Tour:


It is 65.4 km away from Gangtok and it will take about 2 hours and 34 minutes. If you plan for Yumthang Valley, then it is almost the mid-way.

You can enjoy the abundant sublime landscape as well as the awesome spectacles of mighty Kanchenjunga range. Along with Himalayan glory, you will see the sanctuary, sheer, gushing and sparkling streams. Moreover, there are flowering shrubs.

All these are making it an upcoming tourists spot. Further, it is the getaway of North-Sikkim. Further-more, many trekking routes are there.

If you want, then you can visit Labrang Monastery (39 km) en route Mangan. Seeing Mangan proceed towards Yumthang Valley.

Yumthang Valley or Valley of Flowers:

Yumthang Valley Gangtok

source Google image

As a matter of fact, you must visit this place at least once. Therefore, try to visit this place with your first visit to Gangtok.

In the first place, it will give you a heavenly experience. This sublime landscape is at a height of 3564 meters or 11693 feet. It is also popular as “Valley of Flowers”. You will find a serene river all through the way amidst verdant greenery.

Zillion flowers will also give you a companion on your way. Awe-inspiring snow-laden peaks surround the valley. The terrific magnificence is inexplicable.

You will utter only words of gratitude in the solace.

If possible, then visit in the full moon. The tranquillity, the coldness, shining of the full moon on the icy peaks will make you spellbound and mesmerize and thrilled. You will think that it is no less than a paradise.

Must see the first ray of the morning sun. Only the golden hue and the rainbow colours all around make you dumbfounded.

You will feel that you are just beneath those steep hills. The height of those hills will be around 20000 to 25000 feet. Standing at the foothills you are clearly seeing the top ridge.

It is very hard to find a close match of this place in India. I can guarantee you.

Only the trekkers may have an even better spot.

If you have faith in the powerful law of attraction, then you will wish to ask something to the Universe or God using this power. You will feel that He can hear you.

You can plan from late February to early June or October to Mid-December. It will be better if you stay one night at Lachen and explore the hamlet. Next night stays at Lachung.

Explore the magnificent Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary and spend time near the Yumthang Chu. Even you may trek to Yumthang Valley. You may enjoy the Zero-point excursion.

Tips or precautions to take before going to Yumthang:

  • It is very cold. Therefore, you will need three to four sets of woollen garments along with monkey cap or skirts to cover the head, mufflers, hand-gloves and shocks. Only your eyes will be exposed particularly at night.
  • You will get no ATMs. So carry sufficient cash.
  • The mobile tower may cause a problem at any time. Therefore, try to carry two to three different connections.
  • Charging electronic gazettes like mobiles or cameras may not be possible. So carry an extra battery or power bank.

Gurudongmer Lake:

At first, perched at an elevation of 5425 meters or 17800 feet, it is revered as one of the high altitude natural lake in the world. Moreover, it is holy to the Buddhists, the Sikhs and the Hindus.

From Lachung it is 113 km and it will take 4 hours and 24 minutes.

The 290 acres spread placid lake never freezes entirely, even when the temperature goes below -200 C. The entire area is flanked by snow-laded hills. Their images in the lake water create a surreal atmosphere. the Tista river originates from here. On the way, you may come across some high altitude Himalayan animals.

Precautions to take before visiting Gurudongmer Lake:

  • It is extremely cold, so protect you well.
  • Due to high altitude, may cause breathing problem.
  • April and May, as well as October and November, are best for visiting.
  • Carry sufficient water and dry food in the car.
  • Do not get carried away with the overwhelming beauty of this paradise. Stay calm and cool. Do not move. If the breathing problem starts, then there is no treatment so long you do not come down to a comfortable zone. It will take a few hours.
  • If possible, then visit Chopta Valley, mini Switzerland.

North Sikkim Tour Plan:

If you decide to visit all the above places, then tour this way from Gangtok.

Day1: Start from Gangtok and go to Lachung visiting Mangan. Night halt at Lachung.

Day2: From Lachung go to Yamtham Valley at first. Then visit Zero point. Enjoy the heavenly beauty at a height of 15300 feet. Enjoy the snow. You can play with it. Afterwards, come back to Lachen for night halt.

Day3: Visit Gurudongmer Lake and if possible Chopta and come back to Gangtok.

Every day you have to start early in the morning, say around 7 to 8 am. If you feel it is very hectic and you need rest, then you may spend one more day i.e. Day 4 at Lachen.

What are some tips to follow while visiting Sikkim?

We will take the following precautions.

  • First, try to drink purified bottled water.
  • Secondly, carry enough woollen clothes according to your journey time and places.
  • Thirdly, in case of regular medications, you must carry the necessary medicines and take them regularly. Moreover, carry some anticipated medicines that may require at any time. For example, medicines of headache, fever, vomit, etc.
  • Always carry voters card or Adhar card of all family members along with a few Xerox copies. Because you may require them at hotels. Even on the train or at the airport, you may require them. Moreover, while travelling, you may also require them for permission along with photos. It will require several times on your way to Gurudongmer Lake.
  • Next, you will keep sufficient cash.
  • This is because of ATMs, as well as other payments app, may not be purposive at various points. Try to book hotels and cars in advance to minimize cash transactions. You can easily rely on local tourism for any type of assistant either online or offline. However, you will get offices of the tourisms in all the metropolitan cities along with their branches with other cities and towns.
  • For any query may contact: Joint Director, Sikkim Tourism, Gangtok. Contact no. 8116107071 and 9832065617.
  • Know all the rules of Sikkim for car parking, smoking, spitting, throwing away the reminders, etc. and strictly follow them. Otherwise, you will have to face legal hazards and penalties.

What Precautions will you take before visiting Sikkim?

  • Before the journey, you will plan for how to maintain the beauty of your skin during the tour and make necessary arrangements accordingly.
  • However, remember that flawless skin is very hard to develop. Therefore, we will always try so that it does not deteriorate during the touring time. Keeping it in mind, we will follow some skincare routine, particularly at night.
  • Moreover, follow how to wash your face for clearer and healthier skin as much as possible.
  • If anyone has the problem of acne, then be careful so that the problem does not aggravate
  • Further, your sunscreen cream must be SPF50.
  • Try to use rosewater in journey time to keep face moisturized.
  • Added to this, any tour may cause a problem for hair, particularly for those who have a problem of hair loss.
  • Finally, we need to be careful about our sleep. Any disturbance may create a problem for enjoyment the next day.

Therefore, learn my following topics regarding sleep. They will help you not only during the tour but also throughout your life.

For the tour, we need a lot of money. For this, our savings is very important along with our income. The following topics will help us to save and enjoy life. Savings is another very important subject in everyone’s life.

How to reach Gangtok:

You can easily reach Gangtok from anywhere in India either by air or by train. Moreover, you can come by bus or private car. In fact, Gangtok is very well connected by air, or by train or by road with all over India.

BY Air:

Bagdogra Airport is 124 km away from Gangtok and it takes 4 hours and 2 minutes to reach there.

Pakyong Airport is only 27.3 km away and it will take 1 hour and 13 minutes to reach Gangtok.

  • The nearest airport is Bagdogra. It is easy to come from anywhere in India. If You are not getting a direct flight, then come to Kolkata and change flight from there.
  • From Bagdogra, one can also opt for helicopter services. Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) offers daily services from Bagdogra to Gangtok. This airport of Gangtok is Pakyong Airport, Pakyong.

By Train:

NJP Station to Gangtok is 118 km and time requires almost 4 hours.

New Mal Junction to Gangtok is 119 km and it will take 3 hours and 30 minutes.

From Kolkata come to NJP Station or New Mall Junction. The best train is Darjeeling Mail) / Padatik Express, Kanchan Kanya Express (all from Sealdah Station) West Bengal. Moreover, NJP is very well connected with all over India by train.

By Road:

Tenzing Norgay Bus Terminus, Siliguri is 112 km away from Gangtok and it will take 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Take NBSTC, SBSTC, CSTC or other buses up to TENJIN –NORGE Bus Terminus, Siliguri. National highways are connecting it all over India.

At first, we will hire a car from Bagdogra airport or N.J.P. station or New Mal Junction or Siliguri bus stand. Cars will charge roughly Rs. 2500 to Rs. 4000, daily, according to size and class.

The rates are tentative and differ according to season.

However, bargaining may bring a favourable result, at times. Of course, cars will make your journey much enjoyable. Otherwise, you have to wait for local cars. They are not always available. They will start only when they get the total number of passengers. Added to this, is midway dropping problem. Moreover, you may not get direct cars always. Additionally, you have to carry enough cash for that. Although economical, it is time-consuming. In fact, it will exhaust your energy. As a result, it will lower your enjoyment level.

Where to stay in Gangtok/Hotels in Gangtok?

There are numerous hotels in various classes. Some of them are:

What are Oyo Hotels in Gangtok mg marg?

  • Capital O 22693 Tashi Norling Deluxe.
  • Capital O 26706 Namah Stay Deluxe.
  • OYO 14425 Hotel Shade Deluxe.
  • Capital O 63780 Hotel Nostalgia and spa deluxe.
  • Capital O 64905 Aspiring Gangtok Deluxe.
  • OYO 69393 Tashi Tanka By hotel Jolly.
  • Capital O 66959 The Simvo Residency.
  • Capital O70672 Hotel Red Orchid Deluxe.
  • Oyo 8488 Hotel Tashi Yang.
  • Capital O 38692 Hotel Gajraj Deluxe.
  • Capital O 66377 Hotel North Inn.
  • Oyo 67021 Hotel Noryang Deluxe.
  • Capital O 72961 Hotel Villa Royalle Deluxe.
  • Capital O 4047 Hotel Changlo Chen Deluxe.

What are the best hotels in Gangtok Mall Road?

  • Hotel Amba Regency.
  • White Conch Residency.
  • Summit Denzong Hotel and Spa.
  • Netuk House.
  • Yangthang Heritage Hotel.
  • Muscatel Delamere Central.
  • Hotel Sun n Snow.
  • Zero to One stay- Khandroling.
  • Hotel Amba Regency.
  • Hotel Tenancy.
  • Soutel Hotel Guru Tashi.
  • Hotel Pandim.
  • Brothers Guest House.
  • The Oriental.
  • The Grand Silk Route.
  • Bamboo Grove Retreat.
  • Hotel Tarayana.
  • Hotel Pink City.
  • Guru Tashi Hotel.
  • Hotel Nature View.

What are the Hotels in Gangtok below INR 1000?

  • Backpacker’s Den.
  • The Hotel Kasturi.
  • Hotel Mount Pleasant.
  • Hotel Himalaya.
  • The Aura.
  • Hotel Renam.
  • Hotel Green Park.
  • Sleepy Sam.

What are the Homestay in Gangtok?

  • Spot on 61318 Plato Homestay.
  • Adhomoo Homestay.
  • Pegs Homestay.
  • Sudhi’s Homestay.
  • Tamang House Homestay.
  • Hub Adventure Homestay.
  • Malinggo Homestay.
  • Dorjeelee Homestay.
  • Aurahomes.
  • Green Tara Homestay.
  • Ro Village Homestay.
  • Esses House.
  • Golden Homestay.

Finally, the gigantic snowy peaks of the divine Himalayas, breathtakingly beautiful Mount Kanchenjunga along with the variegated flora and fauna make Sikkim a paradise for travellers.

However, I think the above information will help you a great deal.

Seeing the mesmeric Himalayan beauty, you will forget your stress. Any type of tour always helps us as a mean of stress management technique.

If you tour anywhere with your love and relationship, then it will help to fortify the relationship. Moreover, a tour with children is a part of the parent’s role for child development.

Some final words:

The ambience along with sublime landscape in the verdant greenery will feel your mind as well as your soul with ample happiness.

Above all, it will improve your self-esteem in your family for choosing such a wonderful dreamland.

However, we all want more and more success in life. For this, we require some attitudes which ultimately decides our success.

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