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Freelancing-The Best Online Income Opportunity

freelancing jobs-the best opportunity to work from home
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Freelancing jobs, the best online income opportunity is becoming familiar. Of late, a lot of people are choosing it as a career. They are earning a handsome income from here.

 Freelancing jobs, the best online income opportunity

In the first place, freelancing business or freelancer jobs are growing as an alternative to service. It is growing by leaps and bounds due to various advantages. Therefore, we have a fair chance to become a freelancer and earn more.

freelancer the best way to earn online

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In short, we will become a freelancer and earn more:

To begin with, we may feel 10-5 office jobs are boring. Moreover, office bosses are disgusting. Even we may think that the service does not provide an adequate salary.

 we want to start a business without investment. Additionally, we will be our boss.

Moreover, freelancing brings an extraordinary income scope before us. We just require some unique skills. Then we will be able to earn beyond our imagination.

Under these circumstances, we will find out freelancing jobs. As a result, we will be able to earn more. In consequence, we will become happier.

In fact, in this article, I will try to give some basic ideas about it.

What Is Freelancing?

In the first place, freelancing is an alternative work situation. A freelancer is a typically self-employed person who can offer various services to his clients.

To tell the truth, he normally works independently for several companies and earns more than a service.

Generally, these services are frequently, though not inevitably, concerning various businesses related activities. Although mechanical Turk, Fiverr, upwork etc propagate of sharing economy as well as helpful apps.

However, anybody can individually offer his services and facilities directly to his clients. As we take help of third-party resources, so they keep a part of the income. They do so due to their services. Then they pay us the rest amount.

Most importantly,

freelancers provide almost all type of services that most of the businessmen need. 

    •    Tutoring or Teaching
    •   Content Writing
    • .Accounting or Bookkeeping.
    • Social Media Manager.
    • Graphic Design.
    • Web or Mobile Design or Development.
    •   Marketing
    • Virtual Assistant.
    • Project Management.
    •  Music.
    •  Translating and Illustrating or transcriptionist.
    •  Administrative Assistant.
    • PPC Copywriter.
    • Insurance Inspection.
    • Real Estate Assistant.
    •  Photographer, etc.


In the first place, a freelancer’s income varies significantly. Actually it depends on 1) First the skills of the individual.

2) Secondly, self-experience.

3) Thirdly, the market we target and its scope.

4)Fourthly and most importantly the time we provide.

5) Another very important matter is self-reputation.

Normally, freelancers have a chance to earn anywhere between $5 to $ 50 or Rs.50 to Rs. 500 per hour.

Some works or fields pay more than others. Besides, it also differs from company to company and country to country along with individuals need.

Some life skills that also require to get success in this freelancing field. First of all, we need a Positive Attitude. We also require the power of spoken words as we have to communicate with our clients.

Moreover, we need to work very hard. As much as we can work we will get the amount of work. Therefore, our income will grow extraordinarily.

Our motivation, as well as our leadership quality, will help us a lot.


Actually, this profession gives a lot of incredible and unique benefits which maximum employers unable to compete with. But before taking it as our career, we have to know the pros and cons very well.

In simple words, the advantages are the pros and the disadvantages are the corns.

The Advantages of Freelancing:

freelancer advantages

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To tell the truth, it is a very much affordable and convincing way to start our career. In other words, we are going to start our own business where we are our boss.

The advantages are as follows:

  1. Work from Home-Generally, a freelancer works from home. So he need not take the hassle of going anywhere and within a stipulated time.
  2. Work from Anywhere– If a freelancer wants he can do his job from anywhere and everywhere. He only needs an internet connection and a smart or android phone. Apart from these, he can do freelancing works in a tab or a laptop.
  3. Flexible Hours of Work-Moreover, he can work at any hours of the day at his will.
  4. Full-time or Part-Time-Anybody can choose it as part-time or full-time. Therefore, a serviceman can also do this if he requires extra money.
Even a college student can do this to manage his pocket expenditure.

To tell the truth, some poor students are doing this to earn their education expenses.

Moreover, retired persons are getting chances to engage themselves along with some earnings. So, they can live a stress-free life. Furthermore, being a housewife they can not only manage savings but also earn and help her family. This will help them to establish

  1. Affordable to Start-It is affordable for all as it need not invest a lot of money like other business at the beginning.
  2. Get paid for your worth-As we set self-price for our services, so we must ensure that we earn better than the same job.
  3. Be a sovereign contractor– Although clients have different specifications for the work.
  4. But a freelancer, still, is a self-governing worker or supplier, not an employee.
  5. Therefore, he can control how the work he is going to complete. And he will be able to find such clients who agree his terms and conditions.
  6. Of course, if the clients dislike the final product, then he will find that he is out of the gig.
  7. A freelancer can pick and choose his clients– Although a freelancer is very keen to get as many jobs or any client who offers him work or job. None the less, he is free to accept or reject a job or a particular client, especially at his growing period. He may also offer and settle suitable terms with his clients.
  8. There’s a high demand– Many companies nowadays prefer freelancers rather than fixed employee because it is cost-effective and hazard-less as well.

Therefore, there is a high demand for freelancers, although the marketplace is highly competitive.

Consequently, the need for reliable and quality freelancers is growing.

The Disadvantages of Freelancing:

To tell the truth, there are a lot of advantages also. They are,

  1. Sometimes it is very difficult to match client’s schedules which are very helpful to fix any issue instantly.
  2. There may be times when there is a lack of consistent supply of works.
  3. We may not get enough success overnight and therefore feel the family maintenance pressure.
  4. Therefore, we need to plan for bad or ill times.
  5. Moreover, managing several clients and projects at a time is highly challenging.
  6. Most importantly, our freelancing career depends on our quality and agility.
  7. We will have to pay for all types of taxes and payments for our self-benefits. For example, life insurance, child life insurance, mutual funds, banks etc.

How to Start Career as a Freelancer?

To start a career as a freelancer is very easy. First of all, we have to register ourself as a freelancer to almost all the top sites. These sites provide works from beginners to the experienced. In simple words, this is the marketplace for the freelancer.

Most importantly, we will not get sufficient payment as we want at the beginning. But, we may get a regular job offer as well as referrals. Moreover, it brings us the chance to establish our name in this market or world.

Besides, utilising the freelancing sites, to start as a freelance career or business we should do the followings:


First, decide the services we want to offer:

We must decide the services that we will offer. We may either generalize on a few topics or specialize in a particular field of activities. For instance, the manager of Pinterest marketing is a specialization whereas, social media management is a generalization.

Secondly, Online portfolio creation:

Indeed, it is very much essential to create our profile on the internet, because it will help to promote our offerings. To tell the truth, Portfoliobox, LinkedIn, Journo Portfolio and Square Space etc may be helpful.

Thirdly, Target market determination:

We have to fix our targeted market or segment or group of people whom we are willing to deal with or can offer both of our services and/or products. Therefore, we require our brand as well as exclusive selling plan along with an industry that we want to focus on.

Fourthly, Settle Rate:

We must settle our rates. However, it will be less at the beginning and par with the competition. As our experience and excellence increases, we may increase our rate. Moreover, we may charge hourly or completion of a single task etc.

Moreover, Market Service:

We have to market our services by various means and build up the client base by attractive services. Therefore, we may offer free consultation and market via email and take advantage of social media and ask for referrals.

Furthermore, Payments:

We must pay our taxes and insurance and settle all money issues along with any type of problems.

Besides, Keep Payment Records:

It is very hard and time-consuming to settle rates and methods of payments with the clients. Added to this, we have to maintain payment records.


The Best Freelance Jobs Websites for Landing Remote Freelance Work

    • Photographer Jobs
    • Customer Support
    •   General  Jobs (Websites) Jobs
    • Developer Jobs(Web)
    •  Writing Jobs
    • Marketing Jobs
    •  Design Jobs
    • Video Editing Jobs
    •    Virtual Assistant Jobs
    •  Sales Jobs

The Best Websites for General Freelance Jobs

  •    Guru
  •   Fiverr
  •    Upwork
  •  Freelancer
  • SolidGigs
  •   CloudPeeps
  •   FlexJobs
  •  ServiceScape
  •  College Recruiter
  •  Indeed

Freelance Apps

There are several freelance apps. At first, we will go to the google play store of our android phones. Here, we will find many apps. Next, we will download them. Then, we will sign up.

Afterwards, we will log in and start doing works.

Some apps are;  meesho; etc


The demand for freelancing jobs or freelancers is gaining tremendous speed of late because of its advantages. So more and more people are also trying freelancing as a career.

To tell the truth, if we are looking for some extra income, then we may try it. There is no problem. It will hardly matter if we cannot get too much success.

But, if it is our sole profession, then we have to be successful and ensure sufficient income so that we can manage our family smoothly.

Our success is totally in our hands. If we have genuine skills and we are sincere and disciplined, then we will be able to earn a lot.

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