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Goal Settings- Right action for Success

Goal settings
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Effective goal settings are the right action for getting success and accomplish goals in life with the focused and decisive way through right actions in lesser time.

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Effective Goal Settings:

Set your goals

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To tell the truth, everyone wants to get more in less time. Yet, many people abandon their goal settings before accomplishing them.

The reasons may be either a lack of confidence or not having a feasible plan. On the other hand, the plan may be unrealistic. Because they expect too much too early. Further, it may be fear of failure.

To clarify it, we will first know the

Reasons Why Goals Setting is Important?

To start with, we will ask ourselves whether our daily actions are bringing us closer to our goals? The answer will be invariably no if we do not make our goal settings.

Most importantly, setting goals are vital for our development and success.

  1. At first, goal settings are what we desire to achieve in our life.
  2. Secondly, they help to develop a road map for success.
  3. Thirdly, a specific goal directly indicates our path.
  4. Fourthly, goal settings help to develop a plan and live life in our way.
  5. Fifthly, it is quite impossible to start a major life-journey without knowing the destination.
  6. It provides us with a starting point as well as an endpoint.
  7. As we write our goals, so goal-setting assist to track our movement.
  8. It also tells whether we are running in the right direction or any change is necessary to meet our dream destination.
  9. In all honesty, it improves our vision of the future.
  10. As a matter of fact, our goal settings clearly focus on what we feel important in our lives.
  11. Besides, it also helps to control our future to a great extent.
  12. In order to achieve our life goals, we will be always ready to make sacrifices.
  13. Moreover, we shall show a positive attitude and stay committed to overcoming all the challenges.
  14. Not only this, but it gives us satisfaction and happiness, as well.
  15. Goal settings also bring clarity to our decision making.
  16. In addition, it helps to remain the focus.
  17. In fact, it provides motivation.
  18. Furthermore, goals keep us undistracted.
  19. As a matter of fact, they are very helpful to overcome procrastination.
  20. Additionally, they propel us forward.
  21. In all honesty, goal settings help to make impossible targets to look very easy.
  22. Not to mention that they make us hopeful and give us confidence.
  23. Goal settings also help to manage as well as save time.
  24. By the by, they will make us stress-free.
  25. Above all, they help to overcome our mental blockage.
  26. Finally, we should set goals in these seven fields of life. They are physical, mental, spiritual, professional, relationship, social and financial. They will make us very powerful.

These are also the Benefits of Goal Settings:

I am trying to clear it with an example.

Almost every one of us likes to enjoy to tour and travel in various places with his family. To tell the truth, it is one of our life goals. It gives us enjoyment and pleasure. It also helps to develop love and relation.  This is due to the fact that we are spending a few enjoyable days. In reality, we are together relaxing and enjoying. If we have our children with us, then it will better our role of parents.

At first, we need to develop goal settings. Further, we need to choose some good places like

  1. Manali
  2. Munsyari
  3. Kolakham and Rishop
  4. Sandakphu and Phalut
  5. Colourful Delhi
  6. Nawabi splendor at Murshidabad and etc.

we know that to get this enjoyment and happiness we need to develop a tour fund. Here, we will have to save money.

However, saving money will produce a good result if we know how to grow our savings.

 What is Effective Goal-Settings?

Proper goal settings

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At first, we will write our goals on paper. This is in order to express our intangible aspirations and desires in a concrete form. In reality, it will increase our chance of achieving them. In turn, it will radically increase our chance of success.

On the other hand, our goal settings must be SMART. Therefore, it will allow us to measure our progress.  Depending on it, we can fix our next step.

Effective goal settings are a tried and tested way to win success and achievement in life. Without this, we will drift aimlessly. Therefore, we will waste valuable time and energy in our in vain pursuits that lead us nowhere. It only makes us despair.

So we will start now. At first, we will choose the goals that are the most appealing and meaningful to us.  After that, we will plan goal settings for achieving them.

How to Set them?

To begin with, we will set a SMART goal. To know more about SMART goal read what is SMART Goal.

Personal Goal Settings:

Most of the people think that they are adrift in today’s world. They will give hard labour. Yet, they cannot make anything worthwhile.

The key reason behind that is they are unwilling to think about what they want from life. Moreover, they set formal goals or do not have goal settings.

How to Set a Goal?

In the first place, we will ponder what we want to achieve. Next, we will commit to it. Then we will set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable or achievable, relevant or reasonable and timely or time-bound) life goals.

Further, we will plan the necessary steps we shall undergo to accomplish our goal. We require a lot of thinking along with a powerful vision to set our goals. Now we will concentrate on our actions.

Why Set Goals?

Most importantly, every successful person has their own goals. Without goal settings, we cannot progress further in our life.

We will read the reasons why goal setting is important above to know why we set goals. It helps to know the significance of our good health. Without it, we cannot move further. Sound and sufficient sleep is perhaps the most important aspect along with deep sleep.

Starting of Personal Goal settings:

new goal settings

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We set our goals. We start our goal settings with the view of our life goals. Then, we split them in the long term, short term and stepping stone goals. In other words, it means where will we be after 10 years or 5 years.

Moreover, how far will we go in the next year? Added to this, what things we will do in the next six months, or the next month. Finally, what we will do this week and then today to reach our target.

Step 1: Setting Lifetime Goals

We will set our life goals as the first step of our goal settings i.e. what we want to achieve in our lives.

In my earlier article, I gave a thorough knowledge of that.

In order to provide comprehensive and balanced coverage, we will set goals in these categories. They are education, career, financial, physical, pleasure, attitude, family, social service.

We can create various examples of personal goals in the above-mentioned fields as per our choice.

Now we will choose the best goal in each category. Again, we should trim them so that we have a very handful of goals. It will help us to focus well on them and do better.

Another important thing is that all the goals must be of our own. They should not be borrowed or others.

Step 2: Setting Smaller Goals

At first, we will ensure our goal settings. The next step is extremely important and decisive. We will have to split our goals. For instance, we will break them in 5years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, this month, this week or today. As a result, it minimizes the workload.

Because we are able to precisely break down our targets in daily or monthly targets. Therefore, it will be easy to track them. We will measure easily my progress of today. If every today is successful, then we will achieve our month target easily.

If there is any problem or backlog we will have to sort out them very quickly. We may face some practical problems and accordingly can arrange suitable changes in our goal settings.

However, to achieve our goals this step is most crucial. It will decide whether we will achieve our goal or not. We will complete our daily targets as well as monthly targets by all means.

If we can win these smaller challenges, then we will get the ultimate success. Otherwise, it will easily demotivate us and we will give up easily.

Finally, we will review our plans from time to time. Moreover, assure that they will be suitable to live our life.

Stay on Course:

Once we have fixed our today’s goal settings, we will maintain our progress daily by reviewing and updating our d To-Do List. Further, we will review our periodical progress. We will modify them if necessary with our change of priorities based on our experiences.

Further Tips for Setting Effective Goals:

1)We will use a positive statement. It is preferable to say ” I can execute this technique well” instead of “I will not make this silly and stupid mistake.”

2)If our goal settings are precise with date, time, amount and etc. then we can track our progress. We will know when we have achieved our goal,

3)We will Set priorities when we chase several goals at a time. It is helpful to maintain our focus towards the most important one.

4) Moreover, we will write down our goals to assume a pattern and generate more force.

5) Further, we will keep small-term operational goal settings. As a result, it will be easy to achieve due to our focus and concentration. In this case, we will always feel that we are making progress and we will achieve all our goals.

It will give us satisfaction and uplift our self-confidence.

6)In addition, we will set performance goals. They are in our hand. We can control them and achieve them. We will not set outcome goals. As a matter of fact, outcome goals depend on many influences which are beyond our control.

7) Indeed, our language matters a lot. In fact, the language we use in our goal setting matters immensely. A specific goal implies that it defines one, real objective. If we are looking to lose weight naturally, we must define it as we want the weight to lose 5 kg weight in the next 30 days.

Moreover, we will use the power of spoken words here. It is necessary to use positive and affirmative words or sentences when defining our goals.

We must use phrases like “I will do” instead of “I want to do”. This will give it more power. Moreover, it will boost our confidence and increase our chance of success.

Achieving Goals:

When we successfully chase goal settings, we will keep time and relish the satisfaction of the achievement. At the same time, we will give the importance of achieving the other goals.

If this achieved goal is a major one, we need to reward ourselves properly. All of these help to build our self-confidence.

As we have experienced success, we will review the rest of our plans in that light.

  • If this target is very easy, then we will make our next targets a bit harder.
  • In case, it took such a long time to achieve that can demotivate us, we will make our next target a less lengthy.
  • As we learned a lot and gained experience, therefore we will bring suitable changes in our other goal settings, if necessary.
  • We may find deficits in our skills although we have reached the goal. In that case, we will have to fix the problem as early as possible.

Tip 1:

Read Goals-an integral part of our life which will help us in our goal settings.

Tip 2:

We must remember, that failure matters a little so long we are in actions.

Only our actions need direction from our experience. In reality, we will gather the experience from our failure.

Tip 3:

Most importantly, our goals will change as time changes.

We will modify them often due to the change in our knowledge from our experience. If any goal does not attract any longer, then we will consider to let them go.

Tip 4:

A good way of progress is to use the Mind Tools from various life plan workbooks.

Top 5:

steps to set effective goals:

These steps are very crucial for any successful goal chase. Without them, we will not be able to chase our goals successfully. Therefore, it will demotivate us and we will give up in between.

As a result, we will feel Stress. We all know it very well that stress can ruin a man very easily.

 Step 1: Write down our core values and set goals accordingly

To start with, we will think about our goals. But before setting goals it is important to understand why we want that

It may be our

Our core values will help us to set goals and work towards accomplishing them.

So, if our core value is “creativity,” then we can easily think of being a content writer and developing a website.

Step 2: Eliminate goals that are getting in our way

At first, we will list the goals that we want to achieve.  Next, we will prioritize which ones we do work on. This is because it is not possible to work with a lot of goals at a time.

To tell the truth, it is very hard to set aside some goals. In fact, too many goals are the biggest distraction to achieve goals.

To overcome this, we will prioritize our goals. It may be 20 or 25 or 30 at present. We will list the top 3-5 goals. These are such goals that we must achieve at any cost. Now, we will start work on them.

Step 3: Create a short- term action plan for achieving goals:

Now, it is time for the most vital action plan.

We will break down our bigger goals in smaller pieces. In the beginning, we will write down all the steps that we must undergo to reach our goals.

Further, we will break down all these steps as much as possible. This is the most important part. Now, our action plan is ready. We need to act sincerely and accordingly.

Moreover, we always remember our goals must be SMART.

Furthermore, we will create an action plan for every 3-6 months. Then work to make it a success. If we are able to win or even go nearer to our target, then we will get success at the end.

What I mean to say is that our purpose is to develop a clear and actionable plan. Next, we will work on them daily.

Step 4: Update our calendar and schedule that reflect our goals:

At first, we will schedule our habits. For example, we will get up at 6.00 am or go to bed at 11 pm.

Now make a two-hour work chart. What we will do from 6-8 am, 8-10 am, 10-12noon and so on. While making our work chart we will try to make maximum use of those hours when our energy is high. Then we can do anything very easily.

Moreover, we will also analyze our last month performance. That will show us a road map.

  • When our performance was better.
  • How much work we can finish within a month.
  • Whether we can do even better.
  • What were my mistakes?
  • What was lacking?
  • How can I better my performance?

We will remember one more thing. It is we need sufficient mental and physical rest. Only then, we will be able to work to our highest potential level and produce the best possible result in our favour. As a result, we will get work done in less time. It will increase our chance to get success.

Step 5: Optimize our work environment to make working on our goals easier

Because our work has a great impact on both the quality and quantity of work. Therefore, our working place needs to be neat and clean. Moreover, we will try to minimize all distractions there.

It may be unwanted noises, other people, reminders of responsibilities and etc. All these must limit the performance that we require to complete our goal settings purpose.

We will need to ensure a positive environment. It may be positive people or reminders around us. Added to this it may be lower distractions or have the right apparatuses at your disposal whenever necessary.

Goal-setting Psychology:

In all honesty, it is very important psychologically. It not only gives self-motivation but also gives self-driven ability. It makes our actions more productive. Additionally, we feel the satisfaction of achieving something better. It also helps to enhance our autonomy and self-confidence.

Above all, researchers say that there is a strong relationship between goal-settings and our success.

It is a fact that goal setting has the power to influence our mind for all-round betterment.

Goal Settings-  Psychological Definition:

The psychological definition of goal setting mentions to a successful action-plan that we set for our success. It guides to find out the right moves and right way for us, at the right time.

Common mistakes people do at the time of goal settings:

  1. At first, people do not write down their goals.
  2. Secondly, people are not using a task manager.
  3. Thirdly, they set too many goals at a time.
  4. Fourthly, they do not think life-time or long-term at the beginning of goal settings.
  5. Next, people usually do not know the answer to why.
  6. Moreover, these goals are not SMART.
  7. Further, they do not review or revise their goal setting.
  8. Besides, they are not committed.
  9. Added to this, they cannot say no to other opportunities.
  10. However, they set unrealistic goals.
  11. In most of the time, they set tasks instead of goalsetting.
  12. In reality, there is a conflict between identity and purpose.
  13. Not only this, but people generally set other people’s goals.
  14. They also can not appreciate their failure.
  15. Moreover, they do not have the right mindset.
  16. Above all, they are not fully committed.
  17. Finally, they do not have the right resources or support.

Are we doing these important daily to-do list mistake?

To get success in chasing a goal the most vital is our daily to-do list. Usually, we follow some daily to-do list pattern in our life. But, the question is whether we are using it to its maximum potential. Are we completing every work on that list per day?

How to Construct a Proper Daily To-Do List for goal settings

At first, this list should contain some small works.  In all honesty, these tasks will take hardly a couple of hours to complete. Otherwise, they will not be very effective.

A lot of people go wrong here. They use this daily to-do list just like a reminder and nothing else. They even cannot separate large tasks from the small ones.

Best  goal tracker apps(track progress of goal settings):

  1. Strides
  2. Fabulous
  3. Loop
  4. Productive
  5. Habitica
  6. HabitHub
  7. Trello
  8. Coach, me
  9. Way of Life
  10. ATracker.
  11. Lifetick
  12. Streaks
  13. Toodledo
  14. Goals on Track

Golden Rules of goal setting:

The golden rules of goal settings are as the followings.

1)            At first, we need to set goals that motivate us.

2)            Secondly, our goals must be SMART.

3)            Thirdly, if we want to accomplish any goal, we must write them on paper.

4)            Moreover, we must create a proper action plan and a daily to-do list.

5)            Finally, we will stick with our goal. We will not quit.

As a matter of fact, every one of us possesses our own dreams. In reality, they may be big or small. But they are extremely important in our lives. Our happiness, as well as well-being, depends heavily upon the accomplishments of our dreams or goals. In other words, when we achieve our goals our self-esteem increases.



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