Deep Sleep-Different phases and benefits of deep sleep are extremely important.

In our daily life, we need deep sleep like food and water.

We need deep sleep for the proper functioning of our brain and metabolism. Not only those but also heart, immunity system, lungs, disease resistance and mood require deep sleep.


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 Most importantly, we spend one-third of our lives in deep sleep and it is important for all our tissues and systems.

Moreover, it is important because of a number of brain activities and nerve cells communicate with each other. Besides, our brain removes toxins that it generates while we are awake.

Therefore, everybody needs deep sleep.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep is, most importantly, an extremely necessary natural and recurring state of our body and mind.

Definition of Sleep:

In fact, sleep is such a position when we lay on the bed and there is hardly anybody movement with closed eyes and inactive nervous system and relaxed muscles. Moreover, we are not conscious of our surroundings and happenings. Actually, this situation remains continuously for a few hours, say 6-9 hours daily at night.

It is such an important and inevitable aspect of life that no sleep or shortage of sleep and any disturbance of sleep our body almost cannot tolerate and we feel a lot of uncertainties so long we do not make up the deficiency the very next day. Therefore, it’s importance is clear.

Circadian Rhythm:

Circadian rhythm is a very common and normal 24hour pattern of functions that our body follows. Environment-light or dark and noise or quiet and heredity have an impact over this rhythm. They release necessary hormones at the time of sleep.

Any irregularity for a long period of time may cause a lot of diseases and thereby harm us.

Phases of Sleep/ Stages of Sleep/ Sleep Cycles:

Stages of Sleep

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REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM are the two stages of sleep.

REM Sleep: Deep Sleep:

In simple words, REM is actually a deep sleep phase.

In this period our brain remains vigorously active to combine various information and learning and to process them in our memory. Moreover, our body overhauls itself and forms energy for the day ahead along with boosting both mind and mood.

Generally, rapid movement of both the eyes, more body movement and dream along with an increase in pulse rate and breathing happen in this phase.

Normally First REM period comes after around 90 minutes of sleep and lasts 10 minutes or so. Later REM phases will last for a longer time and the final one will be of almost one hour.

Babies and adults spend around 50% and 20% of their sleep respectively in REM state.

Why is REM Sleep Important: Is REM Sleep Good?

REM sleep inspires the brain cells and increases its functioning like learning and remembering and dreaming. This is very important for normal brain development during childhood. This is why children spend maximum time in REM sleep than adults.

Non-REM Sleep:

Non-REM sleep comprises of 3 stages and lasts for 5-15 minutes. We have to go through these stages to enter REM phase.

Stage1: In this period, we may easily wake up though we are sleeping closing our eyes. This phase continues for 5-10 minutes.

Stage2: We are preparing for deep sleep. Moreover, our pulse rate falls along with the drop in body temperature.

Stage3: We are ready for deep sleep and it will be difficult to rouse us from sleep. Anyhow, if we waken up for any cause, we will be perplexed for a few minutes.

In this phase, our body repairs and renew tissues along with developing and improving our immunity system. Moreover, grows and improves our bones and muscles.

The necessity of Deep Sleep:

The necessity of good sleep

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1) Helps to recover and heal all sorts of damages of daily life

2) Enables learning & develops memory.

3)Improves immunity functions.

4) Affects physical as well as mental health and the quality straightway of our awakening life of the next day.

It is a combination of productivity; good health of brain and heart along with emotional balance and creativity, immunity system, and even control our body weight.

No other human activity can produce so many benefits with such a small effort.

Ideal Hours of Deep Sleep:

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It varies from man to man. Normally a healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep at night to perform optimally the next day.

Moreover, both the children and teen require more sleeping hours.

Because aged people cannot sleep so long at a stretch. Therefore, they may take a daytime nap.

National Institute of Health reveals the truth that on an average adult sleeps hardly 7 hours or even less every night due to the busy schedule of life which is not sufficient.

If we have sufficient sleep then we will remain energetic and alert throughout the day. It will make them happy.

Signs of not Sufficient Deep Sleep:

Because an adult person needs at least 7 hours of sleep daily to remain healthy. But in the busy and stressful schedule of modern life, people get hardly 5-6 hours of sleep daily. Therefore, there is every chance that we are sleep deprived.

Moreover, we do not have any clue regarding how much lack of sleep will affect us in future and how.

If We Are Sleep Deprived, then
  • a) To wake up timely in the morning we have to trust an alarm in snooze mood.
  • b) Take a long time to leave the bed in the morning.
  • c) Feel tired very easily and therefore be lethargic almost throughout the day. Increases our stress label.
  • d)Feel sleepy while sitting idle in meetings, lectures, or warm rooms and at the time of watching TV and relaxing.
  • e) Drowsiness occurs after a meal or while driving.
  • f) Sometimes require daytime nap while travelling by bus or car or even in rest sitting somewhere. Moreover, in holidays invariably need daytime sleep or nap.
  • g) Fall in sleep just after going to bed.


Result of Deep Sleep Deprivation:

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The following problems will come as a result of sleep deprivation: –

  • a) We will be tired and lethargic and therefore demotivated.
  • b) Besides we will be morose and irritated and depressed.
  • c) As our sex will decrease so we will face a problem in a relationship.
  • d) We will face problem while learning or trying to concentrate, and remember as our brain does not properly work.
  • e) Added to this our creativity will be down along with our skills and decision-making power so, decreases our positive attitude.
  • f) Furthermore, we will gain weight and will show signs of premature ageing.
  • g) It will weaken our immunity system and we will have frequent colds and various infections.
  • h) More importantly, our risk of various fatal diseases like stroke or diabetes or high blood pressure or Alzheimer’s or cancers will increase.

Salient Features of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis happens to almost every person and at any age. Although, this is a common scenario for young adults as well as teenagers.

In fact, some people do experience it only for a few times in their life. Besides a good number of people do experience it quite frequently in their life.

All We Should Know About Sleep Paralysis:

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Now it is clear to us the importance of sound and sufficient sleep. We will always keep in mind that sound and sufficient sleep is highly solicited throughout life.

To tell the truth, we all want to be happy and prosperous in our life. Therefore

Sleep well, keep well, keep healthy and be happy.


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