Chaukori-Shyamalatal-Punyagiri Himalayan Jewels

Written by Banani Chakraborty

Chaukori, Munsyari, Shyamalatal and Punyagiri are dream destinations.  We see astonishing beauties of staggering snowy Kumaun Hills. Moreover, it is little-known, high-value pilgrim spot.

Chaukori, Shyamalatal and Punyagiri: Himalayan Jewels: Dream Destinations

Most importantly, we will require a minimum of 7 full days from Tanakpur to visit Chaulori. If we can provide more time, our enjoyment will increase. In this dream tour, we will start from Tanakpur. It is another entry point of Kumayun region.

Firstly, it is also the gateway of the holy Purnagiri temple which is at 23km distance from here. Further, it is the starting point of Kailash and Mansarovar Pilgrimage.

Another important matter is that we will get many easy trekking trails for a few hours. If we wish we can avail them easily. (Please note that Sandakphu and Phalut in West Bengal is also trekkers paradise. Do not miss that alluring journey. Then we will miss a fascinating journey in our life).

Moreover, we may get local apples. They are very tasty and cheap.

PURNAGIRI DEVI TEMPLE:(First Visit in this Chakouri tour)

Purnagiri Devi Temple(Chaukori)

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Most importantly, at an elevation of 3000mts it is one of the 52 Shakti peeths and only last 4kms we have to walk. It is only 20km from Tanakpur Railway Station.

Devotees and pilgrimage come here all the year, particularly during Chaitra Navratri, in mid. March-mid. April.

Apart from this, the scenic beauty is unique and charming and captivating. Streaming of River Kali between two mountains along with Nepali villages and township are really mesmerizing.

This is a perfect spiritual place, enclosed by peace and blessings. We can easily spend quality and stress-free time along with our family.

SHYAMALATAL:( Near Chaukori)


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From Tanakpur it is only 28km and takes 1hour by car. The area of the lake is 1.5 and its height is 1500 meters. The colour of lake water is Shyaama that is little dark like Lord Krishna.

To tell the truth, it is a lovely little quient and pristine hamlet with the beautiful lake and green hills all around. Moreover, you can pass some time in Swami Vivekananda Ashram and Sri Ramkrishna Seva Ashram on the bank of the lake.

We can get a rejuvenating experience there. Additionally, we feel very happy.


In all honesty, Champawat is an important and religious age-old destination.

Local people believe that Lord Vishnu appeared here in the Kurma Avatar as the incarnation of a tortoise. Also, the Pandavas spend some time while in exile. There are traces of temples made by the Chand Monarchs.

Ek Hathiya Ka Naula, The Baleshwar and Nagnath and Kanteshwar are the well-known temples here.

Amidst a number of floras and faunas, Champawat mesmerizes with the pristine terrains and unspoiled abundance of natural beauty.


Lohaghat, 14 km from Champawat, is another pretty and charming hill station to pass some delightful period and reinvigorate.

This Mystique and verdant valley, as well as a hill station, is perching on the bank of river Lohawati. Besides, it is only 7km from mount Abbott.

Adorned with lush greenery and peaceful climate and deep forest of pine and oaks, it is an unspoiled, virgin retreat.

If time permits, people can visit Mount Abbott and the church, Pancheswar Mahadev Banasur Ka Kila and of course, Mayawati Ashram (10km, 26 minutes).

This tranquil hill station enthrals visitors with its abundant picturesque vistas and natural bounteousness.

It is a fascinating and fortifying weekend destination for the local people.


Mayavati Ashram

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This tranquil hamlet was a dream destination of Swami Vivekananda. The view of this beautiful region is fantastic. The journey from Lohaghat is unbelievably fantastic. A lot of blooming and colourful flowers with lush greenery around makes us cheerful and happy.

It helps to generate our positivity and spirituality. As a matter of fact, tranquillity and serenity motivate us for meditation. This experience is a unicorn to us.

There is a library which showcases 14115 books, 22 newspapers and periodicals. Besides, there is a guesthouse for the divine aspirants. They also edit English monthly Prabuddha Bharat (Awakened India) founded by Swami Vivekananda.

Moreover, the 25-bed charitable hospital is very good. There are both indoor and outdoor facilities. Apart from this, they also make medical camps at times.

Furthermore, they do moderately diary and agricultural farming.


From Mayawati Ashram Pithoragarh is 70 km away and takes around 3 hours. Nanda Devi East and West, Trishul, Rajrambha, Panchchuli, Nandakot, Bambadhura etc. snow-laded peaks are visible from here.


Pithoragarh to Jhaltola is 97km and takes 3hours and 15 minutes’ time to reach.

In the first place, this place is an ideal and classic offbeat destination. In fact, nature created this exquisite balcony for his own delight. (I will request to visit Kolakham and Rishop in West Bengal.)

Perhaps, the purpose of the visit is to glimpse the rarest view of 300 km wide, snowy and dazzling Himalaya with all its unique own glory.

From here, we can see widespread river valley, the township of Berinag and Chokri.

For more details, read Jhaltola, a stunning off-beat Uttranchal destination


Another splendid and must-visit place in Kumaon is Dharchula which is a little gem about 120km from Jhaltola and takes 4hours time. Almost 93 km away from Munsiyari, it is on the bank of the river Kali and is a vital town on the way to Kailash Mansarovar.

It is famous for its flora and historical background of ancient trading town on the trans-Himalayan trade routes. Here, you can see the reflection of diverse but rich cultures. You can witness excellent and awe-inspiring scenic beauty here.

The must-visit places are-

1)Jauljibi- It is the confluence of Kali and Gori River at Indo-Nepal border.

2)Narayan Ashram-A social and spiritual centre which you can see at the time of coming and returning back.

3) Chirkila Dam-It is a dam on the river Kali.

4) Askot Sanctuary-Here you can see black bears, monals, musk deer, snow leopards and many wild lives.

From here go to alluring Munsyari-the little Kashmir.

Also visit:Visakhapatnam-The Jewel of East Coast



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As a matter of fact, this place is by far the best place in this Kumaun region.

Most importantly, this tourist spot is so charming and dumbfounding that it easily comes in the list of top 10 hill stations in India.

Indeed, this is the base point for a number of nerve-wracking, adventurous trails for the trekkers.

Most importantly, this is a tiny village with the awe-inspiring natural beauty of snowy Himalayan peaks. Besides, it offers captivating splendour of natures to all the nature lovers who come here for a visit.

As a matter of fact, awe-inspiring panoramic natural splendid vistas are simply stunning.

Not to mention that we will find no match for Panchchuli from Munsyari.



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A small, serene, hamlet Chaukori in Pithoragarh district, 98 km from Munsiyari is another wonderful treasure of nature. Normally tourist comes from Munsiyari to Chaukori or in reverse direction in their tour to Uttrakhand.

Chaukori is another fascinating hill station. In the first place, we will see lofty, majestic and snow-capped peaks. To tell the truth, the sight of these Western Himalayan Range is eye-captivating.

As a matter of fact, in its North is Tibet. And Tarai is in the South. River Mahakali is flowing along the Eastern boundary. It also forms an international border between India and Nepal.

It started its journey as an offbeat destination like Jhaltola, in this region. We may also visit another beautiful offbeat location of Mukteshwar and Bageswar in Kumaoun. It is very similar to Kolakham and Rishop.

In the first place, now it is a very popular tourist destination. From here we can get a heart-absorbing, picturesque view of Himalayan beauty. The sunrise is marvellous.

Chaukori Height:

It is at a height of 2010 meters (6590feet).

Peaks visible from Chaukori:

However, from here we can see awe-inspiring panoramic views of the mighty Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot range. Further, we can glimpse the stunning Panchchuli peaks.

Popular tourist Attractions in Chaukori:

Although it is true that it is a holy hamlet, as there are temples in a large number.  Furthermore, they attract numerous pilgrims and tourists

Temples in Chaukori:

There are two temples. One at Patal Bhuvaneswar. It is only 37 km away and needs 1hour and 30 minutes to reach there. Another one is at Gangolihat. Both these temples are almost at the same distance from Chaukori. In fact, these two well-known temples are at a distance of 14 km. And it will take only 40 minutes to reach a temple from the other.

Moreover, there are some local temples.

    1. Nagmandir of Berinag
    2. Mostamanu temple
    3. Nakuleshwar Temple
    4. Ghunsera Devi Temple
    5. Kapileshwar Mahadev cave temple
    6. Kedar temple
    7. Ulkadevi Temple
    8. Kamaksha Temple
    9. Tripuradevi temple
    10. Jayanti Temple Dhwaj


To begin with, it is a tiny hamlet on a height of 1760 meters (5770 feet). It is only 78 km from Pithoragarh. The area is flanked by two rivers, Ramganga and Saraju. Nanda Devi, Kailash and Panchchuli range are clearly visible from here.

People usually come here for Hat Kalika Temple where the goddess is Maa Kali. It is the local belief that it is one of the holy Shakti Peeths.

Moreover, we will get some more famous local temples. Most importantly, here we will get some cave temples here.

As a matter of fact, this place at present attracting the tourist. It is gaining fame as a famous offbeat destination. Or it is a very good weekend spot for local people. (like Murshidabad or Ghatshila from Kolkata. We visit Murshidabad to visualize Nawabi splendour. We visit Ghatshila for its fortifying natural beauty).

There are some hotels also. If anyone wants, can easily spend a night here.


Patal Bhubaneswar

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Most importantly, this cave is 160-meter-long and 90 feet deep from the entry-point. In the first place, it is a limestone rock. We can see some outstanding stalagmite and stalactite figures here. Local people believe that all are figures are self-made, not man-made.

Not only they are of various hues but also of different forms. It is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. Others are Sheshnag, Ganesha, Kal Bhiarav and etc. Local people and pilgrims believe that there live all the 33 crore Hindu Dev and Devi (God and Goddess).

It is also believed that we will earn the same amount of virtue as we may get from Char Dham of Uttarakhand. This cave has a narrow tunnel-like entry path. To tell the truth, it is not a cave. Actually, it is a series of caves. It is near the confluence of Saraju, Gupta Ganga and Ramganga.

The whole cave gets light from electricity. It always remains illuminated to facilitate the tourists.

There are some hotels also. If anyone wants, can easily spend a night here. usually tourist stays at Chaukori and visits Patal Bhubaneswar and Gangolihat.

we can also visit Hidimba temple in Manali.

Things to Do in Chaukori:

As a matter of fact, the tourist comes here mainly to visit the above-mentioned temples. On the other hand, it is as if a corridor in-between Kaushani and Munsyari.

While visiting the temples, tourist enjoys the jaw-dropping charming Himalayan Peaks. In all honesty, the chief attraction is to view the stunning landscape.

The temperature of Chaukori:

    1. Summer is from March to June. Temperature varies from 15°C and 25°C.
    2. Monsoon is from July to September. Temperature varies from 19°C and 25°C.
    3. Winter is from October to February. Temperature varies from 3°C and 15°C.

Hotels in Chaukori:

There are a number of hotels in Chaukori. The best hotel is the KMVN Tourist Rest House. Moreover, Ojaswi Resort, Kaaphal a hill Homestay, Hotel Himshikhar and etc.

Best time to visit:

Although we can see its stunning beauty all through the year, still the best time to visit is the end of February to June and October to early December.

We must also try to avoid July to September due to rain, as one could hardly move or see anything due to rain and cloud. Additionally, there may be landslide and road blockage.

Moreover, from mid-December to End-February it is very cold and the temperature generally remains in minus. Besides, the roads may remain closed due to snow-fall. Therefore, if we visit at that time, we will have to remain cautious.


From March to November it normally remains between 10°C and 30°C. In Summer the lower limit goes up. In the rainy season, the upper limit comes down.

Moreover, in winter it is between -12 °C and 10°C.

How to Reach Chaukri:

By Air:

There are two airports, one at Pantnagar, 190km away. Another is at Pithoragarh.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is at Thanakpur. We will get these trains from Lucknow.

We may also go from Lalkuayn or Kathgodam station which is over (100-125) km from Tanakpur.

And a number of trains are available from Delhi.

Trains from Delhi-

12040 New Delhi kathgodam Shatabdi express

15013 Ranikhat express

15035 Uttaranchal Sampark Kanti express.

From Kolkata, the best train is weekly Lalkyuna Express (12353) on Friday or 13019 Bag Express.


It is my opinion that for a smooth and comfortable journey please hire a private car. The car fare is generally _

    • Alto (2200/- per day)
    • Wagan R or Santro(2400/- per day)
    • Sumo, Bolero, Max (2800/- Per Day)
    • Travella, Qualis (3000/- Per day)
    • Inovo, Ziolo (3800/- per day)

This fare chart is approx. It may vary in accordance with the season and oil fare.

For Car Rent, contact:

However, you may contact-

    •  Harishchandra-08171672441, 08958048344
    •  Sanjay Joshi-09411165321
    •  Dipen Nath-09568510275, 09897209933
    •  Dinesh Joshi-09627460822, 09411302904
    •  Sekhar Nagila- 09412040717
    •  Kailash Joshi-09411317731-for cars as well as hotels also.

Added to this, Hotels can also provide you with cars.

Even, you can hire cars after reaching Haldwani or Kathgodam or Tanakpur.


  • This area is a cold area. We will bring proper woollen garments as per the time of journey.
  • Always drink pure bottled water.
  • Keep sufficient cash with you as ATMs and other payments app may not work at various points.
  • Keep necessary medicines and take them regularly.
  • If somebody has skin irritations like acne, then be careful and apply protective creams.
  • We will use Sunscreen to save our skin from scorching sun heat.
  • Skin becomes dehydrated very often. So always carry rosewater as moisturizer.
  • Use other skincare products as necessary.
  • Every day, we will get up early at dawn to witness the beautiful sunrise. It will also provide us with extra time to enjoy the fascinating scenery and see various places. Therefore, we must go to sleep between 8-9 pm. Because we need sound and sufficient sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Not only that we also require deep sleep. Otherwise, we will not be able to utilize the next day.

Where to stay: Hotels for this Chaukori Tour:

In the first place, we will get K.M.V.N. hotels in every place of Kumaun. They provide the best and budget accommodations. We can stay anywhere.

This time, we will stay the first night at Tanakpur or Champabat. Then the second halt at Jhaltala. The third stay will be at Munsyari.

In the first place, we will get K.M.V.N. hotels in every place of Kumaun.

K.M.V.N. contact number- (05942) 235656, 231436, 236936; 7055715251, 8650002520

Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd Tourist Rest House (TRH) Contact Number

    • Birthi———–9917894096
    • Champawat—-8650002550
    • Dharchula——9410310373
    • Lohaghat——-9412929768
    • Munsyari——-7534001701
    • Pithoragarh——-8650002538
    • Tankpur———–8650002551
    • Chaukori-8650002542
    • Gangolihat-8650002552
    • Patal Bhubaneshwar-8650002543

Kolkatta Office:

PRO, KMVN 7/2C Chakra Beria Road ( South ) P.S.-Bhowanipur.

Kolkata – 700025

Ph: 033-24868295

Mobile: 09339878995


There are some private hotels and lodges and rest houses and guest houses in the above-mentioned places.

For standard accommodation, you will have to pay approx. 1000/ – 2000/- per day for a double bedroom.

For travel, we require a lot of money. So it is necessary for us to know how to save and grow our savings. Particularly, I will request housewives to save money.

Family tours always give us stress-free and memorable memories and make our days delightful.

If we are genuine nature lovers and goes out frequently for tour and travels, then try to make this tour. This will certainly be such a tour that you can never forget in your lifetime.

We will come back with rejuvenating energy and endless happiness.




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