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Benefits of a network marketing business:

Written by Banani Chakraborty

The benefits of a network marketing business are amazing. This is smart work. This is one of the best career options in this 21st century. Several noteworthy global personalities opine this. Therefore, you should try to build a successful network business.

In the first place, you need to understand the benefits of this business. If you do not understand the benefits of network marketing, then you cannot make a decision. But, I am sure that after knowing the benefits you will not hesitate to make it your career.

Benefits of a network marketing business:

The last century was the “Industrial Age”. There were huge car and steel companies. Due to the internet, we are now experiencing a new era of the “Information Age”. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube are changing the business scenario.

It is a new century:

To understand the benefits of network marketing, you need to focus on the following lines.

“When I was a kid, my parents taught me the same formula for success that you probably learned: Go to school, study hard, and get good grades so you can get a secure, high-paying job with benefits – and your job will take care of you.

But that’s Industrial-Age thinking, and we´re not in the Industrial Age anymore. Your job is not going to take care of you. The government will not take care of you. Nobody’s going to take care of you. It’s a new century, and the rules have changed.” … “We´re in the Information Age now, and we need to use Information-Age thinking.”  Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Robert T. Kiyosaki told this in his world-famous writing “The business of the 21st century”.  In fact, network marketing is a journey towards financial freedom. He told this due to the numerous benefits of network marketing. However, before starting this business in India you need to know the Scope of network marketing in India.

There are several income avenues. Most importantly, Network marketing alone is producing maximum millionaire, at present. Therefore, it is the best time to build your network. For this, you need to know how to succeed in network marketing and follow the instructions. Additionally, Inspirational network marketing quotes not only inspire you but also guide you towards success.

This business is not only the ideal business of the future but also today’s ruling best model. Over 100 million people all over the globe are working in this field.

Benefits of a successful network marketing business:

Indeed, there are numerous benefits of network marketing. A network marketing business can bless your life with several benefits. In this article, I am trying to describe them.

At first, we must show our gratitude because this business opportunity provides us a golden income career.

Getting like-minded people around:

This is one of the important benefits of network marketing. You will always see like-minded people around you. Generally, they work together as a ‘team’. All are working to achieve their goals, an integral part of success in life. They know the importance of goal settings, right action for success.

However, different people work here to achieve almost the same goals. Therefore, you will find like-mentality people.

Common goals are to earn a decent income as well as get rich.

Tour around the country and globally:

Benefits of network marketing include that in the starting few years of your business, you need to build your team throughout the nation. This is because the bigger your team, the bigger is your income. Therefore, you will get a chance to visit various places in India such as

Even, many companies run an international businesses. For more income, you need an international ‘team’. Therefore, you may require visiting some foreign countries. Sometimes companies provide free foreign tours against the achievement of some business target. This is due to the business associate’s encouragement.

Moreover, this will help them to stay motivated. Besides, top-level achievers help each other to be positive. Because they know a positive attitude and its importance.

No need for 9 to 5 job:

This is also amongst the benefits of network marketing. At first, a 9 to 5 job is pressure work as well as a strenuous practice. Life becomes monotonous. You are running behind the clock like a machine. Due to the time pressure of reaching the office by 9 o’clock, you are under stress.

Here, you work to fulfill your boss’s dream. Sometimes the excessive work pressure along with the fear of any time losing your job may cause your depression. Added to this, in this system, there is simple mathematics. Your boss earns more if he pays less. Generally, you get a 2-3% pay increase yearly.

In network marketing, you can earn decent money in quick succession. Your senior partners help as well as guide you for your betterment. If you read the benefits of network marketing, then you will feel this.

Feel-good working atmosphere:

The benefits of network marketing present you with a feel-good working atmosphere. In network marketing, the more money you are making means that your business associates or ‘team’ are earning more. Therefore, all, who are working properly, are happy. You are always feeling that you are getting richer day by day. Your good days will come very soon.

Time is money:

As the time of a day is limited, therefore your earning is limited. You can reach a certain level. After reaching the optimal level, there is every scope of falling. If for any reason you cannot work for a few days, your income will come down.

To understand the benefits of network marketing, you have to understand the following time calculation. Now suppose, you work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. Therefore, you work 40 hours a week. In a year you work for 2080 hours. (40X52=2080). If you work for 40 years, then you work 83,200 hours. (2080X40=83,200).

Now think, only 100 downline associates of your team are working for 8 hours daily. Then you are enjoying the benefits of 800 hours a day. In a week it will be 4000 hours. (800X5=4000). In a year, it will accumulate to a staggering 2,08,000 hours.

Now realize the difference in working hours. This will reflect in your income too because “Time is money”.

Early retirement:

You may choose either 40 years of 9 to 5 working life or early retirement after 5-7 years of work. If you choose the second option, then you have to build a successful network marketing business. The benefits of network marketing can provide you with early retirement.

You may work for almost 40 years in your life and then retire. Here, you will live only to earn your livelihood. You can hardly fulfill your bare necessities.

Fulfill your dreams:

Although you have several dreams in your life. You have those dreams when you were in your teens. But, in course of time, all your dreams die. Because you need a lot of money as well as time freedom This is the stern reality which is happening to almost everyone.

But in normal life, people generally work for almost 40 years and then retire. Here, you will live only to earn your livelihood. You can hardly fulfill your bare necessities. Therefore, your life ends without dreams.

Generally, almost all of us are working to fulfill the dreams of others.

The benefits of network marketing help us to fulfill our dreams. Only you need to work passionately for 5-7 years of your life. By that time, you should develop a successful network. Then you may retire from your hard work.

Indeed, early retirement will ensure your time freedom.

Therefore, you can fulfill all your dreams and enjoy your life with your love and relationship, your family and friends. If you are a parent, then it will play a key part in the parent’s role in child development.

Flexible working hours ensures time freedom:

The benefits of network marketing provide you with flexible working hours. You need not do a 9 to 5 job. Rather, you can choose your working hours daily. You can also work for a few hours a day or a full day. If you want, then you can take a rest from your work on any day. You need not the permission of your boss.

Moreover, you work very hard for 5 to 7 years of life. Then you need not work very hard. Therefore, you can enjoy time freedom.

No Boss:

You are looking for the benefits of network marketing. Another, important aspect of network marketing is that you are your boss.

Generally, people do not like bosses. In this system, nobody can boss you. Nobody can order you. Therefore, nobody can bound you to do a particular work. All you do according to your will.

You learn from successful leaders and follow their suggestions. as a result, you can build successful network benefits. But there is no bossing business.

Network marketing is more secure than any other work:

It is more secure compare to other professions or businesses or jobs. Only, you need to develop a successful network. After that, your payment is secured. Your ‘team’ is working sincerely because they are looking for their success. So your business is growing. Consequently, your income is increasing.

Further, it is a generation business. So after your death, your spouse or the next generation will enjoy the benefits. This is amongst the benefits of network marketing. There are numerous examples that after death the spouse or children are earning high income. Moreover, the earning is increasing with time. Their quality or qualification does not matter.

But, in any other field, there is no guarantee. So long you are able you may develop your business. However, your business may collapse or fall at any stage. There is no guarantee that your spouse or children will run it successfully. There are numerous examples of it. If we look around, then we will see this.

Get Recognition and appreciation:

Getting recognition and appreciation is among the benefits of network marketing.

In a company, you work very hard. But you never get recognition. Generally, the owners are unwilling to appreciate. Instead, they believe that you are not performing up to your optimum level. In business, your rivals are around you. So, they will not appreciate you.

You are part of a ‘team’. Both your up line and downline associates will want your success. Because it will benefit all of them. Therefore, they will always appreciate all your good works.

Leveraging your time:

We are looking for the benefits of network marketing. Your success in the network marketing business depends entirely on your network’s success. Therefore, you are solely responsible for your team’s success. Only your team’s success will make you successful.

Whenever your teammates are selling something, you also are earning against every sale. The more your teammates mean the increase in selling. Growth of selling means a rise in income.

You must remember that in network marketing you are leveraging your time. The benefits of network marketing mean leveraging your time. You are teaching your associates business skills. They learn from you and duplicate it. You are duplicating what you learned from your ‘up line’s as well as your experience. Thereby, you are helping your associates in creating wealth.

Earn passive income:

How to save money wisely and easily

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Passive income means that part of your income for which your labor is not directly involved. You have hardly any knowledge of this income. This guarantees your high income in the end.

With your high income, you can save more and enjoy passive income from your savings. However, you need to know well the following topics.

Earning passive income is one of the numerous benefits of network marketing. This passive income generates due to the selling of your team excluding you. As your team develops, the total selling of your team grows. As a result, your income increases.

In fact, success in the network market means a huge and continuous flow of this passive income.

Dressing for success:

Network marketing helps to dress properly. Your first look depends on your dress. Then comes your personality. Your dress code will help you a lot to establish a successful network. If you are properly dressed, then people will hear from you. The benefits of network marketing help you to learn proper dressing.

Looking beautiful:

Almost all companies sell beauty products.

With a bald head, you cannot sell shampoos. Therefore, you have to know how to deal with the problem of hair loss. If you do not have acne-free attractive and flawless skin, then you will not sell beauty products. Always remember that you are advertising company products.

The benefits of network marketing enhance your knowledge regarding food as well as beauty tips. To remain beautiful, you must have knowledge regarding the following topics

Your food:

In fact, your food is extremely important. Perhaps, you know the importance of food in daily life. Your healthy eating habits are also responsible for your natural beauty. If you are overweight, then you must lose weight in a healthy and natural way. Before selecting your food, knowledge about the following matters is also essential for your beauty.

Moreover, you must eat the following or apply them to your skin for attractive, glowing skin.

Your sleep:

Like food, your deep sleep possesses a direct relationship with your beauty. Therefore, you shall know the following subjects.

Enhance communication skill:

This business will improve your communication skills. Your success depends on your communication skills. The benefits of network marketing will help you to enhance your communication skills.

Further, you will learn how to deal with people. Moreover, you have to achieve leadership qualities.

Added to this, your self-confidence will develop. You can overcome your fears as well as doubts. Besides, you will learn the power of spoken words.

Develop management skill:

This network will also help to improve your time-management skills. Your punctuality will improve. Besides, you will learn how to keep words and promises. Your accountability skill also develops. Moreover, your money-management skills will grow. These are also the benefits of network marketing.

Overcome the fear of rejection:

Overcome the fear of rejection will come amongst the benefits of network marketing. Generally, we do not like rejection. Due to the fear of rejection, we usually hesitate to say something to others. Network marketing will help to overcome this fear of rejection. Because in this marketing over 90% is rejection. We want ‘yes’ from others. But over 90% of people will say ‘no’. Therefore, you have to increase the number of ‘no’. Only then ‘yes’ will be more.

Out of 100 people you meet, 90 will say ‘no’. Only 20 will say yes.

If you meet 1000 people, then 900 will say ‘no’ and 100 will say ‘yes’.

Moreover, the first ‘no’ is not the last ‘no’.

Thus, the benefits of network marketing business will help to overcome the fear of rejection.

Overall personal development:

Network marketing helps to overcome your fears and doubts about self-confidence. You believe in achieving success. Moreover, it helps to learn the techniques of dealing with rejections. Besides, your communication skills improve.

All these help to improve your mental strength. As a result, it paves the path for your personal development as part of the benefits of network marketing.

Here you will come in close contact with people who have a strong positive attitude. You will learn the following good attitudes also.

Low risk:

To start this business, you need hardly any cost or investment. Initially, you buy some products for your personal use. Therefore, low risk will come among the benefits of network marketing.

  • Indeed, the cost of entry in network marketing is very low.
  • You need no office or employee.
  • You need no permission.
  • Here, you purchase some products either for personal use or for sale. Added to this you may purchase some business promotional tools.
  • Besides, there is no running cost for maintenance.
  • Due to this, the operating cost is very low.

You can easily manage the initial costing by selling the products. By selling products, you will earn around 20-30% profit. Furthermore, you will get the slab commission from the company at the end of every month.

Work from anywhere:

Benefits of network marketing include that you can work from anywhere. Because you need not set up an office. You require either a smartphone or a laptop along with an internet connection. Besides, you need the knowledge to operate it.

Technology that gives flexibility:

Amongst the benefits of network marketing come technology that gives flexibility. All are connected to a digital system called Loopin.  It is all in one platform for network marketing. Network marketers use this platform to automate operations. Furthermore, they can easily and effectively manage customer dealing. This is the world’s first automation tool. Furthermore, integrated with Facebook messenger it is managed by artificial intelligence.

Only gain:

You are interested in the numerous benefits of network marketing. It is another important benefit. As your cost of entry or maintenance cost is almost zero, therefore whatever you earn from here is your profit. You can easily earn INR 2000 by selling products from the very first month or even more if you so wish.

Opportunity to change others:

The benefits of network marketing business provide you with the chance to not only inspire others but also change their lives. At first, you solve their skin problems, hair problems as well as health hazards. Added to this, you can inspire a lot of people around you. You help others to enjoy a good income. Consequently, you can change some people along with their families. Besides, you will enjoy self-esteem from them.

Learn to reframe negative experiences:

You are always surrounded by them who are full of motivation. Therefore, they are always energetic and excited. They know how to reframe negative experiences in life. You have to face numerous negative experiences in life. You learn to tackle similar situations more effectively as well as courageously. It helps you not only to be wiser and stronger but also make you generous.

Feel pride as a social worker:

The benefits of network marketing are numerous. Another benefit is that you can feel pride as a social worker. At first, with these wellness products, you are solving various health conditions of numerous people. Further, you are helping a lot of people to earn a decent income. These are no less than social work.

Surround yourself with positive friends, mentors, and co-workers:


The benefits of network marketing provide you positive mentors, co-workers along friends. They always surround you. Therefore, you will always have positive stories, positive outlooks, positive affirmations around you. All these create a positive atmosphere.

Various studies also revealed that an alike mentality people will make you happier. Generally, they always help each other irrespective of the situation.

You are interacting with people whom you love. It helps your brain to discharge neurotransmitters. These are

Dopamine: that make you happy and

Serotonin: that makes you feel relaxed.

Final words:

Hope this article will help you to understand the numerous benefits of network marketing. If you make it a career, then try to make it a gala success. Therefore, you can live life to the fullest and with boundless happiness.  Moreover, I wish you all-around success. You will achieve success with the guidance of successful people in your company.

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