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True Happiness in Life-19 tips to get it.

True purpose of our life is to feel happy
Written by Banani Chakraborty

True Happiness in life-19 tips to get it is completely a state of mind. We want to be happy always. All of us are striving for being HAPPY. The main reason for us to be in this race is to best in some fields so that we get praises and be HAPPY.

 True Happiness in Life-19 tips to get it.

Today, as we are in the busy schedule of the Human race, therefore we all want to be first in every situation of life. Whether it be in academics or any other work field, we always try to be the best in that situation. It is not bad, but sometimes in this race, we forget to stay HAPPY. However, we all are running for this true


True Happiness of a Child

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At first, we have to learn what happiness is. For this, we can best observe a child. A child who is Immature, and gets Happy in small things. For Example- He / She turns a light switch on, off, walking down from one floor to another using a lift, or stairs become happy at these things.

Finding true happiness in life/ How can we find it?

Generally, for being happy,  we do not need a lot of money or time The true purpose of our life is to feel happy and be happy. That is the aim of the human race.

But, the men are far away from achieving it. Thinking of Remaining happy at the end of the day seems to be a myth. There exists a lot of reasons for us to be happy. At the same time a lot of things happening around us that is not similar to our thoughts.

We cannot change anyone but only ourself and this little bit change will surely and certainly give us happiness

Following are some tips to lead a Healthy and Happy lifestyle:

What brings  True happiness in Life.

1). Do Our Favourites:

First of all, we will always do such things which are our favourite. So, we will find out those things. Then we will do them to get enjoyment,  extra energy, relaxation, and motivation for work.

It may be studying books, writing stories, or poems. Or it may be swimming, running, playing games, teaching, etc.

Always make time to do those lovable activities. Always try to avoid those things, as much as possible, which we do not like at all.

2. Always Be Thankful:

In all honesty, we should try to develop a habit, within ourself, to be thankful to God. Additionally, we thank all of them with whom we are associated. Not only this, we will thank all of them who even indirectly helped us in the course of our life.

However, we must be grateful for every day of our life that we have already passed. Additionally, we must be grateful to all the things that we have got in your life.

Feel grateful to all we have achieved in your life, so far.

Our life will be fulfilled with happiness. And our coming days will come with more and more enjoyment.

If we can follow this we will have the result, in hand.

    3. Help others

Sometimes in life, we feel exhausted within ourselves after achieving our own goals, as we generally do not encourage others to fulfil their targets in life or render help.

Whatsoever to anyone else’s life. We should try to encourage or help other people as and when needed, as much as possible.

It will give us a great amount of pleasure and enjoyment and happiness simply because we have rendered services or helps to other persons. Consequently, we feel the touches of gratification and is a major perspective in life for our particular enjoyment and pleasure.

4.Sharing Nature

We, human beings, by nature, love to share. It may be anything-thoughts, opportunities, pleasure, sorrow, food, and above all happiness. When we share we feel relaxed and therefore feel happy.

As we share our help to other people, they will express their gratitude and enjoyment towards us. This helps us to feel more joy as well as happiness in life.

5. Try to Smile More –

true happiness in our life

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Indeed, a smile is a very powerful weapon to make a man happy and thereby provide true happiness. Every human being loves to smile. A smile can solve almost all the problems in life. Always try to work with a smile. It will give you energy along with pleasure. At the same time, it will make our surroundings happier. We all like and favour smiling faces.  Start to smile more and see how it touches you internally, along with those around you. Always try to smile.

6. Cool Down For At Least Half An Hour Before Bedtime

Stop watching the TV shows, Mobile phones, Computers or Laptops and listening to fast music at least half an hour before sleep. Do not do any exercise before sleep. If we do all these, our blood circulation increases. It hampers our sleep and as a result our happiness.

We have to cool down and relax before sleep. We may read a book or magazine. May hear slow music in a very low voice. Switch off total or almost all lights of the room.

We may take a bath or can meditate before sleep. Ensure that there is no noise or loud sound in and outside of our room.

In other words, the basic condition of deep sleep in peace and the rest of our body and mind


7. Develop a Good Eating Habit

When we are sick, we cannot feel happiness. If we eat the right food, they get easily digested and our body gets necessary nutrients.  We will be well off both physically and mentally.

Try to avoid spicily or junk food. Besides by overeating cause a lot of problems because they take a prolonged time to digest and we feel uneasy for a long time. Sometimes these foods do not digest at all.

We will feel glad and happiness if we are physically and mentally fit.

8.pass time with our loved ones-family and selected friends to get true happiness in your life.

We get immense happiness and energy when we are with our family and bosom friends. The people are social beings, irrespective of the possibility that you may be a selfless person or an eccentric.

Persons relish spending time with their loved ones for noble debate, attachment, and a few touches of laughter. It is impossible for the man lives alone.

There’s no alternative for spending quality time with your near and dear and loved ones. Even for an introvert or a loner, it is true.

9. Exercise

-A bit of exercise daily reduces stress, releases endorphins. It may be running or playing some games.

We will feel better physically and mentally. Believe it or not, smiling or laughing is another very good exercise. Practice it regularly and frequently. You will easily experience the result and feel the touch of happiness.

10. Find Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is the root cause of many diseases and our sadness. Learn techniques to avoid this stress and spend on happiness.

It may be mediation or a short nap. It may be something else for you listening to music etc. You have to live a stress-free, happy life.

11. Always Think Positive

Negative thinking lowers our soul and mind and hurts our body. It also lowers our working capacity. Keep it away from our life. Avoid negative people and spend more time with positive people.

Whenever negative thoughts come to our mind replace it with our positivity. Always maintain your positive attitude.

Then, we will be able to find true happiness in our life.

12. Forgive and Forget

You may be angry or sorry for some reasons and persons. If you continue these state of mind for a prolonged time it will harm your body and soul and spoil your work. Forget anger and forgive people and live a happy life.

Always remember, your spoken words have profound power. So, make cautious use of them.

13. Take a Walk in Nature –

Spending time amid lash green nature is very refreshing and rejuvenating. Most of the time you are living in a non-natural, manmade world.

You may visit the park and get some fresh air. If you find some trees anywhere you may spend some time, there.

14. Be Yourself

As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Take you as you are, just talk to yourself.  You will feel a world of difference. Always have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE

15. Use Your Weekend

Spend your weekend in the vocational mood. Go to some places around you. It may be parks, river banks with your family and friends. Give you a chance for some exercise, fresh air intake, social interaction, and amusement.

This will relieve you from monotonous and boredom of daily routine life. And certainly, give you fresh energy and recharge your mind and body.

16. Create Memories –

Previous experiences sometimes create sweet memories. Remember those good times, not the bad or negative experiences. It will make you happier.

17. Keep Up Traditions

Household customs form a touch of unity with your extended family. It creates a sense of safety and security that can help see us through tough times. We always feel that we are not alone.

It acts as a huge self-confidence booster because holidays bring a lot of chances to carry on family culture and flooded us with happiness.

18. Physical Movement- Do not spend a lazy day by sitting idol, laying or sleeping for hours besides trying to remain busy in various physical activities throughout the day. It will be good for your body and mind.

It will be helpful for sound sleep. A sound sleep is a must condition to be happy. Sitting all day is unhealthy for both the mind and the body.

19. Lessen our Caffeine Intake -Are we in taking excessive caffeine? We will face difficulty in sleeping. Caffeine is the culprit.

Check our food list. Cut caffeinated drinks or avoid taking them after the evening.

This will help us to have a sound sleep. If we have difficulty in sleeping, caffeine could be the culprit. Try to control your caffeinated drinks. Otherwise, stop taking them after the evening.

Added to this, our financial security like Life Insurance Policiesand other savings will ensure a vital role. Not to mention the role of growing our savings.


Are we in quest of leading in happiness, and healthier life full of joy? Then go through all the above-mentioned tips seriously. First, we will check which is lacking. Then, we will try to have it.

Therefore, we should start doing the items from the above that we think the most suitable for us. Moreover, we will maintain a notebook where we will write the changes we made, and how they are working for us.

Most importantly, we should read our notes from time to time.  It will remind us of all we have accomplished and what more to do when we feel dejected.

So, make a habit of doing all these. And lead a healthy and very happy life. Finally, enjoy true happiness in life.

From this, we get to know that Happiness is Just a state of mind.

We choose to be happy, or sad in every situation. As we all know that in our daily lifestyle, we come across many Peoples who give us negative vibes and make us sad.

Anyhow, we also know that we have to stay positive in all situations and be happy.

So we get the conclusion that to be happy, we have to change some thoughts of ourselves for which we start becoming Happy once again in our lives.

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