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Leadership Qualities-Effective ways to get it.

Development of Qualities of Leadership
Written by Banani Chakraborty

Leadership Qualities effective ways to get them is very important in a leader’s life. Moreover, they can change anyone’s life a lot. Although, all of us will not be leaders in our future life.
Not to mention that leadership attributes will help us in many situations in our life. Therefore, we need to develop these leadership qualities up to a certain level in our life. In all honesty, these qualities will help us in many situations in our life.

To tell the truth, these traits will help us in every step of our life.  As a result, it will lessen our stress. Moreover, we will always remain motivated. We will feel ease in fulfilling all our responsibilities in life. Not only that but we will maintain a positive attitude. It will help us to think optimistically.

Therefore, we will keep on trying. As a result, one day we will get success in our life.

Besides, we will give importance to our spoken words as we know that it is very much powerful. This will help us to be amicable. Not only that but it will make us sympathetic as well as responsible.

As a result, we will be happy in our life.

In our family, we all are leaders. We have to guide our family in the right direction. That is why we must possess them.

In this article, I will try to say a few words about leadership qualities. Moreover, I will suggest some easy ways to adopt them. If we can follow them, we will increase our level and qualities of leadership.

Leadership Qualities- Effective ways to get it.

To begin with, leadership qualities mean the ability to influence others. With the help of these qualities, an individual can guide others. Many people define it in many ways.

But, I like the definition of John C Maxwell. It is very easy to understand. He defined leadership as,

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Good leadership qualities teach us how to remain positive and excited. Further, they teach us motivation. We also can set examples for others to follow them. They learn the skills and help others to perform as per the expectations of the company

A good leader possesses innovative ideas. He also knows how to change his ideas into reality and success.

Definition of leadership

Qualities of Leadership

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The quality or ability that requires leadership, or the position of being a leader. (* leadership meaning in Cambridge dictionary)

Leadership qualities attribute to those people who are in charge of a government or a group.

Leadership is not any post or designation. It is the skill to inspire and lead a group of workers or people to work for achieving a common goal.

In respect of the company, leadership means the qualities of people. The leader needs them to influence workers and colleagues of a company to fix a plan. He works to accomplish the company’s needs.

Qualities of Leadership networking

To start with, leaders work as a bridge between higher officials/management and lower levels of official/management/ staff. As a matter of fact, all departments and segments have a leader. He leads the department or segment. Some company traditionally look for leaders from the employees who are working in the company. Employees can know from leaders what company is wanting from them or the culture of the company.

Leadership is not a post. It depends upon performance.  Effective leaders are those who ensure the organization’s profit. They also involve and boost the company’s ground-level workers to work to achieve the goal of the company.

Leadership needs mannerisms that are beyond management duties. A leader must manage the resources optimally at his disposal. Most importantly, a successful leader must possess the quality to communicate, inspire and supervise- just to name a few of their primary skills.


The leader can lose his job at any time. It may occur if he fails to reach the target of the company.

Leadership is not an easy job. Few people get success as a leader in their lives. They try to uplift them always.

Only a few people are born leaders.

But, in maximum cases, these traits come out in for the first time in crises.  Or it may be when they are bound to take some responsibilities to overcome the situations

Besides, there are examples of so many people who have no leadership qualities or any type of previous experience. But in crises, they came forward and persuaded others to follow their guidelines.

In an organization, persons with superior leadership ability hold executive positions.

So understanding leadership qualities are very much Important. It is not only setting and reaching the targets. But it is also working together with the teammates and winning the challenges.

Most importantly, they also depend upon the sentiment of the concerned high official managers of the organizations.

Only a few people can be as successful as leaders in their lives.

 Leaders Working Skill

Leaders must possess morality. Moreover, they must have integrity, reliability and ethics. Further, they should have boldness and generosity. Not only that, they must show communication skills along with self-esteem. They always communicate with the staff and answer their queries.  Moreover, he will lessen their anxieties and will be sympathetic towards them. Besides, they always are in quest of reaching higher levels and upper grades of success.

Importance of Leadership-development

Important qualities of Leadership

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Some people are born leaders. They possess god-gifted and natural leadership qualities.

While others can develop leadership qualities within themselves. They do so by learning and improving particular leadership skills.

A good leader always guides the employees of a company. He helps them to reach the company’s target.

He explains to the workers how to achieve a given target. Moreover, he inspires them for better performance. Furthermore, he regularly supervises the progress of work.

 Qualities of Leadership-development program

In the first place, it refers to the education programmes for a few hours or a few days ( maybe months also). Here a leader learns the skills, capabilities, and self-reliance that are necessary to be a successful leader. To tell the truth, these programs differ enormously in intricacy, charge, and style of education.

To improve leadership quality continuous training and proper guidance are necessary. Therefore, leadership development training and mentoring programme are in high demand among all levels of leaders.

The success of these leadership qualities development programmes mainly depends on the capability of the programmer. Added to this, the quality of presentation is also responsible. Moreover, the degree of support and acceptance from the superiors also matter a lot. Above all, the quality of the people, present in the meeting, is also a factor.

15 Effective Leadership Qualities:

In the first place, a leader must be appealing and amicable by nature. Moreover, he must possess multidimensional attributes. The followings are a few requisite qualities. Without these, we cannot be a good leader.

1)Physical Appearance-

A leader should be of pleasing and appealing in his appearance. He must possess good look as well as sound health. If he is physically fit, then he can bear the pressure of leadership.

He should follow healthy habits of life. These include some healthy food, like eat an apple daily. They will eat foods that are protein-rich. Furthermore, their foods must contain antioxidants.  Besides, they need some yoga and meditations. They also require sound and sufficient sleep.

However, for an outer appearance, he must use neat and clean dress. Additionally, he will always try to maintain all-round cleanliness and hygiene.

Moreover, he must use sunscreen cream. He also knows the right order to use skincare products. Further, he will also know various uses of rosewater and its benefits. Besides, he will learn a lot of such things.

2)Honesty and Reliability

Honesty, as well as reliability, are the two most important leadership qualities. If we are lacking in these two attributes, then nobody will rely on us. People will rely on us if we are honest.

When we lack these qualities, we cannot expect our followers to be honest. On the other hand, if our followers are not honest, then we cannot rely on them. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to work for the desired result.

Therefore leaders will get success when they stick to their values. This will not be possible without beliefs and ethics.

Perhaps the best quality of a leader is his honesty and unquestionably integrity.

 A leader gets success when he sticks to his word, lives by values, leads by setting an example and follow through.

  •  They Apologize for their mistakes
  • A leader highlights the work of the employees to the boss.
  • He also allows the benefit of the doubt when the situation is not clear.
  • Above all, he appreciates the time value of others.

 Without these two traits, we can’t get success in any field of our life.

3. Encourage Others

Perhaps, the most challenging job for a leader is to influence others to pursue him. One of the most difficult qualities of leadership is to encourage others to follow him. It will be feasible only if we can motivate our group by setting a good and quality example.

In tuff situation, lower-level employees look up to their leader and see how he reacts in this time. If he can handle it nicely, they will follow him.  At first, the leader should show a positive approach through his activities. He must remain calm and motivated.

They will watch how you react to a tough situation. If a leader tackles the situation properly, stays always positive in thinking and actions, then others will follow you.

Therefore it will motivate the team members if they see that their leader is calm, cool and firm.

As he gets success in inspiring his subordinates, so he as a leader can easily defeat any sort of challenges now or in future.

4. Committed and Passionate

You must be committed and passionate because you wish your team members will give their all. When they will see your work, they will give their utmost. It will help you to get respect from your subordinates. Added to this, it will generate new energy in them. As a result, they will perform better.

On the other hand, if your teammates feel that you are not committed and passionate, then you will face it difficult to motivate them. Therefore, Good leadership qualities are to be committed and passionate.

These will make his team inspired and energetic. Without it, the leader cannot motivate his followers to accomplish the goal.

5. Good Speaker and Communicator

Successful qualities of leadership are to be a good communicator and speaker. Consequently, we have to vividly communicate the vision, strategy and course of actions among the teammates. Words are very powerful to motivate the team and reach the target.

If we fail to communicate our views to our team members and set a winning strategy, it will become difficult in achieving them.

In simple words, to be a good leader we should communicate messages effectively in our team. Therefore, a good leader must be a good communicator. Words are immensely powerful and can produce unbelievable results. If we want a good result, we will have to make effective use of them.


Subordinates under a leader need to be liable for what they are doing along with their quality of work.  Pat them if they do well. If they struggle, rectify their mistakes and work together to improve. Holding them answerable for their actions will make them responsible.

Therefore they will do the job more seriously.

7. Allotment of power

One cannot be right all the time. A quality leader needs to set the responsibilities of every individual.

This way, we can empower our subordinates and delegate tasks on them.

Therefore, we need to support them with all possible means and resources. This will help them to achieve the target and uplift them.  It will also help them to take responsibility.

8. Dedication, Determination, and Devotion

Leaders must possess firm dedication, determination and devotion.

Without these attitudes, we cannot complete a task successfully. Moreover, to get success we shall prepare us mentally to face any sort of challenge and overcome them.

9.Ability to Take Lead in Emergency Situations

At times, there may be an emergency for which none can be alert and prepared.  We have to take evasive action to overcome the situation. A true leader will face the challenge and get a victory.

10.Hard Work

Almost every leader have to struggle a lot in their way to reach today’s position.  The more they fight, they become stronger. Therefore they can work very hard. The company lately pay them for every bit of their effort and hard work.

11. Encourage Creativity

One of the important leadership quality is intelligent encouragement. A good leader should encourage his team members to express their creative ideas.

Leaders may declare easy and attainable prizes. They will do this to nurture creativity among the team members and ensure their active participation. He will also support them from all corners to achieve these prizes.  Besides he should provide full support from his part.


A quality leader will be sympathetic to his followers and team-mates. It is an important step to be an ideal leader. He has to realize the problems and pains of his colleagues and team members.

He must possess this essential trait as he has to solve his team-members’ problems directly with care.

Therefore, to generate congenial environs, he must treat everyone on the sympathetic ground.


Leadership and influence are not identical. First, they have to earn respect from other members of his team.

Here are some tips that leaders may do to earn more influence.

(1)At first, a good leader can make his subordinate feel his importance.

(2)Secondly, he can easily state them what he wants from them.

(3)Moreover, he always remains to connect with people emotionally.

(4)To tell the truth, they work together towards common goals.

(5) They are appealing as well as sensible.

(6)Further, they are always trying to build cordial and long-lasting relationships.

(7) Last but not least, they prefer to seek suggestions and input from teammates.

(8) Finally, they are self-aware.


Empathy is amongst the significant leadership qualities. Leaders must develop it with their team members.

But alas! Most leaders try to adopt dictatorship. Therefore, they neglect it. For this reason, they fail to develop closeness with their subordinates.

To get success as a leader it is of utmost necessary to feel their sorrow and understand their problems.

Not only that, but leaders should work very hard. Further, they will provide necessary solutions to the problems of their team members.

15) Self-reliance

To be a quality leader, we must possess enough self-confidence.  Besides, we have to stick to our own decisions and leadership qualities. Then our followers will follow us.

Further, to be a good leader, we must be full of self-confidence. We also need pride and boldness to get respect from our subordinates. We must have enough confidence. Besides, we possess other qualities so that our followers’ belief us as a leader.


To tell the truth, leadership qualities depend upon ideas. These ideas may come out of the leaders’ brain. On the other hand, these ideas may be innovative or borrowed. However, the leaders will communicate these ideas with their subordinates or group members, at first. In return, they will produce the result.

The leaders involve themselves sufficiently with the work. They toil very hard to fulfil the company’s needs.

A quality leader must be a good motivator. Moreover, he will be a good demonstrator as well as administrator of his actions. These will enable others to follow his direction to meet the target.

A single person can’t have all these qualities. However, some of them will help a leader to achieve a fruitful outcome.

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