Save money being a housewife is very good for any family. Because savings is one of the most important aspects of the life of everyone, particularly for a family. Savings is necessary for many reasons. To know this read 1) savings-and its importance in life. 2) Savings-how to grow.3) Factual reasons to save money.

As savings is a vital aspect for any family, therefore if any housewife can save money it is a bonus to a family. There are a lot of examples that in the long term these amount looks lucrative and help the family in many ways.

In all honesty, it will be better if you can do a bit freelancing with this.

“The art is not in making money but in keeping it,” Hence,

Save Money being a housewife 

is a great challenge for us.

To make it a success in the first place you need

(May read how to stay motivated)

If you can make it a success, then it, in turn, will relieve some stress of your family. It will then help as a part of the stress management strategy. This will uplift your self-esteem as well.

As a result, it will increase your love and relation. Further, it will also better your role as a parent, because your children will learn it from you. It will be helpful for their future life.

The economy is dwindling every now and then for various reasons. So it has become important for women (both working and housewives) to keep their families financially secure. So they want to save money.

However, your success after a long term may also assist for some enjoyable tour and travelling.

Today’s homemakers are well educated and well versed with the changes in the world. They are always prepared to deal with the financial changes and investment where money could multiply. They are taking more interest in managing the finances and have begun excelling in it. For this purpose, at first, they will open a savings account.

A lot of people think that due to saving some extra money they have to sacrifice their pleasure. But, in practice, it is not like that. You have to be systematic and disciplined and well-planned. Then you will be able to save some extra amount without sacrificing in life. Make your children high educated and reach their ambitions.

At the same time, you require a goal at first. In other words, if you want to get success, then you require goal setting accordingly.

1. Switch to Prepaid Mobile Plans

switch to prepaid phones to save money

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It was difficult to track the usage of a post-paid plan until you get the bill. Activation of unwanted paid services and over usage of paid internet data can cross your monthly budget. Where in prepaid plans you can check your limit and recharge accordingly. It will help to save some money.

2. Analyze your monthly spends and save money –

It is a very good habit to write down monthly expenses on a daily basis. And continue it for at least the next 15 months. You will see monthly expenses are different every month. But it generally maintains a range. So it will help you to keep your expenses in control.

Maintain careful scrutiny of all your monthly spends. Follow the principles of those months when expenses were low, as much as possible. Moreover, it will help you to control the expenses if you can see that the budget expenditure is tending to go up.

Keep a tight monthly budget and try to maintain that forever. Only then you will be able to save money. Also, read how to save money to live merrily.

Allow only the percentage changes due to inflation in every 1-2 year/s.

3. Go Shopping with A-List-

go shopping with a list to save money

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You are thinking of buying a thing. First, make a list of all the shopping items. Now think several times whether it is your urgent need or not. If more than one product is needed number them on the basis of priority. Thereafter scrutinize it several times and decide the must purchase an item before going to market.

This will help you to control spontaneous or impulsive or unnecessary buying. Your expenditure will be curtailed surely and certainly.

This habit will save some extra.

4.Shopping Online-

shopping online to save money

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It is the best as we can get discounts and deals. During festive season popular websites give more discounts. We can compare many websites to show the price of a particular product at the same time. There are also some cashback websites that offer additional benefits when we shop through their links. By using a payment wallet and free shipping services we can save more. Also, read Ali Express.

5. Buy Insurance-

In Insurance, insured party will be paid by the insurer a sum of money in case of any unfortunate event occur in the future. The insured person pays a small amount at regular intervals to avail of this benefit. It is known as a premium.

The effects of the particular risks of your business are reduced by getting insurance policies. Health insurance, home owner’s insurance, car insurance, and other types of insurance are designed to save you money!

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6. Use Energy Saving Items-

use energy savings items

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Compact fluorescent lights use about a quarter of the electricity of normal incandescent bulbs. They also need to be replaced much less often – often lasting five years or longer.

Try to use the air conditioner always in energy-saving mode. Use low voltage water heater in the bathroom.  Use 5-star, energy saver electrical appliances as much as possible.

Stop unnecessary use of electrical items in your house.

If possible, start using solar energy. It will help you to lower your electric bill and save the money

7. Buy a bulk-

buy bulk to save

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On the surface, buying any item in a huge quantity saves a lot of money. We all know wholesale price is always less than the retail price if you purchase products in huge quantity generally you get discount i.e. the buying price of every unit has come down. This is a great technique of money earned or money saved.

8. Buy quality products-

buy quality products

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Try to build a habit of buying quality items. Although it will need more time, effort, and money at the beginning. But if you once learn this art of purchasing it will save a lot of money as quality items last long and only a few companies make them.

Use quality furniture, clothes, shoes, vehicles, etc. They will run for more time. It will lower the money required to buy. Moreover, you will have to search for a higher quality product. It will take time and also reduce purchase. Therefore this will definitely help you to save.

9.- Use cards

Use debit, credit, company cards for monthly shopping as it helps to gain reward points which in reality is a cashback or directly offering a percentage back or lowering the price. You can save up to 5% cashback on grocery & fuel and up to 20% on dining and movie ticket booking with them.

If you use credit cards judicially and responsibly, it helps to build a good credit history (credit score) for you. With the increase of credit score, it becomes easy for you to get various loans at a cheaper rate. They also provide various insurances at a cheaper rate. But mind it, the credit card should be used in good cause only.

10. Save your tax Wisely and save money-

pay tax wisely

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According to your earning you will have to pay income tax, over an annual income of rupees 1 lakhs, you will get relaxation under section 80C,80CC, and 80D of income tax up to a limit of 1.5 lakh yearly.

You can save the money in ELSS / G.P. F / L.I.C / PLI / NSC / Health Insurance/ Rajiv Gandhi equity saving scheme. It means if your annual income is within 5 lakhs and you save upto1.5 lakhs in the above-mentioned schemes you will have to pay no tax.

Presently, a total yearly income of up to rupees five lakhs are exempted from income tax.

11. Use Apps to save money-

Download and register various apps on your android phone. And pay with the help of those apps. It also gives you some extra money. It means that the purchase price is actually lower or you earned something extra.

Apart from these try to introduce some healthy foods. It means food items with sufficient protein and antioxidants.

We also need foods that will help us to lower bad cholesterol. Cooking with olive oil will be helpful.

If family members practice healthy eating habits, then it will minimize the family’s medical expenses. Fruits like apple, banana, walnut may be helpful in many ways.


Always remember that women are truly the key or family-  maker. You have already found a way of savings by following the above maintenance tips. Now invest them in good shares or mutual funds or a suitable savings plan. If judicially chosen the right path and keep it for the long term, the amount will grow unbelievably.  You will be able to utilize it for a very good and helpful purpose for your family in the future.

You along with your family members will be able to live life to the fullest.

Family members will show their gratitude towards you. This will definitely improve the happiness level of your family.

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